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  ArthurFowler 15:37 14 Jan 2003
  ArthurFowler 15:37 14 Jan 2003


As there seems to be a great deal of polarisation about Mesh on this forum, and the often put forward view that people only write in with their negative experiences, I thought I'd add my Mesh experience as it happens.

I've had a Mesh PC for nearly 5 years, and not had any trouble with it. I started looking round last year for a (long overdue) replacement. I read many contributions to this forum (in lurk mode - sorry) and formed my own views based on the experiences of others.

Like many others, I concluded that there is a great deal of luck involved based on lots of factors. Some PC components will fail whichever supplier assembles them, but we can help ourselves by choosing a supplier who uses quality components. There will always be employees who let their company down, but we can choose a supplier who at least gets some positive post-sale feedback.

So with this, my previous experience, PC reviews, the ability to supply the system I wanted, and price, I decided to ask Mesh to supply my new PC. Last Friday (10th Jan), I placed an order for a Matrix 2700+RD97 with an Audigy 2 soundcard and Inspire 6700 speakers. No complaints at all about the pre-sales service, response to emails for quotations received within hours. I was told that the machine would be despatched on Thursday 16th for delivery on 17th Jan.

Yes, I know about the general problem with the 6700 speakers, but it is not insurmountable.

I'll give you an update on Friday.....


  pug-boy 16:56 15 Jan 2003

I hope they have the problem cured with regards to the NForce2 Motherboard & Audigy 2 sound card.

When I worked for them, there wasn't a "fix" available & the systems would be sent out without the sound card.

Best to double check with them, if you ask me.

All-in-all, that system is absolutely superb. It is so fast, I don't know of anything that can touch it.

  ArthurFowler 13:55 16 Jan 2003

Hi pug-boy,

Could you tell me what the problem was, so that I can be specific when I ask Mesh about it?
Also, when the machine comes I can check that this problem does not occur.

Thanks very much

  ArthurFowler 09:22 17 Jan 2003

3 boxes arrived at 09:10 this morning (in line with Mesh’s predicted delivery date) in pristine condition via Amtrak. So far, so good!

I’ll post an update when I’ve checked that everything is present and correct.


  Rubroy 10:18 17 Jan 2003


Glad you were able to make a decision and hope all goes well. Lets make a few comparisons for fun? After months of agonising and short listing, I went down to the local depot of Evesham last week and talked for ages with a senior salesmas who went to extreme lengths to sort out my specific needs which included the abilty to edit camcorder footage on my machine and then (note this)reassemble and off load back to VCR or camcorder. I want to edit both digital and analogue tapes but cannot afford professional gear. I finished up ordering an Evesham Axis 2400+ wonder, ie AMD Athlon XP 2400+ with a 120GB Western Digital 7200rpm UMDA hard drive and 9mb buffer, 512 MB RAM Midi with USB, 17 inch LG Flatron L1710B TFT monitor, DVD-ROM drive 40-12-40 CD-RW IDE, 64MB DDR ATI Radeon 8500 All-in Wonder graphics with TV-out & DVI, Sound Blaster Dolby sound system, Creative inspire speakers (NB I have to use digital hearing aids to hear anything, so the sound sytem is not important to me, though it can be for others of course) XP OS 2Year OSM and 3rd year back to base warranty. Lifetime Nat rate Tech Suport.

I do a lot of photoediting as a hobby so need space for that too. I am not in the least interested in games, hence I settled for the XP2400 rather than the XP2700 which was on offer too.

My present system is also 5 this year!

The new system is promised for 22nd of the month (delayed at my request so I can work on the PC Room!)

Lets wait and see how Mesh and Matrix compare in service and systems shall we?

  Goldcroft 11:26 17 Jan 2003

Can only add that my Mesh arrived on time four months ago and to spec. telephone sales help was good. But try getting through to their tech help line! Makes a nonsense of their guarantee, which PCA praised.

  pug-boy 11:31 17 Jan 2003

The NForce2 motherboard had a software conflict with the new Audigy2 card. We were told that a "fix" would be available sometime in the new year, so I'm not sure if thats available yet, thats why I said it would be best to ask.

Unfortunately, our office was closed down before I heard of any updates.

You'll be chuffed with the system though.

  pug-boy 11:32 17 Jan 2003

ps. forgot to say, they wouldn't ship it if it wasn't configured correctly.

(I hope I haven't opened up a can of worms here)

  ArthurFowler 11:48 17 Jan 2003

Thanks for the information pug-boy. How would the conflict manifest itself? Would it be as obvious as the card not working at all, or is there a certain problem I need to look out for once I get it up and running?


  ArthurFowler 14:53 17 Jan 2003

A friend of mine who wanted good video editing capabilities also went for Evesham last year and has been very happy. Evesham were certainly on my short list (of 2!), but weren’t able to offer the audigy2/6700 combination yet, and were a bit more expensive for a similar machine to the Mesh. I might live to regret the sound set up given the problems that exist (as mentioned earlier in this thread), but I couldn’t resist it given the reviews.

Mine will be first and foremost a games machine, so I was keen to get the latest CPU, motherboard and video card in the hope that I won’t need to upgrade for a good while to come.


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