Mesh mess

  User-3AD0469E-C869-457C-B66C28BFFBF54BBF 10:48 13 Feb 2004

Bought Mesh Matrix 64FX-51 5 Nov.Arrived 27 Nov
motherboard fault,send back 5 Dec,came back 19 Dec. 6 Jan came back from holiday,employed proffesional IT man started to set up 2nd PC, nothing worked, couldn't make network, cable, Nero, Adobe,Languege, etc. Managed to get working with no help from Mesh technical support. It sat next to a 2 years old NEC 1.1, 512MB, and same software, it was hard to see any difference in the performance which I explained to Mesh. Went back to Mesh 3 Feb, it's still there, they said nothing wrong? charging me £65+VAT. All I want is the machine that works
propely. Anyone recomend any help?

  MESH Support 11:33 13 Feb 2004

I have your details as you also emailed our meshresponse address ([email protected]). Thanks for that.

I will look into the current situation with your machine and get back to your via the email address provided.


Mesh Response

Davey from Mesh told me there is nothing wrong with my PC.My reply <If you guarantee there is nothing wrong, could you send it back on Thursday 19th Feb.I have tried phoning to arrange this, but of cause I couldn't get through for the last hour.You must appreciate I would not be bothered to send this back to you if I and others had not thought there was a mother board fault.As for my politeness in PC Adviser I was giving Mesh a opportunity to lender situation, obviously that might be my mistake.So we will see on Thursday. If this service you give to someone who buys top end PCs every 2 years or less god help those who buys cheapest.Please could you email back to confirm Thursday's delivery.

  Stuartli 17:28 16 Feb 2004

If you have employed a "prof(f)essional IT man" to (unsuccessfully) set up your system and then take 10 days after delivery to return it to Mesh, claiming a mobo fault, followed by Mesh stating there was nothing wrong with the system, it does give rise to some awkward questions for you.

  Forum Editor 17:35 16 Feb 2004

that you communicate with Mesh directly, via the email address that you have already used - not via a thread in the forum.

When you get your machine back see how things are, and if you still have problems come and tell us, but try to ease up on the "God help those...." type of comment - it doesn't really achieve anything does it?

With the uttermost respect, I think your statement that you could see no difference between your new Mesh and an old NEC 1.1. very significant.Could it be you are having second thoughts about your purchase and looking for a way to reject it.
There are industry standard tests that can compare the performance of both your machines; I suggest you try these rather than giving subjective opinions. If you are proved right then at least you will have some information to give Mesh, although I am pretty sure Mesh would do some bench marking of their own before saying there is nothing wrong with the computer.

  Stuartli 08:29 17 Feb 2004

You refer to one of the points to which I was alluding - the other, of course, is why exactly someone who: "buys a top end computer system every two years or less" needs the help of a "prof(f)essional IT specialist" (an IT specialist IS a professional) to set it up.

Mesh systems come ready to work out of the box - all that is required is to put everything together and transfer/install any new programs etc if necessary.

Yet HESOKCO then adds, presuming I'm reading his/her thread correctly, that he/she: "Managed to get working with no help from Mesh technical support."

As I said earlier, it poses some awkward questions to be answered.....

We employed a friend who teaches us how to make website & other jobs. To send PC back to Mesh you ring, then they post a lavel, you ring back
for collection. But you did say most important
thing <Mesh systems come ready to work out of the box >was't my case. It's was just nightmare.
One other point Mesh thechnical support is 9-5 Mon-Fri, we have a business to run.

I wasn't trying to get money back. What I wanted was the PC back working properly. But I wouldn't mind someone from Mesh saying sorry, thier bud service, and atitude, has really put me off buying computers.

  Stuartli 18:01 19 Feb 2004

I trust that when you "make" your future websites that your spelling, grammar and past, present and future tense standards prove seriously more accurate than your truly pathetic efforts above.

You left yourself wide open to being questioned as to your possible motives and I'm even less convinced now than I was before.

I am a Japanese. My husband is dyslexic. That why we bought most powerful PC which PC Advisor recomended. So he can use voice recognition.
Also if you laugh my English, do you speak or wright Japanese? At least in Japan we don't have any PC company like Mesh. Also it's obvious you work for Mesh.

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