MESH or Evesham?

  TIMSMITH 12:46 02 Mar 2006

I'm debating whether to buy an Evesham Axis Rd A-List or a similarly spec'd Mesh Matrix Vista (both AMD 4200, 1GB RAM, 250GB memory, similar number of USBs, PCIs, similar warranty etc... differences; Matrix has ATI X1600 graphics, RD A-List has ATI Rad X850; Matrix had 19" Viewsonic VX912, RD A-List had 17" Viewsonic VX715; RD A-List has extra optical drive 16X DVD Rom; Matrix has ASUS 8N-E 4 PCI-X mainboard, RD A-List has Radeon Express 200 ATI Crossfire). And the Matrix is about £100 cheaper (£999 inc VAT).

Use; mainly ordinary home, Word, internet, bit of gaming (kids), little video editing, photographic etc...

The problem is, I can find no good reviews of MESH on the forums - nothing but complaints about after-sales whereas Evesham seem to do pretty well overall.

Does anyone out there have a good experience of dealing with MESH - especially their aftersales? Or is it a false economy to go for the cheaper option in this case?

  anskyber 13:33 02 Mar 2006

The posts, which I have also read on this site seem to identify a weak link in the customer care of Mesh. I have read similar threads elsewhere. The uncertain question is does this represent a reasonable picture of the Company and does it represent a real picture of the reliabilty of the product?
The Mesh customer care is worrying if the posts here are a representaive sample of the Companies approach but I should caution that I have also read of some very satisfied customers with the product when it works well. Evesham seem to fare better on the customer care front and seemingly make very good products. Cube 247 are a young company also receiving good reviews and individual praise. I have read of some (you might say inevitable) criticism of them also but it appears less frequent.
So what does this all mean if I were you? The value for money of Mesh seems tempting and if you get a good one could be the best thing you have ever done. Evesham "feels" the safer bet if all the posts (albeit non-scientific evidence) are judged and maybe Cube 247 and other companies are worth a look at, Novatech are well regarded it seems and secveral Dell buyers cannot be all wrong. In the end though my own buying decisions tend to focus on reliability and customer care and I tend to pay more for those things. The truth is it is probably a bit of a lottery and I always ask myself with matters like computer kit how much of the "fault" lies with the user rather than the manufacturer?

  dmm27 23:06 02 Mar 2006

if it all works well, then then it doesnt matter. If it doesnt work well, then you want good backup. Personally I would not buy Mesh. I have just bought a new PC from local store, precisely cos of the ease of backup.

  Dellman 10:14 03 Mar 2006

I was in PC World the other day....there was a queue 20 deep (many with desktops in hand!!) for the help desk/maintenance area!!!

  salrid 23:26 04 Mar 2006

I have a Mesh computer and it works ok. I haven't really tested it out yet, but I did have a problem with MS Office (my own copy) which kept locking. I sent Mesh an email and they sent a fix quite quickly (though not in 24 hours as the site promises).

I had the 3500 offer last Nov. My 19" screen is great and everything I ordered was well packaged and ready to go. Don't really have many complaints apart from a few crashes (I get clicky and too quick with the keys sometimes). Hope this helps.

  TIMSMITH 11:32 05 Mar 2006

Thanks for your advice. I have read a few more positive things about MESH now but probably more about Evesham (though in the end this mightn't be that dependable - who knows). The thing that's swung it for me thought is a review of the Axis Rd A-List in another mag (rhymes with pcfro) which compared it to a similarly priced MESH and, although the MESH was, on paper, the better pc eg more RAM, larger monitor, they found that the Evesham was overall a better buy with a better motherboard, warranty, equally good though smaller monitor, etc... Also, it's easy to upgrade memory, for example. On that basis, and concerned by the general after-sales reputation of MESH, I'm going to go with the Evesham (though this is mainly because I tend to play safe and guess that the MEsh would probably have been fine anyway).
Thanks for all your contributions.

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