MESH - New system unuseable

  westwit 19:46 17 Nov 2004

I'm having a miserable time with my new MESH Matrix 64 3500. I've only had it for five days, and I have spent the whole of that time trying to get it to work properly, when I thought I would be getting on with editing my family videos which have been building up over the summer. I bought it because it was the PC Advisor Best Budget buy, and I had been really looking forward to getting such a well-reviewed machine.

Well ... all I have had so far is a series of BSODs and freezes. The first problem was my fault - I tried to install my current version of Zone Alarm Pro - and it trashed the system. I subsequently found that version 4.5 was incompatible with XP SP2; so Tech Sp told me to do a factory reset. With only minimal stuff installed (keyboard, mouse, printer, ADSL modem) it was OK, so I installed Norton System Works 2005, Autoroute Express 2000, Winzip 7.0, Windows Media Player 10, Office 97 and Outlook 98 - with various restore points along the way. Office 97 was behaving a bit oddly, so I tried to do a system restore - it failed, as did five other restore points I tried! Tech Support said it could be a clash between Norton System Works 2005 and System Restore (even though I didn't install Norton 'Go Back'??) so back to factory re-set for the second time. Late to bed on Sunday night after trying to fix all this; system working OK.

On Monday morning I switched on to find a series of vertical stripes across the monitor screen; re-booted OK, but now PC is occasionally freezing when screensaver (Windows Flower Box - nothing fancy) runs for more than a few minutes or if the PC hibernates. Sometimes on hibernation the PC springs into life all on its own! Other oddities were difficulties in reading CDs and DVDs just burned - in either drive I just saw 'insert disk into drive'. Several freezes and re-boots later I eventially got these backup disks to be recognized in the same drive that burned them, then in the other one. Still more freezing, so changed power saving settings to no avail; then did full virus scan, checked the BIOS APM config settings and ran overnight SCANDISK as reccomended by MESH manual. Next morning scandisk reporting 'complete' - but PC is frozen again!

Since then I have suffered more BSODs and Blue CHECKDISK running on re-boot; windows security centre now refusing to detect Norton Anti Virus and Firewall (it did to start with), so now I have told it to stop monitoring them. The wretched thing even froze just as I got to the end of writing this - in Notepad with no autosaves! So this is the second attempt. Frankly the PC is unuseable.

What do I do now? I have had two conversations with the £1 per minute tech sp guys - resulting in several factory re-sets and lengthy re-loading of software etc with no improvement. I have tried to register for MESH online support, but the site keeps throwing me back to the sign-in screen. I have tried to ring the daytime tech sp, but gave up after 15 minutes waiting for a rep to answer. And I have emailed the tech support, with no reply yet.

Have I got a "Friday machine"? Or is this something that can be sorted? Is there a problem with Norton System Works 2005 and XP SP2? If so, do I get my money back from Norton (60 days money back guarantee) or do I find out how to uninstall SP2 which was installed in the factory? Or do I send the whole wretched thing back to MESH under the distance selling regulations or 'unfit for purpose' laws, and go somewhere else (Evesham? Dell?). I really didn't think after spending over £1200 I would end up with a machine that is even less stable than the clapped out PC I'm replacing.

I'd appreciate any advice or thoughts.

  Chris..b 20:05 17 Nov 2004

Try a factory reset but leave all other software off it apart from antivirus and firewall.

If the system is still unstable then mesh do have the right to have the computer back for repair if needed, but repairs must be dont within a 'resonable time' (but as ive found with acer just this month...'resonable time can mean anything)...but the forum editor recommends that 21 days is the limit to make repairs.

I would take the system to mesh and tell tham that you will reject the goods as they are not fit for there perpose...this will allow you to get a full refund, but convining them not to take the system for repair will be difficult.

Good look...

