Mesh Owners Club

  FreeCell 18:34 15 Sep 2007

I know it can never rival the PCA forum but Mesh have recently launched an owners club forum as an additional channel to their customer service.

Those who have problems may find this a useful site to help resolve delivery and technical issues.

click here

  FreeCell 18:57 15 Sep 2007

Sorry if duplicated post. Just seen that PineMan posted entry about the owners club. click here

  gardener 21:16 15 Sep 2007

Had a look on the site. Maybe they're finally getting the message about customer support, which would be nice as they do build excellent PCs.

  Acx 22:25 16 Sep 2007

I joined, seems a good idea.

It might liven up, but it's a bit slow at minute (compared to here).

  dunderheid 18:28 20 Sep 2007

Can anybody tell me why I have to use my horizontal scroll bar to read posts in the MESH Owners Club Forum.

It is very annoying and frustrating. Is there anybody else experiencing this and is thee anything I can do about it?

  Forum Editor 19:17 20 Sep 2007

Perhaps it would be an idea to ask them, rather than us. Your problem may be related to your screen resolution, or to the size of the screen itself.

  dunderheid 10:30 21 Sep 2007

Why are you forever ready to shoot people down in flames!

Hadn't it entered your mind that I have already made an enquirey in the appropriate forum, but thought it expeditous to enquire on here also of people who might be using the MESH forum.

Surely if the problem was due to my screen resolution or the size of my screen I would be experiencing this problem with other web sites!

  rdave13 10:38 21 Sep 2007

Try holding ctrl key and use the wheel on the mouse to change size when you're on the forum.

  FreeCell 14:38 21 Sep 2007

Not a great help I know but I do not have to use scroll bar to read the Mesh posts. So it's not necessarily a Mesh forum problem. My resolution set to 1024 X 768 on a 15 inch screen

  MESH Support 12:31 24 Sep 2007

Hi dunderheid,

Checking our support site I can see the forum will not need scrolling horizontally at normal settings until the browser window is smaller than 1001 pixels width wise, so as long as you are running a resolution at 1024x768 or higher, and have the window maximised you should not need to scroll horizontally at all.

If you are running at this resolution or higher and still need to scroll left/right then it possible that you have some un-usual font settings within whatever theme you are using within windows.

I don't think it is what rdave13 suggests, although that was my first thought, as when you do this the boundaries of the forum remain the same with the text within the forum increasing/decreasing (until you get a really big size).


  Forum Editor 18:22 24 Sep 2007

Don't be so rude. All kinds of things entered my mind, but I was trying to be helpful, and certainly didn't shoot anyone down in flames. I suggested that the problem might relate to your screen settings, and from subsequent posts it looks as if I wasn't the only one to think that.

"Surely if the problem was due to my screen resolution or the size of my screen I would be experiencing this problem with other web sites!"

No, that's not the case at all, which is why I said what I did.

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