Mesh Power Supply Problems

  Borofan1986 10:52 04 Jun 2007

Hi all,

I purchased a computer from Mesh back in October of last year. At the time of purchase I specified a 550W PSU, so for scope for upgrading etc.

The computer arrived along with the confirmation form saying a 550W PSU was fitted.

This weekend, I decided to have a look inside as I was wanting to upgrade my Sound Card. To my horror, I discovered that the standard 250W PSU was in fact fitted.

So, I have paid for a 550W PSU and for 8 months have not had it! What damage could it have done to the computer, as I specified a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, again hence the power supply.

After a phone conversation this morning and an incredibly dozy 'advisor' (and I use this term in the lightest possible sense) at one point, I am now having the computer picked up at a date yet to be decided, so it can be taken away and re-fitted.

So I am now going to be without a computer during my exam period (plus countless projects) at University.

What do you good people think I should do about it? Pursue it further as I have paid for something I haven't got? Or just leave it as they are changing it for me?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  Totally-braindead 11:08 04 Jun 2007

Firstly calm down, the lower power supply has done no harm whatsoever to your PC.

I don't really see what else you can do other than the action you have already taken. Clearly they have made a mistake and are now rectifying the mistake so to that degree problem solved.
Personally the only thing that would annoy me is having the computer sent away, I don't know what warranty you have but I would be trying to get it replaced on site as its only a 5 minute job to replace a power supply.

  Totally-braindead 11:17 04 Jun 2007

I would just as a precaution, check the spec of your PC and make sure everything else is what you ordered, its very unlikely that anything else is wrong but if its going away you might as well check.
Try SIW click here it will give you all sorts of info including processor, memory etc.

  dunderheid 11:25 04 Jun 2007

Why not get them to send out the higher rated PSU and replace it yourself?

As Totally-braindead has said it is only a 5 minute job, and domething a 10 year old could do without any problems!

  Totally-braindead 11:36 04 Jun 2007

dunderheid I did consider that as you say it is very simple but would Mesh classify this as invalidating the warranty, they shouldn't as it was clearly their mistake but different people have different levels of skills and Borofan1986 might not like the idea of doing this anyway which is why I hesitated to suggest it.

  Borofan1986 12:59 04 Jun 2007

Thanks for the responses guys. Totally-braindead; request noted ;) I was a tad frustrated when I initially found out. Thanks for the link as well.

I did request that they send one out to me as I am more than happy to replace it myself.

However, I was told that they needed to send me a label, which I needed to fill in with serial numbers etc. Then I was to go and get a box to put it in, send it to them and when they received it they would then send out the replacement one.

This sounded faffy, but asked how long that would take, from sending the 'super' label out to me to receiving the new PSU. He said that it would take longer than simply taking the computer.

So, naturally, I went for the quicker option.

  spuds 14:18 04 Jun 2007
  Borofan1986 14:24 04 Jun 2007

I don't actually Spuds, it's back to base.

Now I understand that the warranty I have requires the computer to return to their base, but nonetheless the situation should not have arisen in the first place.

After all, I did pay for it.

  Totally-braindead 00:39 05 Jun 2007

Well all I can say is,

FAO Mesh
I understand your reasoning in wanting the old power supply back before you send out the new one, the new one which should have been fitted in the first place and wasn't due to an error on your part, but considering that a power supply is not exactly a lot of money I would have thought that for good customer service it would have been an idea just to send him the replacement and if you were that terribly desperate to get the old one back, which you can't really use again as its now second hand, why not just include the label for Borofan1986 to send the old one back after he swaps over. It surely can't be that hard to do something like this rather than deprive the man of his PC for however many weeks it takes for you to replace it.

Posted that Borofan in case Davey from Mesh reads it, failing that I suppose they kind of have you over the proverbial barrel. It was their mistake and they are sorting it out its just the way they are doing it that I think stinks.
Don't know if the FE could do anything about it, might be worth a try, the suggestion I had above would enable Mesh to get the old power supply back and for you to keep your PC up and running all the time, surely a win win situation and Mesh if you read this a bit of common sense to make up for your error.

  Borofan1986 12:04 05 Jun 2007

Thank you Totally-braindead, that is much appreciated. I completely agree with you and had hoped that I could resolve the issue this way.

Upon suggesting it, it seemed imperative that they have my current PSU before anything else could happen.

To go without my computer for a week or longer is extremely awkward as like I say I am in the middle of Uni exams and projects.

I will see what happens and, like you say, I hope a bit of common sense can prevail.

Once again, thanks for your support :)

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