Mesh PC woes

  Tomesy 20:50 21 Apr 2006

I have a problem with my MESH as detailed in my letter. Thought I would share my lousy experience.

The Managing Director.
Mesh Computers Uk Ltd
Oxgate Lane

Reference: Mesh serial number *******.

Dear Sir,

I have recently purchased a new Mesh PC from you, spending £2000 with your company. I am a repeat customer, having previously spent a similar sum with you on my previous pc.

This afternoon, April 21 2006, I took delivery of my repaired (new) pc, this had been with your repair facility for almost 3 weeks. The pc still does not work. I've spoken to your reception and been promised a call from customer services. This has not been forthcoming. I have then telephoned your repair team directly. They have issued me with an RMA number so I may return the pc to you a second time. In order to book the collection of my pc, the engineer transferred me to customer services, I reached an answer message informing me customer services had closed.

I have called your main number a third time today, and been assured a call back, it is now after 6pm and this has not been forthcoming either. I am compelled to write to you as this is the culmination of 4 months of abysmal service. I shall detail in the following the sorry story from beginning to end.

I ordered my new pc from you in December.

1. The day before delivery I was informed that the monitor was out of stock.

2. On delivery day, I received one parcel not two, as should have been the case. I made a call to Mesh and was informed that not only the monitor, but also the Belkin Surgeprotector and the Microsoft office suite of products were out of stock. I had received no notification prior to delivery day.

3. The software games bundle had gone missing in your systems, finally it was acknowledged it had not been sent. (this being the missing parcel as noted above).

4. The monitor arrived one week late, the Microsoft office 3 weeks, the software arrived at some point, it wasn't high on my priorities.

5. I received shortly after this a parcel containing an empty soundcard box. It did not contain the remote control as depicted on the box.

6. I reported by phone on 4 occasions and by email on 5 occasions that my monitor has a dead pixel and that the soundcard would only be intermittently recognised by the pc on boot up.

7. I have never, to date, received a call back on either of these matters.

8. I reported the non-receipt of the remote control on with each call I made, I have never been sent this, despite being promised it on numerous occasions.

9. On Thursday 30th April my pc crashed, it failed to boot correctly following a series of automated reboots and blue screening. I reported this by phone, and was talked through the process of recovering the system from some secret partition Mesh had created on my hard-drive. This failed to rectify my problem.

10. Friday 31st March I called customer support again, I was advised to use the Mesh recovery disk, when I asked for support in this, it was suggested by your employee that I simply "give it a go" and that if it were a virus I could "try a new hard-drive".


  Tomesy 20:51 21 Apr 2006

11. I tried the above, despite the frankly obscenely incompetent and uncaring advice I had been given. It did not work.

12. I tried the above on the slave hard-drive I had purchased as part of the pc set-up. It failed to work.

13. I purchased a new hard drive at the cost of £40. This was an IDE drive, it had been suggested that I use this to find the problem with the drives you supplied.

14. The recovery disk, copy of Windows XP I had paid you for in full, failed to install on to this disk. Hence, I knew a virus or similar issue could not be at fault.

15. I telephoned your customer services on Monday 3rd April, it was arranged that my pc be collected the following day, to achieve this I was given an RMA number and in explicit detail I created an A4 label to be pasted to the pc carriage box for collection. I was given a categorical assurance that the pc would be repaired and returned to me by Saturday 8th April.

16. The day of collection, despite being assured an early collection, I greeted the deliveryman at approximately 2.30pm. He had the wrong details, having been given an incorrect customer name by your staff. I corrected this on every copy of his paperwork and allowed the pc to be delivered to you.

17. Concerned that the pc may have not reached Mesh, due to the incorrect collection name, I telephoned your repair centre. They confirmed they had my system safely. But, as I had not included an RMA number they would be unable to look at it that day, therefore missing the deadline promised previously. Note: The RMA number had been included, when I pointed this out, the member of staff went to check, and had to concede it had been clearly marked, your staff had made an error of some sort.

18. I telephoned Mesh to query the status of my pc on no less than 4 separate occasions over the course of the following week. Not once did I receive a reply call as I had requested on EACH of my calls to your office. I asked only for an update, this was never forthcoming.

19. Wednesday 19th April I received a call from your repair centre, they informed me that sound drive was faulty. I pointed out that I knew this, and had reported it on numerous occasions as detailed above.

