MESH pc's

  tomleady 11:15 10 Nov 2003

just wanted people's feedback on MESH pc's. Cus i'm lookin on their site, and they look very very impressive, and i really want one! I need to know if they are reliable and easier to upgrade.

i'm guessin that there has already been a discussion on MESH b4, so if someone wants to put the link on, that would be great. cheers.

Also, does anyone know when or if Aldi are next going to be doing one of their great PC give-aways?

  Rogmur 11:48 10 Nov 2003

I have just bought a new Mesh PC, after reviewing all the reviews in PC Advisor and other PC magazines.
I ordered as part of my PC MS Office 2003 (small business edition).

However, I was sent MS Works 2004 instead despite my order clearly stating MS Office 2003, and it was even listed on the jiffy bag.Therefore, some little oik has stolen my software.
Also, don't expect any manuals with your PC, and forget trying to register your new PC on the Mesh website, as it does not work.

I know this does not answer your original question but hope my experience high lights to potential Mesh PC customers how arrogance and incompetence really do not look very good.

Yours respectfully


  Stuartli 12:56 10 Nov 2003

Ordered a £750 system from Mesh early September - invoice arrived three days later.

I had been informed of the date that the system would be completed and the delivery day was clearly stated.

At 10-15am on the due date, it was handed over by the courier driver; it worked straight out of the box and has done so ever since for the elderly friend for whom it was acquired.

Everything that should have been included in the package was there and, as a first time customer of Mesh, I'm delighted with its service and the fact that its delivery day promise was kept.

  MESH Support 13:04 10 Nov 2003

You do not mention in your post whether your issues were resolved or not.

If this issue is still outstanding, please send your serial/order number along with your screen name (Rogmur) to the [email protected] address so we might look into this for you.

  Stuartli 13:07 10 Nov 2003

All done online.....

  wags 22:46 10 Nov 2003

tomleady, if you like the look of Mesh's PCs and as you say yourself, "really want one", I would suggest you buy one !

I have 2 Mesh PCs and have found them both to be reliable. I bought the second one in July 2003 and it was delivered on time and all is well. My first one is nearly 4 years old and the only problems have been software related and generally caused by McCafee products (but that's another story). Mesh's technical helpline, although 50p per minute (at the time), got me out of trouble on both occassions (that was when I was less computer savvy! :P)

  Gappy1 23:53 10 Nov 2003

tomleady - Friends and I ordered 3x Mesh Matrix MX TFT's couple of months ago. The sales team were spot on and due to the amount of money being spent, got a couple of freebie upgrades as well. It did take a long time (nearly a month) to deliver but apart from couriers losing certain items for a week (no fault of Mesh), I've had no problems whatsoever.
Seen a lot of bad press about Mesh's customer care, but so far no problems for us!
It is true about the lack of manuals, which is a real pain in the **** but thats my only complaint.
My advice is get one!

  TBH1 00:03 11 Nov 2003

tomleady - you have come to the right forum, and at the right time (before you buy ). I think the majority of 'thoughts' on Mesh on this forum are to the negative; the systems are greta when they work, it's just that the customer service when things go wrong needs a bit of work - - -but as you can see by the people already on this thread, there are good systems out there. Also I believe the Mesh presence on this forum has gone a long way to repairing their reputation.
In answer to your Aldi question - - -there is a system due out on the 27th of this month, as yet there are no more details.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:04 11 Nov 2003

I have bought quite a few different computers and manuals are as rare as hen's teeth. One of the Idiot's Guides to XP/98/ME is a much better bet. IIRC all the computers come with an A4 fold out of where to stick the leads but as they all seem to be colour coded, placement should not be a problem.


  square eyes 00:04 11 Nov 2003

Sorry to put a downer on things, but no one has mentioned the lack of customer care.

Tomleady, search this forum for mesh threads and make up your own mind, you'll find that the products are what you pay for but the support is NOT!

I'm rather bitter that i orded from Mesh a year ago because of the unpleasant experience with their customer support staff.

It was important to me that i had helpful and polite staff to deal with when things went wrong and 9 times out of 10 i had the opposite.

How important is it to you?!?!

(If it was solely PC feedback you wanted then please ignore my post)

  Stuartli 08:33 11 Nov 2003

The cost of writing and producing a manual for each type of computer system manufactured by Mesh, even if some sections could be carried over, is out of all proportion to the actual number that would need to be printed.

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