(you will find the advice the ED gave to me under the post called "Long repair times by acer"

  Forum Editor 22:14 17 Nov 2004

is that you leave SP2 alone - don't uninstall it. Presumably the machine ran perfectly well when it came out of the box - prior to your installation of your software?

That being the case, my first action would be to uninstall the Norton software. Don't worry about firewalls at this point - turn the Windows XP firewall on, you'll come to no harm as long as you have some decent (and stable) anti-virus software installed. I recommend that you download and install the free version of AVG from
click here

Leave Office 97 alone, and leave Media Player 10 as well. Why do you have Office 97 and Outlook 98 by the way? Remove Autoroute and also remove Winzip - Windows XP has file zipping built in.

The aim is to arrive at a stable state with tried and tested software applications, and if you can do that you'll know that your problems are being caused by one of the other applications. I assume that you have the latest drivers for any peripherals you've installed (printer, scanner etc?

See what happens - you can do everything I've suggested in an hour or so - and if there's still a problem we'll need to think again. The machine may need attention from Mesh, but at a guess I would say that the problems are software-related. If I'm wrong you'll only have lost a little time.

  westwit 22:22 17 Nov 2004

Thanks, FE - I'll give what you suggest a try. There is an anti virus installation prog on the PC (CA eTrust); perhapsI should install that and enable the windows firewall after uninstalling Norton. I haven't re-installed Office 97 and Outlook 98 this time around, so I'll leave them off for the moment; I want to install them in due course because I already have them and Office 2003 is expensive.

Is there a potential problem with Autoroute Express? I have been horrified by the amount of stuff that doesn't run properly on Windows XP SP2 - I've had to buy a new scanner for example, and there was nothing wrong with it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:52 17 Nov 2004

I have had to take Norton off 3 computers in the last 10 days. Use AVG, from click here, as your AV


  pipedream 23:02 17 Nov 2004

I'd stick with FE's advice & install AVG rather than eTrust (whatever that is) - I've used the previous version of AVG for a couple of years and has never caused me any problems (unlike Norton & McAfee)

  westwit 23:53 17 Nov 2004

Thanks Gandalf and Pipdream; I'll take up Norton's offer on the box of money back within 60 days if not happy. I have loaded AVG v.7.0, so we'll see how it goes. eTrust is a Computer Associates AV product that came in the drivers folder on the MESH. I have no idea if it's any good, but I haven't installed it.

  MESH Support 00:43 18 Nov 2004

There's been plenty of good advice already given that all I can advise is if you have further difficulty please contact us.

Rather than call our software support department you can contact me directly at [email protected] (for those who know the older address, this is an intentional change of address to contact me directly)

Please remember to include your serial/order number and screen name (westwit).


Mesh Computers

  joesoaps 00:56 18 Nov 2004

Mesh support - working late tonight Davey?

Can't say your'e not on the ball.

  Taran 02:40 18 Nov 2004

I rather admire the fact that any supplier is willing to have direct involvement with an interactive forum such as this.

I'm not a Mesh customer yet (currently giving serious thought to one of their notebooks though) but it's nice to see a proactive response from them.

Fingers crossed that a speedy and satisfactory resolution is reached.


  georgemac 08:13 18 Nov 2004

I have never liked it since it trashed my windows 98 system a few years ago. Things may have improved, but generally I stay away from software which embeds itself deeply in the OS.

I have been using avg for a couple of years, great.

Free firewall use sygate.

Also use spyware blaster, adaware, spybot and a squared - all free and excellent.

I also think Mesh are excellent. I had advised another friend to purchase there, but then our company rolled out the government home computing initiative, which allows you to lease a machine for 3 years with tax relief on the payments, and buy it for virtually nothing at the end of the 3 year period.

Our company chose Dell, so I had to advise him to go with this, although the real savings were nothing like it said in the advertising blurb.

Sorry Davey, advise your bosses to try and get involved in this scheme, you may shift a lot of pc's, Dell are going to in my company. Was almost tempted myself.

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