Mesh PC - half the memory slots removed- normal ?

  Solgoth 01:26 31 Mar 2006

I just wondered if this was normal for a pre-built PC. My dad got a Mesh Pc a year ago. Inside it has a motherboard which ought to have 4 memory slots supporting up to 4 gig ram, however, half of the memory slots in the machine had been removed and the other two were filled with two 256 ram sticks.

This came as a rather nasty surprise when he opened it up to install a new 512mb ram module he'd bought...

It basically makes it impossible to upgrade ram without losing the stuff you already bought.

Is this an intentional ploy on the part of PC makers to limit the memory capacity of their machines? If so, why? Is it common for pre-built PCs to have memory slots removed? It doesn't seem like there would be any good reason to do this?

  SG Atlantis® 05:56 31 Mar 2006

Motherboards come in all shapes and sizes. They choose the most cost effective one and put the listed spec (advertised components) in it, that's it.

  MESH Support 10:05 31 Mar 2006

Can you post which motherboard you have and how you know you have that board?

There are often several variations of the same motherboard with a vareity of letters after the name as the only indication of difference. This is probably the most likely reason for the discepancy.

As SG Atlantis® says, the actual slots would not be removed from the motherboard by us; only the manufacturers really have the equipment to do this safely.


  spuds 11:23 31 Mar 2006

If you want to do a component parts and computer check, you could use and try one (or all) of the following free to use programmes.

Belarc click here

SIW click here

Everest (ex Aida32) click here Would mention that this programme is a 'older version', and is no longer supported by Lavalys.They now have a new 'paid for' version.

  Solgoth 14:18 31 Mar 2006

I'm pretty sure that the board is an Asus A8N-E FM/S. I found out by going to system tools, the motherboard model was mentioned in the BIOS. I also saw that model number written on the board (if not FM/S, it was an Asus A8N-E - something) when it was opened up. I looked up the model number I saw on the board afterwards and it definitely was supposed to have four memory slots.

This board only seems to be sold or mentioned by Germans on ebay, but it does definitely have four memory lots usually.

click here

bigger photo of it.

click here

Maybe Mesh didn't remove them themselves, but that board is supposed to have them. You can see the spaces where they should be on the board.

Annoyingly, my dad's PC's cordless keyboard has stopped being able to reconnect to the transmitter thing today and I can't check system tools because help and support has for some reason been disabled and I seem to need to type "services.msc" to get it back on.

  rmcqua 14:44 31 Mar 2006

No-one would remove RAM sockets after the board had been manufactured. It's a specialized process. Most manufacturers of m/bs would consider a board scrap if the socket did not solder properly during the manufacturing process.

  harryoo 14:56 31 Mar 2006

If you read your first click here you will find it says "2 memory slots - 4 optional

  MESH Support 15:01 31 Mar 2006

The A8NE-FM only has two slots whereas the A8N-E has four.

The two links you provide are actually for the two boards we are talking about here and the first one shows you the A8NE-FM. You might need to enlarge the image to see that you can see pcb space over the two slots there are.

The A8NE-FM is an OEM only board by the way so there is likely to be very little information available on the Asus website. Given that it is OEM it's likely that the additional slots were removed to save money.


  Solgoth 23:01 31 Mar 2006

Ah I see, I didn't notice the 'optional' part of the specification there. Thanks for the explanation, Davey.

I didn't see the machine's specs before my dad bought it but would there be any way of telling in advance whether a Mesh PC had 2 or 4 memory slots installed? Is it just the FM/S where the slots can be 'optional' or could a Mesh PC's Asus A8N-E, for example, also be missing slots even though it's supposed to have four?

  Stuartli 23:53 31 Mar 2006

>>Given that it is OEM it's likely that the additional slots were removed to save money.>>

They wouldn't be removed, just not included in the first place.

Probably a means of keeping costs down for system builders, although it's difficult to see more than modest cost savings for Asus or even Mesh.

  Simsy 02:43 01 Apr 2006

has 4 slots... but it's so that it can accomodate SDRAM or DDRAM... 2 slots for each. You can't use both at the same time anyway.

In the photo you link to which has 4 slots, 2 are black and 2 are blue. I suspect it is the same with this board as with mine.

It's quite conceivable that the OEM board was made knowing that DDRAM was going to be used.

As usual... I'm open to correction!



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