Mesh a Mish Mash in Customer Service.

  zigalow 18:05 04 Apr 2006

Before buying a pc from MESH try to contact the customer service line. If you can speak to a real person in 15 minutes you are doing well!

In Mid January I placed an order and found they had changed parts of the order. I cancelled the order. But promises were made that the order would be as requested, I foolishly believed it. Forget all the promises that it will be sorted out and we will get you what you ordered, false. Just await delivery don't try to stop it. I did but it still arrived at my door. No matter how many times you tell them you do not want their PC it will arrive, Not what I ordered but something. The delivery was not accepted and returned
When I finally did get thru on the phone and tried to get a refund I was told as the order had been dispatched and no monies could be refunded untill it had been returned. More promises were made but never kept. My emails are never answered. As of this date I have recieved no refund.
What is the latin for buyer beware?

  pj123 18:43 04 Apr 2006
  anskyber 21:16 04 Apr 2006

caveat emptor

  zigalow 19:07 05 Apr 2006

Latest developmnt. Recived a tp message. They had lost my paperwork but have found it and I will get my refund with in the next two days!!! I live in hope.

  ittech247 11:54 06 Apr 2006

Good luck with the refund, thats if you get it!
Being told you will get it & actually getting it are 2 different things with mesh, even with the kind help of davey. But if you have trouble post back here so we can all see what happens.

Good luck

  MESH Support 13:09 06 Apr 2006


zigalow - I would be happy to follow/chase this up, should you want me to.

ittech247 – I have noticed that you have been attracting much comment on your often outspoken postings on this and other forums of late.

I presume it due to the fact you have a problem with your MESH PC (otherwise what could be the reason), in which case, as I requested yesterday, please post your order number to [email protected] where we would be delighted to assist you where we can.

We have requested you do so many times before but as yet, you seem reluctant to do so. Can I ask why?

Would be most interested to hear your comments, preferably at the above email address, so we may resolve your problem. However should you want to articulate them on the PCA forum, I would be happy to hear from you and have a constructive dialogue on the basis that we can fix any outstanding issue?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:55 06 Apr 2006

Ball's in your court then.


  Stuartli 13:57 06 Apr 2006

>>We have requested you do so many times before but as yet, you seem reluctant to do so. Can I ask why?>>

Because what are apparently personal vendettas are more self satisfying in a number of cases?

  jakethecake 15:00 06 Apr 2006

Whilst I'm sure the vast majority of MESH customers are probably very satisfied with their purchase it still doesn’t excuse MESH from their woeful customer service when something does go wrong.
I have recently purchased my 3rd system from MESH. I had absolutely no problems with my second purchase but I did have issues with my first that didn’t get resolved until I involved PC Pro magazine. I am now experiencing difficulties again. My new system arrived when they said it would (though still 3 long weeks after I ordered & paid for it) and it failed to boot from the start. I received an lsass.exe error about passwords not being correct. I was lucky; I was only kept on hold 35 minutes before I actually spoke to someone about it. They had me run the system recovery disk supplied. Given that this process was going to take 30+ minutes they arranged to phone me back. In the meantime my system ‘recovered’ and was able to boot. However, none of my devices were installed nor the software I should have been supplied with. Once the time agreed for my call back had passed (considerably passed, 1 hour and 20 minutes later) I called again, another interminable wait on hold (at my expense of course, having taken the day off work to receive delivery) only to be informed that yes I was due a call back but the technician was on lunch and I would have to wait till they got back, she herself wouldn’t deal with me. 20 minutes later I get the call back and I explain that yes, the system now boots but my devices are not installed nor my software. He says that these will have to be sent to me by post and I’ll receive them in 48 hours. Quite why I wasn’t supplied with the original drivers in the first place for the devices I had paid for I don’t know but anyway, 2 days pass and I receive a package containing my motherboard driver CD, a copied CD of my Cyberlink studio and that was it. No letter of explanation nor apology and more importantly, no graphics drivers, no sound card drivers and no Works/Office software.
I try to phone but my workplace has a problem with me spending 30+ minutes on hold when I should be working so I try emails. I send 2 emails to [email protected] and receive no response. I try the online technical support but it takes almost 2 weeks before my order number is recognised by the registration system. Once registered I post a query on their 24/7 online helpdesk (so they claim) Again I have received no reply.
I have now just sent an email to the [email protected] address posted here and received an out-of-office reply so maybe I’ll finally get some joy next week.

  ittech247 17:18 06 Apr 2006

We have lost count on the amount of times we have been promised help by you at Mesh when contacting you by email or phone, the classic was being told by phone by Mr Patel to ring him later in the day and he would personally sought out the problem, however when we did try to contact him later we got promised he would call when he came off the phone, we rang 5 times in one day & got excuse after excuse why he could not come to the phone.

When we did get through some guy who said he was acting for Mr Patel he told us in no uncertain words that if we carried on complaining about the problems with our PC (I had a major software problems) that you Mesh would refuse to honour our warranty, so you wonder why we have not given you our order number!

It also took you nearly 4 months before you even acknowledged we had a problem in the first place, I’m more than happy to post these letters here for all to see how pathetic your response to the problem was.

The fact that you want to help now is very honourable but it seems very sad that we have to post this because we don’t trust you as a company and that we feel that even after a veiled threat the promises of help will not come to fruition.

What is sad though, our old pc was a mesh built well and lasted us 5 years that’s why we came back to you, may be we should have done my research on you before buying and not by looking at your companies house info after buying, we may have changed our minds.

You can if you want delete this thread, but by doing so would only prove our view of mesh to be correct. We are away until Monday but will email you at mesh with the issue raised here for you to look act on. Thank you.

  Totally-braindead 18:23 06 Apr 2006

ittech247 I'm sorry to hear you have so much bother. I will be looking back on this thread in the future to see how yourself and zigalow and jakethecake get on.

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