Mesh onsite warranty...

  livewire 12:47 17 Jul 2006

What is it with companies and On-Site warranties? You pay for a warranty stating on-site but they always refuse to come out.

In this case, I have a faulty fan in the PC and is making a tremendous amount of noise where it has not been attached properly. Surely, all an engineer needs to do is come out and attach the fan properly. However, Mesh are saying there could be "other factors" involved and it must be returned to base.

Its crazy. Surely, I can demand they come on site as per warranty terms ?

  freaky 13:35 17 Jul 2006

If the problem is obvious and can be easily repaired, then it may simplify matters if you do it yourself.

  spuds 13:36 17 Jul 2006

This is the problem with some on-site warranties and the way that some of them are worded, for the layman to perhaps not understand. If the warranty states categorically that it is on-site (for any reason), then demand that an engineer attends.But....

Taking the view of Mesh's "other factors" response, I can only assume that you found the fault by delving into the case. If so, did you dislodge something or cause any damage (I am not saying you have). If an engineer calls, and finds the fault was via a customers delving, then getting you to pay the engineer's fee could be a right battle for both you and Mesh. If the computer is returned to Mesh, then at least, they will have your property as a bargaining factor, should the fault prove to be of your (the customer) making.

I once had an extended "Peace of Mind" warranty,which eventually turned out to be a totally worthless piece of paper, when I requested help and support.So I know what it is like, but then again, perhaps Mesh have been in this situation before, and are taking extra precautions!.

  DrHoliday 13:49 17 Jul 2006

The small print in Mesh's warranties as with other comapnies is that they do like to RTB a PC as that way they can look at it in more detail.

  ened 13:55 17 Jul 2006

If you have paid for an on-site warranty I fail to see what the "other factors" could be which would require a return to base.

It is obviously a Hardware fault of some kind and therefore, presumably covered by the warranty.

  anchor 14:04 17 Jul 2006

"Onsite warranty"; yes, but on who`s site?. It seems with Mesh it is their site, not yours.

I have found from personal experience that Evesham interpret this differently. They do, when necessary, require the machine to be sent back to them, but will send an engineer in most cases.

  silverous 14:07 17 Jul 2006

I can understand why some suppliers, such as Dell from my experience, require that you run through a series of diagnostics before sending out an engineer....but I think RTB should only be needed if they can explain clearly why they believe that is so rather than just "other factors", why couldn't an engineer come out and look at the 'other factors'.

In my view RTB should only be needed if the engineer can't solve it - that's why you buy 'on-site'.

Can Davey or someone from Mesh comment?

  livewire 15:14 17 Jul 2006

Well, I rang up Mesh again and spoke to someone who was a little more helpful. After doing some pushing I finally got them to send out an engineer. Mesh have said they are going to replace all the fans on the unit which is odd, because its only the one chassis fan that's making the noise...

Oh well, cant complain I guess a whole batch of new fans cant be bad news.

I'm a bit disappointed that it took so much pushing to get an engineer out, but I guess its just a perseverance thing.

  MESH Support 15:23 17 Jul 2006

Hi livewire,

I can't help but feel you've left out details from your post.

If an engineer insists on an RTB when an onsite will be able to resolve the problem (which for a noisy fan they can) then I would very much like to slap them (metaphorically speaking) myself personally.

An onsite is cheaper for us than an RTB, it's easier and it's more convienient. And what's more, all the engineer has to do is fill out an online form and submit it, none of the additional work an RTB involves. The only reason we would fall back on our RTB clause would be if an onsite would not be able to rectify the problem. If that was the case what would the point of sending an onsite be?

This is the reason why I'm wondering about perhaps an additional reason has been omitted from your original post.

Please email me your Mesh Order number to [email protected] and I'll take a look at the engineers diagnosis. If they have made a mistake then the onsite will be no problem. If there is more to it then the best I could do would be at least come back and explain the reasoning behind it coming back to base.


  MESH Support 15:25 17 Jul 2006

Hi livewire,

If you are indeed the guy I was just talking to Phil about (which freakily was Phil telling me about a customer who had since rung back and now it was confirmed just a fan and so an onsite was happening), then your original problem was described as not booting, only getting beeps.

A misunderstanding perhaps?


  neil79 15:50 17 Jul 2006

Hi Davey,

Quick question. You say an on-site visit is cheaper for Mesh than an RTB. Then how come your on-site warranties are classed as up-sells on your website (have to pay extra money for it). Surely you would offer on-site as standard to save your company money?

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