Mesh probs, again!

  dandanmangus 11:09 26 Apr 2005

I bought a MESH pc earlier this month and have nothing but trouble with it since.
I had read reviews that were positive in all the magazines and thought that i was dealing with a good company.
It was only after the the delivery failed to appear that i looked to see if anyone else had had problems with them. And boy was i suprised.
When i called to find out where it was i was told that it had not even been built.
One member of staff was just plain rude to me and i had to wait so long to talk to anyone.
Now i have my Pc and it stopped working the next day and i am having to send it back to base.
I am so disappointed and with all the bad press everyone gives them on these forums i am seriously thinking about asking for a refund.

Does anyone else recommend this i am at wits end and don't know what to do.

  TomJerry 12:52 26 Apr 2005

they shift a lot of boxes every day, so they will get a lot of complains, however I do not think the percentage of complains is higher than other big (or small) box shifters.

I have friends with Mesh and they are very happy with machine and services.

What exactly wrong with you toy?

Very commong story for no-working machines: IT guru spend many hours to try to figure out the problem, but finally find out the swtich on the back is at "off" position.

  dandanmangus 13:51 26 Apr 2005

The pc worked the evening i set it up and the next morning it would not get through the Xp screen. I restarted it and still the same.
then it started to go to the safe start mode and would not let me start on any of the modes.
I called the tech help line and we went through the F10 procedure which didn't work and when we put in the recovery disk it couldn't find any hard disk.
It was'nt a matter of the off swich at the back!

  TomJerry 14:21 26 Apr 2005

just lose cable (bad workmanship)

  Fad Gadget 14:30 26 Apr 2005

You’re lucky...(in a kind way)

I received my Mesh PC without a monitor! They said in their covering letter (and i quote)

"Your monitor will follow in due course and trust this will not inconvenience you."

That’s like saying "here is your new car, oh and by the way, the wheels will be arriving shortly. I hope that does not inconvenience you!!

And just to make matters worse they have “without my permission or knowledge”, decided to replace my (optional) £220 Iiyama 17" Monitor with a VP 171B Monitor...

If I wanted such a monitor I would have ordered one…. After all, isn’t that the whole point of reading cracking reviews such as in PC advisor.

As for the phone calls,,, we could be here all day….

What is going on?

  dandanmangus 14:51 26 Apr 2005

I kind of feel that i can't trust them any more. The bad customer service i have recived from them has put put me off.
A collegue of mine bought one and had no trouble with it but the horror stories i have heard do seem to have affected my confidence in them.
My mothers Evesham Pc has just had a problem with it, after 2 years, and thier customer service has been excellent. No long waits on the phone and polite service.

I do want to trust MESH to fix the Pc as it is the spec i was looking for. Can i trust them? should i trust them?
This is all so frustrating.

  StainlessStan 15:10 26 Apr 2005

I take the view that all companies are the same. I also bought a Mesh last month. I've had problems which I've generally sorted myself as the phone line is impossible to get through to and the online help takes days to respond. My graphics card is cooking and after a week I finally got an e-mail to say that sometime this week an engineer will call. HeyHo!!

  Dellman 15:21 26 Apr 2005

Has anyone spoken to Davey @ Mesh lately............he can normally be relied upon to sort out problems!

  StainlessStan 15:23 26 Apr 2005

Oh dear, Davey's going 2 b busy!!:)

  HXP 23:46 26 Apr 2005

My experience with MESH was horrendous - give them one chance to resolve and if that fails press for your money back - I wish I had it would have saved me a 3 month long dispute.

They do make good machines but if you get the one faulty one in the batch you are in for a lonely rocky ride where tech support is harsh, critical unhelpful.

Davey is the only saving grace but I stick with my original comment - once chance to fix


  MESH Support 09:16 27 Apr 2005

I am sorry to hear of your problem so soon after receiving you new PC.

Please email me your serial/order number along with your screen name (dandanmangus) to [email protected]


Mesh Support

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