A friend 17:26 04 Jul 2003

We are a small non-profit making company who bought 3 PC’s, a laptop and A3 colour printer form MESH at the end of the last financial year (Mar. 03). Our order totalled some £5.6k. On placing the order and paying, we were told that the machines would be manufactured in three days and then delivered. Great we thought.

Delivery was attempted about a week later, but as we were not in, the PC’s were returned. Eventually the machines were delivered at the start of June. At last, we thought. Unfortunately only one PC worked properly, while two other PC’s were damaged in transit – the carcasses were actually bent! The laptop stopped working within a few days. Probably, also damaged in transit.

On numerous occasions we tried to talk to “MESS” customer services to get the matter resolved – we had NO response, despite being told that someone would call us back within a day (apparently a policy of theirs– though it was not followed with us – keep it “MESSey”). Finally we wrote to their Chief Executive, who eventually wrote back saying that the matter was passed over to the customer services manager (nothing proactive undertaken to quickly resolve the matter via their CE). Nothing proactive via “MESS” customer services either.

Is it not reasonable for us to expect to be able to use the PC’s that we had paid for? Yes! So WE proactively called them again. Note, that a call to their Customer Services can take up to half hour of waiting before being put through to Customer Services, so be warned – “MESS” customer services seems to be overworked, which says something, doesn't it? When finally we got to talk to a real person, we have to explain the problem from the beginning as no one we originally spoken to have made any notes of previous telephone conversations. We were advised by one of their customer services people, that they do not keep any records of things that have gone wrong – A good example of how to excel at customer services and make a readily resolvable problem into a BIG MESS.

Through our perseverance, “MESS” have said they will solve the problem soon. I had asked to speak to their Customer Services Manager, but am always advised that they are not at their desk. That’s how to solve “MESSey” problems. We are still waiting for them to call us.

We are left wondering how "MESS" continue to be seen as PC ACTIVE award winners – surely one of the measures of such awards is Customer Service? On a scale of 0 = very poor to 5 = very good, we would rate them as considerably less than 0. However they have been are very good at NOT sorting out the MESS with our order...!!!

On a more serious note, this amount of nonsense has adversely affected our ability to serve the community (our customers), which is something that we WANT to do. Our customers are inadvertently affected owing to a complete lack of customer focus through “MESS”, which has led to our effectiveness being compromised.

Our recommendation – WE WOULD NOT BUY from MESH if the MESS we are in were anything to go by..….STILL WAITING for a solution to this MESS!

  bfoc 17:40 04 Jul 2003

Am I correct that you have spent 5.6K and have got one fully working PC?

Mesh have an active presence here and I would hope they will respond quickly!

I would also hope that they give you some suitable, and generous, compensation so you can serve your community better in the future and that will make up somewhat for your 'effectiveness being compromised' by Mesh!

Hope it sorts out.

  Sir Radfordin 17:47 04 Jul 2003

Was it evident when you signed for the goods that they had been damaged? If so, you should have rejected them there and then.

Best thing to have done anyway may have been to reject the PCs and start again.

Apart from still doing that, or contact with Mesh not a lot you can do. Am surprised you've left it this long to get things sorted. Its at least 3 months (I estimate?) since you ordered the PCs.

Mesh are likely to post to this thread but doubt it'll be before Monday now.

  rickf 17:49 04 Jul 2003

bfoc is right. Returning working computers is not sufficient. I would press for compensation and a letter from a solicitor to this effect may help to expedite things. This is an appalling and intolerable situation. Good luck!

  GraemeD 17:51 04 Jul 2003

You may have read my previous messages concerning Mesh over the last few days ? This weekend I intend to find the time to post in full my problems over the last six weeks with Mesh ! They still have my £1250.......

  MESH Response 18:13 04 Jul 2003

In this particular case, there has obviously been a breakdown in communication.

Once the customer confirmed that his products had been damaged in transit, we should have responded to his requests much quicker.

Our service team has now discussed a solution with 'A. Friend' and we believe that the matter will be resolved swiftly.

If 'A.Friend' would like to discuss the specifics of the situation with our Technical Services Manager then we ask him to e-mail us directly using [email protected]

If any other MESH customer has a specific problem with their order, then we encourage them to contact us directly using the same address.

Kind regards,

MESH Response

  Sir Radfordin 18:17 04 Jul 2003

Isn't that good Mesh prove me wrong again!

A friend would you like to keep us updated as this gets resolved?

  Forum Editor 18:55 04 Jul 2003

that you'll now reach a fast and satisfactory conclusion to your problem.

For future reference - if a company's called Mesh why not refer to it as such? Substituting another name achieves nothing.

  bfoc 22:47 04 Jul 2003

And I mean that genuinely. At least Mesh have the decency to read and respond to posts here very quickly. I also hope they will try to isolate how this happened to attempt to ensure it is not repeated, as much for their sake as their customers.

If I, or my organisation, had paid 5.6K and been treated so badly I would be tempted to call them soemthing too, but maybe stronger. Yes it doesn't achieve anything except expressing a little of the terrible frustration.

Sir Radfordin, in all honesty unless the carrier waits for everything to be unpacked and checked (how many do that?) one is left having to 'accept' the items. 'A friend' has been trying to sort it out since June, when they were delivered, and has not 'left it this long'. Just accept, as Mesh appear to, that they made a major error and need to sort it out!

It is a credit to this forum that after all the time and effort expended, just one post here gets things moving. I'd love to hear how it gets sorted.

  Sir Radfordin 01:01 05 Jul 2003

I agree with you about the carrier, but I'd say any PC that has been damaged in transit to the extent that the chasis is bent you would be able to see from the box it came in it hadn't been looked after.

  Andybear 17:57 05 Jul 2003

Why is it that Mesh respond so promptly through this forum but not through their proper channels? Perhaps their 'presence' here ought to be in charge of their customer service.

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