Southern Comfort 09:07 02 Apr 2007

Oh how I wish I'd discovered this forum before ordering my E6700 X-Treme Vista PC (as recommended by PCA) on 1st March. I was given 16th March as the delivery date - then 4PM the day before, I get a call to say there's been a delay. I was given 22nd March as the revised delivery date, but guess what - it didn't turn up ! This time - no call from them at all!! Eventually got through to them, and was told there had been further delays, but it would be delivered on 27th. guessed it.... it didn't. It eventually arrived on 28th March - the FOURTH delivery date I was given. I don't know how many calls I made to the Sales Dept, nor how many times I've endured that wretched "Your call is important to us" message. (One evening I prepared and served a meal while listening to it !!). Anyway, as if to rub salt into the wound, when it did arrive, the TV Tuner card was missing. I've written and e-mailed my complaint to Mesh, but haven't even had an acknowledgement. Has anyone out there had ANY feedback following a complaint ?? If so - who did you write to?

  jimv7 09:43 02 Apr 2007
  Hackwatch 10:39 02 Apr 2007

Consumer Direct & BBC Watchdog!

  dfh 11:42 02 Apr 2007

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  dommer 14:51 02 Apr 2007

What difference will posting there make?

  MESH Support 15:38 02 Apr 2007

I've received your email, thanks.

Unfortunately if the letter you attached is the one you posted in there will be no means for me to check on what is happening as you did not include your Mesh Order Number, and your address is missing the postcode.

Standard practice is for us to write back to the customer asking for some reference that will allow us to locate your account.

I am sorry to read of your experience of the delays with delivery of your new Mesh PC. We were affected by the late arrival of certain parts recently that forced us to then delay the shipping of a few new systems.

With regards to your query regarding a TV Tuner, there was not one on your order and no subsequent update was made to your order to add one, sorry.


  tony58 21:00 04 Apr 2007

no reply for Davey,!

  Southern Comfort 22:46 05 Apr 2007

Yes - we exchanged e-mails (below) Thought I at least deserved some form of goodwill gesture (complementary TV Tuner ?) for my troubles.

Davey, I appreciate your response, although I do find it rather dismissive. Please don't underestimate the considerable inconvenience (4 days off of work) and expense (many many protracted phone calls) this has caused me. I know that the Tuner Card wasn't added to my order, but why wasn't it ? The Sales Rep I spoke to gave me an assurance that it would be, and that delivery would proceed as planned. The provision of the TV Tuner was therefore an oral contract. Oral contracts are just as legally binding as written contracts. Please advise me of how MESH intend to address this matter.
Thank you

PS my Postcode is and my order number was

Davey's reply:
My response wasn't intended as dismissive although it was intended to address your points raised as necessary, so I can see how it might be perceived that way. I apologise for this.

I have not underestimated any inconvenience as I was not addressing this point of your complaint. My point was that your complaint posted was regarding the lack of response, and I attempted to explain why this might have been the case.

An oral contract might be considered valid and enforceable however establishing the terms of said contract is likely impossible. It is just as easy to claim that such an agreement existed as it is to claim that it did not. It is also easy to disagree on what terms were agreed. I would suggest that despite your feeling of unhappiness in the matter further discussion down this line would benefit neither party.

I note from your specification there appears to be a free slot into which a TV Tuner could be fitted but it would be advisable for you to open the case and verify that there is enough room for the additional card to be fitted. If this is done we can raise an order for the TV Tuner and once payment has been taken, we can arrange a engineer's visit under warranty to fit the card for you.

Regarding your postcode and order number, I had these from your previous email to me. My point was that you did not include them in your original letter which would make it very difficult if not impossible for me to chase up what happened to it.

  jul 23:04 10 Apr 2007

Mesh computers are good I have 1 and its almost 7 years old now, I/we would have another from them as I found them ok to deal with like a few companies they do need full address or order no, when you contact them as do most companies
If they record the phone calls like many do then you can ask for them to check. Like I’ve said the computers are good I don’t know if the level of Service has gone down over the years but it was very good when I dealt with them.

  Forum Editor 23:29 10 Apr 2007

that I find your account of what happened somewhat confusing. In your original post you said:

"Anyway, as if to rub salt into the wound, when it did arrive, the TV Tuner card was missing".

Leading me to believe that Mesh had deviated from your original specification. You made no reference to the fact that you hadn't ordered a TV card, and you didn't mention anything about a card being promised as a goodwill gesture.

It seems to me that the basis of your complaint was that it took 27 days for your computer to be delivered, and that you expected Mesh to compensate you in some way for your inconvenience. Three days after your origional post you claim that a Mesh sales representative promised you a free TV card as a goodwill gesture. I wouldn't dream of doubting your word, but I'm wondering why someone at Mesh would do that - did you ask for some compensation during one of your calls to them?

  johnnyrocker 23:54 10 Apr 2007

mesh do not give anything away if they can help it so i doubt the validity of this complaint except for FE comments ok p3?


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