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  kthulhu 13:36 06 May 2007

Hello all,
I just bought a ELITE PRESTIGE (07) from MESH , and I found that from the moment the computer starts all the fans are at 100% and is very noisy.
I use speedfan software and reduces the noise, but I still found that the fan and case used by Mesh are not quiet at all.
Is it something general, or could be a defect of my desktop?

  Forum Editor 13:41 06 May 2007

without hearing the fans, but the likelyhood is that the noise is 'normal' for that particular machine.

All computers have their own individual sound, and it can be a little disconcerting when you first fire up a new machine and hear what to you is a strange noise. Once you're used to it you tend not to notice it so much, but if you're concerned, why don't you phone Mesh and seek reassurance?

  The Brigadier 13:48 06 May 2007

The fans on my Mesh are loud, but they do the job they are designed for!
Suggest you contact [email protected] on Tuesday for more help.

  SURVEY 14:00 06 May 2007

My fans on my Mesh are also noisy. You really notice how noisy when you switch on an equivalent specced but much quieter Dell machine!

  jack 14:23 06 May 2007

I cannot speak for Mesh of course.
But I have found that on two machines I have built this year and 3 more that have been built by a local firm- have been made up from a range of cases that are constructed from much thinner gauge metal than the norm.
They flex in use and have many sharp edges,
But they are attractive to look at with many design features, and cheap.
These give rise to higher fan noise than hithertoo because I suspect of the thinner metal construction

  Totally-braindead 14:56 06 May 2007

Once you speak to Mesh you might want to consider replacing some of the fans for quieter ones if it really annoys you. Though if you do this I would check that doing this would not invalidate any guarantees.

  freaky 15:34 06 May 2007

This might be of help. I have a Mesh Matrix with AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor (939) Pin.

It has an ASUS A8V Deluxe GB LAN/1394/SATA/RAID AUDIO. This MOB incorporates 'quiet technology' whereby the fan speeds vary according to how hard the CPU is working. As a result the PC is very quiet. It could be your BIOS is not setup correctly and 'quiet technology' has not been enabled if your MOB is an ASUS.

  Pine Man 18:43 06 May 2007

I have a Mesh PC and when I first got it some times it appeared louder than others. When I opened it up I found the power cable to the fan on the opening side of the base unit was touching the case and vibrating. Very quiet now.

Like freaky I have an Asus mobo with Quiet Technology'

Have you looked at the Mesh forum?click here

  freaky 20:08 06 May 2007

As you rightly pointed out, the Hexus-Mesh Forum is excellent. Davey of Mesh is there quite often, and is currently helping me sort out a problem with an External HD and the Asus BIOS.

As regards kthulhu and his problem, apart from checking the point I made above regarding the ASUS mobo BIOS.....I suggest he opens the case and checks the following fans: -

c)Graphics Card
d)MOB chipset

  dwaynedibbly 11:58 07 May 2007

The fans inside most "mass produced" systems, tend to be generic, and probably not the best in terms of noise produced.
My cpu fan and rear case fan have recently started making quite a bit of noise.
Opening up your computer of course invalidates any warranty you may have. But as my system is now 16 months old, I decided to give it a go.
I`ve replaced the cpu fan with a Thermaltake fanless heatpipe cooler,click here,

and my case fan with a Silenx fan producing only 11db
click here

The fanless cooler is excellent and my cpu temp is lower than what it was with a fan.
The only noise I`m getting now is from the hard disc and graphics card.

  Pine Man 12:08 07 May 2007

Good idea but I would dispute that, 'Opening up your computer of course invalidates any warranty you may have', certainly not the case with most of the computers I have had in fact advice from Mesh encourages it to rectify problems and install RAM etc.

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