mesh or just mess

  llah66 13:36 23 Dec 2010

Ordered my son an ultima 15g lap top on the 7/11/2010,had the money took out of my account within a week,checked the order online after another week and it stated that componets allocated to machine prouduction pending.
So second week in december rang mesh voiced my concerns that the laptop was a xmas present,was told that i would receive a call to explain everything.
So the next day rang back as i did not get the call to speek to the same customer service advisor who then assured me that the laptop would be delivered for xmas but he would but urgent on the order.
Today rang MESH up to be told that because of the weather they have had no delivery of componets so my sons laptop has not even been started,so demanded a refund which i would like to be payed into my account asap.
So MESH have rang back now and the usal b/s followed so im now supposed to be getting my account credited today,they did say if i would wait i would get the laptop in the first week of januray.
Well thats my moan over but please dont buy from mesh

  961 13:52 23 Dec 2010

Can you say how you paid for the laptop?

Debit card/credit card/cheque/bank transfer/HP?

Have you advised IN WRITING that you want to cancel your order and had an acknowledgement?

Suppliers have 30 days to refund after receiving notice of cancellation

  llah66 14:10 23 Dec 2010

Paid by debit card,verbally cancelled the order with the manager and sent them an e-mail confirming this,was a bit surprised that it could take 30 days to refund as they have had my money for over 40days and done nothing about my order so will wait and see what happens

  961 14:15 23 Dec 2010

Mastercard or Visa debit card?

Supplier has 30 days to refund after customer has cancelled under current legislation

  llah66 14:17 23 Dec 2010

visa debit mate,sorry about that

  tullie 14:30 23 Dec 2010

Dont know if theres anything special about this laptop,but i would rather walk in the shop and take one with me.

  961 14:32 23 Dec 2010

In that case advise the Visa card issuing bank that you are having a problem with your purchase and would like them to arrange a chargeback if you do not receive a full refund within the 30 days that the supplier is allowed under current legislation

If the person you contact within the bank says that your transaction is not covered under Chargeback regulations ask to speak to a senior official

click here

  kennythejoiner 17:58 28 Dec 2010

Get on to visa right away as it can take eleven days for them to send the paperwork out to you.

They must be seeing a lot of disputes and refunds against mesh now.

I hope anyone thinking of saving a few pounds sees the problems customers have when they try to deal with mesh other than sales.
Let us know how you get on ..

  llah66 18:15 28 Dec 2010

Went to the bank on xmas eve they gave me a number to call which i did.
They are sending paperwork to fill in etc and they will refund my account and then chase mesh for an explanation and the money back.
But on xmas eve got a e-mail of mesh saying sorry for the delay of the laptop etc through un forseen circumstances I.E the weather,so replied and told them order was cancelled oveer the phone and by e-mail and im still waiting for my money back,so stay tuned

  KremmenUK 06:55 29 Dec 2010

As well as the forums 'Consumer Watch', 'Speakers Corner', etc there may be a call for a new Forum - 'Mesh'

  kennythejoiner 20:40 29 Dec 2010

Looks that way!
The posts on here are probably only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
As I have said before the only phone they answer is sales but once they have your money they don't want to know you.
I would imagine there build quality is on the decline as well..

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