20. The engineer attempted to convince me that the soundcard had not been supplied by Mesh and therefore was outside of his remit to correct. However, he quickly had to concede that it had indeed come from you as a part of the initial build and he would deal with it.

21. I asked the engineer if I could have him configure the hard drives into a raid formation (as co-incidentally I had requested by phone at the time of order, this being agreed to by your salesman). This seemed an impossibility without further complications.

22. As detailed at the start of my letter, today has seen no improvement in service from your company. I now find myself having to wait until Monday to speak to your customer services, yet again at my own personal expense.

This I know you will agree is a disgraceful display of service, and a situation you will want to remedy with all due haste.

What I would like you to do, to put this situation to rights is to arrange to despatch to me with immediate effect a replacement pc. This I would expect to be at the very least the same specifications as I initially ordered.

In light of the awful service and personal costs, both financial and in terms of my time spent chasing this matter in well over 20 phone calls and lost hours of trade in my own business. I expect you to provide me with the following in addition.

A) A new monitor indentical to the original model ordered, this to be in addition to the previous monitor supplied and to be without any fault this time.
B) The supply of a full souncard box, including remote control.
C) A significant upgrade to the specifications would be warranted I am certain you will agree.

I can be contacted on my mobile telephone number ***** ******, or by email (************) so you may arrange the collection of the non-functioning pc, I would suggest that when you deliver the replacement, this be taken away at the same time.

I look forward to your prompt reply.

  pipedream 07:48 22 Apr 2006

Good luck! You've just convinced me that I'm going to build my own PC again next time!

  martd77 09:04 22 Apr 2006

good luck and well done for keeping accurate records of your problems,hope you get sorted out

  961 09:15 22 Apr 2006

Why don't you just return it for a refund (and don't take no for an answer)

And if you paid by credit card or Visa debit card, involve the card company too under s75 of the consumer credit act

And if you paid by finance, tell the finance company

  richardcockbain 09:54 22 Apr 2006

Thank goodness I cancelled my order with Mesh for failing to honour the agreed delivery date ... still waiting a refund but looks as if that is a preferable to position to being stuck with a system that does not work! I wish you every success in your quest for compensation.

  welshbenson 13:28 22 Apr 2006

Well i'm a bit surprised that Davey from Mesh has not come running to help you on this.

I suggest that if are so peeded off you should try trading standards or bbc watchdog on click here they will be more than happy to help you, as others have suggested in other threads about Mesh, watchdog may be able to speed a refund up. If you bought on a credit card you will also be protected.

The fact that you list such a large amonunt of problems with your pc that mesh seem to have failed to help another customer yet again or will we get told by a rep of mesh that this is sadly been an unforseen problem with something beyond meshs control?

May be my pending order for £2000 should be put on hold, what do other users think?

  Tomesy 14:19 22 Apr 2006

Thanks for the feedback, I have to say I am not inherently "anti-mesh". My old pc from them was fine, and being a fair minded individual I am looking forward to posting a glowing tribute to them here when they resolve the problems to my satisfaction.

I'll be sure to update this with my progress.

  welshbenson 15:04 22 Apr 2006

I bought from mesh before about 5 years ago and thought going back to them again, with the experience you have had & others here and on other threads it's making me wonder if mesh have a big problem with builds, customer service & support.

Keep us all posted on what happens it could be pivotal on if i decide to buy from mesh, is the risk viable or not.

  dontmeshwithme 17:28 22 Apr 2006

I had an absolute nightmare with Mesh, in the end I found the way to get results was to try speak to the Director, Mr. Ramiz Padashifard, I found the best thing to do was to call him at home at around 6pm and leave a message with his wife. Let me put it this way that had been passing my refund from department to department for over 4 weeks!! I called at 6pm, I got a return phone call from the techinical manager half an hour later apologising and offering interest compensation and finally got a refund at 9.30am the following day (the accounts supervisor called me and told me it had gone through). Mesh are notorious for their customer service but I found this direct approach worked a treat.

  Forum Editor 17:40 22 Apr 2006

I'm surprised you got any kind of a response. Phoning a company director's wife at home is hardly the kind of thing a rational person does over a computer complaint, regardless of the circumstances.

Anyone who did that to me would be ignored completely.

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