Mesh Onsite Service ...NOT!

  anniel 19:34 26 Jan 2004

I was reading my other PC magazine today and was horrified by a letter from a disgruntled Mesh PC buyer.

His new PC crashed, so he rang Mesh. They advised him to open up the PC and make sure his graphics card was properly seated. Despite his reservations as he had on site warranty, he did as asked and the PC worked for 2 weeks. Then it crashed again.

But get this...they insisted the PC was taken back to base as the work could be done better in the workshop.

This guy had bought 3 years on site service!!

I am extremely nervous as my better half decided, on cost grounds, to go for a Mesh which is due for delivery next week. We have gone for on site service for a year, but it seems that Mesh only allow that for hardware breakdowns.

Can they legally do this?

Can we cancel our order?..I guess not as we have already paid for the PC on credit card.

I do feel that Mesh has a duty of care to customers to advise them on what on site service means before you pay extra for it.

Maybe the Mesh rep. may like to come on here and explain what their "on site" service means.

Anyone else had experience of this?

  carver 21:40 26 Jan 2004

Meshe's version of on-site warranty is for you to phone them, then they tell you how to repair the P/C, if this doesn't work they then tell you it has to go back to them for 3 weeks. But what you have to do is demand a site visit, this sometimes works, sometimes not, depends who you speak to and the state of mind that person is in at that point in time. I had on-site for the first year and during that time the hard drive died, after I refused to send the P/C back to them or fit the hard drive myself, a site visit was arranged and the hard drive replaced, when the RTB warranty kicked in the floppy died, I said I would take it out and send the floppy drive back, this was refused and I was told the base unit would have to go back meaning a 3 week wait for a 10 minute job. But look on the bright side this is only 1 P/C out of 100. YOU might never need their warranty.

  anniel 21:48 26 Jan 2004

and told them how upset I am to find out that onsite warranty means nothing and asking for a speedy reply. I have told them that I have raised this matter here and suggesting that they may like to come onto the forum and explain their policy.

Their saleswoman gave us no inkling of what their onsite warranty meant and I regard this as sharp practice. I am even wondering whether they can get away with their lack of onsite service under law..surely the Trades Descriptions Acr says something about this...I will look it up.

I am now extremely nervous about what could happen as we are not overly techie people.

I am now wishing we had never bought from there a cooling off period??? If we could get our money back I would cancel.

  Steven135 23:23 26 Jan 2004

This is an issue that has been aired on here many times before Mesh really do themselves a disservice by insisting that practically all problems require the return of machines to them.

I use my PC for work every day there is no way that I could do without it for weeks that's why I went for Evesham who really do adhere to their onsite terms.

Small comfort to you anniel except to say that you may never need to use the warranty.

  Forum Editor 23:57 26 Jan 2004

about the terms and conditions applying to your warranty anniel - they are very clearly set out on the Mesh web site.

Your one year onsite warranty covers hardware components in the computer base unit only - not the monitor,keyboard, or mouse (if supplied), and not the software. If Mesh diagnose a hardware component failure they will send an engineer out to repair/replace it at their cost.

If a hardware fault occurs and Mesh cannot diagnose the fault over the phone they'll want the machine returned to base, where the necessary repairs will be carried out at their expense. Mesh is laible to pay the carriage charges in this case.

You will not receive an engineer's visit for software faults, and the warranty does not cover software faults caused by you altering any operating system settings, or installing additional software.

In my opinion there's no trades description issue here - the terms are very clearly laid out on the web site, and I think it would be quite difficult to misinterpret them. Your allegation of sharp practice is unwarranted in the circumstances. It's really up to you, the purchaser to ensure that you are fully aware of the published terms and conditions before you commit yourself.

I'm not sure what you thought the warranty included that was in addition to this cover, but no manufacturer will provide an onsite warranty that covers problems brought about by alterations to software settings or configurations - for obvious reasons. Check out the terms and conditions published by other manufacturers and you'll find specific references to these exclusions in all cases.

As has already been said - your computer will almost certainly funstion smoothly from the word go - only a small percentage of consumers ever need warranty service.

  DieSse 00:28 27 Jan 2004

Yes - the Mesh web site does lay out what the warranty arrangements are. But to call the "On-Site" service On-Site is to misdescribe it.

The words On-site have a very specific meaning, and if Mesh wish to change that meaning to one of their own, then I suggest to them they should give the service a different name, which does not (whether intentional or not), tend to mislead.

In fact their two warranty arrangements are very similar - they are both basically "Return to base" - except that in some very specific circumstances they will send a technician to change some (not all) identifiably faulty parts. And even this is at their sole discretion, as they are the ones that decide whether they can make the diagnosis of which part is faulty.

I don't see their servicing arrangments as at all unusual and I do something similar myself, on the systems I build. The problem is wholly in their use of the term "On-site".

  anniel 08:50 27 Jan 2004

I still maintain that to sell an "add on" such as onsite service then that should mean what it says.

I may be guilty of not reading their web page very carefully, but do you not think that when we opted for the extra protection of on site service, the sales person should have explained that in reality this meant returning the PC to Mesh?

Maybe I am old fashioned, but I expect on site to mean just that. It should be what it says on the tin, not some get out clause for a company.

I still stick to my contention that tit is sharp practice and will only change my mind if I find that Evesham and Dell as examples of large companies do the same thing as Mesh.

  MESH Response 09:16 27 Jan 2004

We have noted your comments and received your message this morning. We will endeavour to contact to this morning to discuss any hesitations you may have.

Kind Regards - MESH Response

  JJCUK 09:45 27 Jan 2004

My Mesh computer failed after about 18 Months
Power supply failed, contacted Mesh on the day tuesday the 13th using the meshresponse details from this website, was contacted the next day and a engineer arranged to come out on Friday the 23rd , he arrived around 1600hrs replaced the PSU and im up and running again, apart from the few days wait which is always annoying but to be expected I am very Happy

  anniel 15:44 27 Jan 2004

After much thought, we decided to cancel our order for the Mesh PC.

I feel somewhat foolish for not examining the warranty on the website in great detail, but I stick to my point of view that "on site" warranty should mean that. I see the opposition Computeractive is going to do a feature on the subject shortly.

I have rung Mesh and explained our situation..both a trifle elderly and not that techie, we do not want the hassle of possibly having to go into the innards of a PC.

I have asked for the cancellation to be acknowledged in writing and for the money to be refunded to our credit card.

Now I am looking for a new will read the threads here, but will think hard about buying another Evesham.

I think that when purchasing a computer with or without a warranty people should take a large dose of reality.The computer market is very competitive, with margins cut to the bone.To send an engineer out to you is very expensive, and could wipe out the profit made on the sale of your computer.This is why companies much prefer to trouble shoot on the telephone, followed with a return to base warranty.It is also why an on site warranty has terms and conditions attached. It is just not realistic to expect an engineer to be sitting by on the off chance he has to make perhaps a 100 mile round trip to change your hard drive.
I blame the consumer who expects the very lowest prices with the very highest back up service.

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