MESH - Problems with Delivery and Customer Service

  Troodles 11:34 11 Feb 2003

I ordered a new base unit from MESH on the 24th January and the system was to be delivered on Thursday 6th February to my home address. At 1.45pm no system so I contacted Mesh at which point they informed me that the system was not going to be delivered until the following working day, when I explained that this was unacceptable I was promised a call back by my Sales Advisor. I waited until 4pm and called again and promised another call back as both the advisor and his supervisor were still on the phone. I called again only to be asked to sit tight and await a call back. At 6pm I called again and was informed that the sales advisor had actually left for the day only after I put my foot down did I get put through to the sales advisor (who had apparantely gone home), he apologised denouncing all knowledge that he had no idea that the system was not going to be delivered and promised a Saturday deliver.

Friday morning I contacted Customer Service at 9.30am and rang three times with more promises of call backs and finally received a response by them at 5.25pm the system never arrived on Friday or Saturday. I contacted Mesh again on Monday 10 Feb at 9am and had to call back at 4.50pm as no one had returned my call to have confirmation that my order is now cancelled. Amtrak finally attempted to deliver the system on Monday err 3 days late.

I have to say I would never ever use Mesh again or recommend anyone else as the service which I received from them was disgusting and am amazed that as a company they manage to transact any business.

  rog48 12:25 11 Feb 2003

They are not the only company with less than satisfactory customer service.
I ordered a new PC on 17th Jan, with 2 week delivery. Have been promised it tomorrow, after numerous phone calls, none of them were returned despite promises.
I won't name the company yet,until after I receive my PC (*****vision)
I almost got to the point of cancellation also.
Why are these companies like this, don't they want our business?

Try a good local independent next time. My present system was ordered on a friday and built,delivered ,set up the following tuesday. It may cost more but reduces the hastle.

  Troodles 09:58 19 Feb 2003

Ok I have been waiting for relevant paper from Mesh since Monday 10th February for a refund. I finally received something in the past last night asking me to return a system (with labels) for something that I never received in the first place which is why I asked for the refund and have told Mesh this quite a number of times.

My last call to Customer Service was do any of you actually talk to each other!

What can I say my experience with Mesh has been quite a ride, started at the top and has been downhill ever since.

  geezer13 13:20 19 Feb 2003

I had a similar experience with mesh, basically my system was faulty upon delivery. It was so difficult getting through to customer services, and when you did you were not called back when promised.

Eventually I got my money back after a month or so of constant letdowns and the intervention of this Forum Editor (thanks again).

Like I said at the time, yes they do excellent systems, but (IMO) their customer support is outrageously inept at times!! I would buy from mesh again, but only at gunpoint!

  MESH Response 13:28 19 Feb 2003

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with your order and the subsequent refund request.

If you could email us at [email protected] with your order number, we will look into this immediately.

Kind Regards

MESH Response

  geezer13 13:43 19 Feb 2003

Nice one mesh!!

  jfbuk 10:51 25 Feb 2003

Well mail to [email protected] bounces back as an NDR.. Why am I not surprised !

  square eyes 14:09 25 Feb 2003

Does make you wonder if they want your bussiness. Check for other postings regarding their Customer service and you'll have a list as long as yer arm. I was too badly let down by them especialy with there customer service (which has won awards for excellents!!) They seem to be the ones doing the favour. When they're at fault, you have to accept it and be gratefull for any response you do get. If you ask them to go out of there way just a little bit its "against company policy!!"

I will never reccomend them and will only go to them as a last resort!

i couldn't help but type this, but if they dont want postings like this, it could easily be resolved, not by ensuring there products are recieved on time, but to take customers seriously! That is the LEAST we should expect.

  Goldcroft 14:44 25 Feb 2003

I have just posted on another thread that my email to their technical people sent at 1630 on the 23rd had not been answered. I have sent another email to mesh response as listed above, but before I saw jfbuk's experience!!!

  Goldcroft 14:46 25 Feb 2003

Surprise, surprise, my email has been rejected. And understood that it was Mesh themselves who put it on this thread.

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