MESH Refund

  dontmeshwithme 14:25 15 Aug 2006

To Mesh customer services (Davey)

Reference Order SO_9118

Can you please tell me why it took over 30 days to process my refund when one had already been agreed before the computer was returned.

Why whenever I called sales did I get through straightaway, but yet it took me between 15 and 25 minutes to speak to a customer service operator when I called technical support, all on a premium rate telephone number.

Why whenever I finally got through to your customer service could they not give me a date for my refund, or put me through to a manager or would tell me.

Just how many departments have to authorise a refund?

Why did you (davey) tell me that you had authorised the refund, but yet over a week later it still had not been actioned and still customer support would not tell me when I would be refunded (or that it had even been authorised).

Why did it take a phone call (in desperation) to Mr. Padashifard's home, in order to finally get a refund.

On average how long does it take your company to process a refund?

These are the questions I would like answered please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:31 15 Aug 2006

You seem to have a bit of a problem with Mesh....I can tell but you do seem to be a tad psychotic if you don't mind the observation.


  Colin 15:14 15 Aug 2006

Why should Mesh answer these questions?
You have your refund and I'm sure whatever answers they gave you, you wouldn't be happy with them.

  dontmeshwithme 15:16 15 Aug 2006

Only where Mesh is concerned. I paid good money for a system that was inherently faulty. The system was actually for a friend (the first one he has ever owned) it really put him off computing, although he now has a Dell. I was messed around big time by Mesh. I never got an apology, or any answers as to why I was treated like something they wiped off their shoe.....I could understand it (almost) if they had put forward a reason for with-holding my refund but a typical call went something like...

Hi my order number is SO_9118 when will I get my refund

Umm that has not been authorised yet

You have had the computer back for several weeks, when will I get my money

I can't tell you, it needs to be authorised by all departments.

Will it be this week

I can't guarantee that

This month?

I can't say

Can I speak to a manager


Can I speak to a supervisor

I am a supervisor

But you cannot tell me when I will get a refund


Now this went on for weeks, and all I want is to warn others and get some answers to my questions, after spending a small fortune on the phone surely I am entitled to know why. Additionally whenever I dare question Mesh on here I get told not to be negative or that I am unreasonable or that I am hijacking another thread. So once and for all lets get the questions that I and other disgruntled Mesh customer have and let Mesh respond and defend their customer service record.

  ade.h 15:44 15 Aug 2006

"Mesh will provide a refund when it wants to"


Unless someone can justify why the terms of the SGA do not apply to Mesh, it has to complete the refund within 30 calendar days of said refund being requested unless it can reasonably refuse such a refund.

Thus the first para of D.M.W.M.'s opening post is a fair question.

  MESH Support 15:46 15 Aug 2006

Hi dontmeshwithme,

The answers to your questions won't help you in any way unless I give you exactly the answers you wish to hear so there is little point.

One amusing thing is your reference to the call you made to Mr Padashifard's home (a little rude if you ask me) which led to your "finally get(ting) a refund". I was asked regarding the status of your refund asa a response to that call to which my reply was "already dealt with".


  MESH Support 15:50 15 Aug 2006

Hi ade.h,

Quite right. 28 days is the maximum allowed and we rarely exceed this. It is unfortunate that we did in this customer's case.

The SoGA and DSR do apply and are force-fed during training of our staff, and then at regular intervals.


  dontmeshwithme 16:36 15 Aug 2006

Please don't just give me the answers I want to hear. I just for once want the truth. Please tell me why the refund took so long. As for calling Mr. Padashifard at home. If you speak to his wife you will find that our conversation was far from "rude", instead I was curteous and she was very apologetic. If customer support won't put me through to some-one who can help me then what other choice do I have other than to try to go straight to the top?? All I am asking for is why it took so long? Did my paperwork get lost? Were the signatories away on holiday?

I asked these questions on another thread and you bemoaned me for "hi-jacking" that thread, so I have started my own one in an attempt to get some answers . I promise you what I have written is all fact, is it too much to ask the same from you?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:46 15 Aug 2006

Your constant, repetitive bemoaning is getting tedious and the world, his wife and dog are aware of your issues. You have made your point ad nauseum and I really feel that it would be better if you conducted your 'campaign' in private as you are appearing unhinged.


  dontmeshwithme 16:52 15 Aug 2006

No-one is forcing you to read this thread, if you don't like what I have got to say then go away.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:55 15 Aug 2006

I was thinking the same about you but I am far too polite to mention it.


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