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  Mr-C 14:16 15 Apr 2003

I orderd a mesh pc with a couple of extras, recieved the order confirmation and everything was as it should be. I then decided to go for a different system so I rang them and changed my order on the condition that the motherboard was the same spec as my original order, the salesman confirmed this to be true. I recieved the order confirm for new system and noticed that the description of m/board was different. I phoned mesh and the smae salesmantold me it was still definitely the same (deluxe version of asus a7n8x), I said I had wanted the dual lan etc so it needed to be. The salesmans words were " I guarante we only use the deluxe version so it will have those features. Ater almost 3 weeks it arrived and lone behold none deluxe m/board fitted. On phoning mesh the salesman still insisted it would be fitted with the deluxe version. When I told him it wasn't he then said I would have to send it back and pay £40+vat to have it upgraded. I have asked to speak to the sales manger on numerous occasions but he is not available and does not return my calls. The monitor was also faulty and this has to be returned as they wont send a replacement. So now I will be without the use of new pc for another week or so. I have in the past praised mesh and many of my fiends and relatives have since bought their pc's, this is my 2nd. Alas I will not be recommending them again.

  MESH Response 14:24 15 Apr 2003

We would like to look into this as a matter of some urgency. Please leave your order with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you concerning your order and the stated discrepancy.


MESH Response

  Mr-C 14:29 15 Apr 2003

This reponse happened almost immediately. Its a pity the call back service isn't as quick.
I will keep you all posted on the result.

  MESH Response 16:43 15 Apr 2003

Hi Mr-C,

Another new monitor has been dispatched from MESH stores today.

This should be with you tomorrow and our courier will collect your current monitor at the same time.

Please accept our apologies.

If any MESH customers have an outstanding query about our products, service or support - please contact [email protected] directly.

Kind regards,

MESH Response

  Mr-C 22:16 15 Apr 2003

While I do appreciate the monitor situatuation this obviously does not detract from the m/board situation. I will keep update on situation.

  March Hare 12:50 16 Apr 2003

How odd that Mesh (and other companies) seem to prefer to conduct their Customer Service via PCA Forum, rather than the obvious method, through their own helpline.

Will these companies never learn how vital an efficient follow-up service is, and how damaging it is when they antagonise customers like this?

  dth 13:01 16 Apr 2003

Good to see such a quick response though!

  MESH Response 14:07 16 Apr 2003

To quote another contributor (not from this string) "I find it interesting that Mesh have made no reply to this (my) post as of yet. Even with all the problems myself and others have voiced here, they don't see fit to comment! It just further proves their total lack of interest in their customers and the service they provide. "

So March Hare, we would always prefer to conduct our Customer Service directly with the customer, however we can then appear disinterested, unresponsive and uncaring, particularly if a contributor is attempting to elicit a response on this forum from us.

We will always however, carry on focusing on what’s important - looking after our customers.

To quote Steve27 words - "Heads I win tails you lose I'm afraid Mesh."

MESH Response.

  BlitZace 14:43 16 Apr 2003

Since when did Mesh have the right to be so sarcastic? Although I must say that I find their comments of late on this forum to be quite hilarious! They've even begun quoting people =/ I agree with March Hare and find it quite amusing that Mesh Response respond faster on this forum than their own Customer Services over the phone! Something is oh so wrong there :D

Mesh are simply saying that if they do respond to a post on this forum they are shot down in flames and if they dont then they are "uncaring and disinterested" - following all the threads, that is exactly what is happening here.

Mesh ARE responding to each and everyones complaint. They have posted an email address for everyone who has a problem to respond to. They are publicly answering all the points raised and doing a half decent job at it.

As March Hare (one of the stronger critics) states "...Not really my business, as I have never bought from Mesh" which just about sums it up when even those who have no dealing with the company join the bandwagon!!

Keep it up Mesh, but dont worry, next week it will be Ebuyer..........

  Mr-C 16:20 16 Apr 2003

I have now recieved a new monitor for a fault which I never mentioned in the original posting.
This happened from posting on this forum.
I would like to thank Nick Walters from Mesh for his immediate help with this matter. However, it does seem that the customer service on the phone side is a bit weak at the moment.
I am still waiting to see if there will be a result on the m/board.
One other thing I had a problem with software this morning and e-mailed mesh. They responded with an e-mail and a phone call within 20 mins and were very helpful.
This is the Mesh that I know from past experiences lets hope it can stay this way because the truth is they make very good systems at a reasonable price.
I have bought elsewhere before(big manufactures), and they were absolutely shocking at customer service.

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