Mesh Owners Club

  Pine Man 15:51 15 Mar 2008

Wasn't sure where to put this thread but here goes!

I belong to the Mesh Owners Club - yes I know it's sad but here are quite a few of us now - and I tried to go to the site today and either it has been taken over by someone called godaddy or my PC has!

This is the sites address click here and I would be grateful to know if anybody else is having the same problem.

  Zak 15:57 15 Mar 2008

Hi Pine Man

I am another saddo. I am a member of Mesh Owners Club and following your link I got the same:

click here
This page is parked free, courtesy of

  Pine Man 15:59 15 Mar 2008


Looks like Mesh has been hijacked then.

Maybe we should set up a saddo's club in the meantime;-)

  Zak 16:11 15 Mar 2008

Also I am unable to find/access the MESH Support forums at Hexus. Getting my password reset.

  Zak 16:13 15 Mar 2008

This explains:

click here

It no longer exists!!

  Pine Man 16:19 15 Mar 2008

I used to belong to HEXUS and was using the Mesh Forum up until about lunchtime today and then GoDaddy struck!

  Zak 16:31 15 Mar 2008

We'll just have to sit this one out.

  dfh 18:47 15 Mar 2008

Snap, I tried awhile ago and got the same.

  nice one 04:34 16 Mar 2008

have you sent mesh an e-mail about this. i can log in to the normal site but thats all i can do.i have sent them an e-mail.

  HondaMan 11:11 17 Mar 2008

The link from their home page works fine

  Rigga 11:51 17 Mar 2008

click here

> click here < is the address.

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