Mesh Matrix FSB issue

  rickimalone 21:41 28 Apr 2004

My mesh matrix64 3000+fx has the following spec's:

AMD64 3000+ CPU


512MB DDR PC3200 400MHZ RAM



My possible problem is that using the PC WIZARD2004 tool when I minimize it so that you can see what FSB and CPU is running at my FSB never rises above 200mhz.

Im concerned about this as my Compaq Presarion Laptop with AMD XP 1500+ hits 330mhz FSB.

Could any software or hardware setting,installation be causing this?

Or do I have it all wrong some where???

  Pearly Gates 22:03 28 Apr 2004

Hello - I think it is calculated using the system bus times a multiplier, I am not up on this ,but I am sure sombody will explain better.

  HXP 23:40 28 Apr 2004


I have Mesh amd 3.2 and similar spec ram and HDD.

My m'board is an asus K8V and the online manual is very good.

Best thing would be to look in the bios set up and just note the settings initially.

I would then check the m'board manual or get the manual on line if you don't have a hard copy.

When I first looked at mine the processor clock/ multiplier settings were not what I expected but were correct.My old machine and motherboard didn't work in the same way as the CPU speed multiplier was 'locked' but you could change the fsb and the memory multiplier seperately.

Bit different on my new machine.

Just tread carefully before making any big changes and if you have same m'board as me mail me and I will pass on my settings to you if you want.However the manual is the place to start as at least you can check - hope that helps.


  MESH Support 09:38 29 Apr 2004

The physical speed of your FSB is 200mhz. With the DDR, Double Data Rate, technology it performs at 400mhz.

PC Wizard 2004 on the K8V reports the actual speed the bus is running at, not the actual power it is capable of. For this you would in theory just need to double the figure reported.


Mesh Support

  Maverick81 18:58 13 May 2004

Think about it though guys...there really isnt a FSB on a Athlon 64, there is no northbridge
the memory controller is onboard the processor die
so the figure is bound to be wrong...

  bremner 20:52 13 May 2004

I want to know how you got an AMD 1500+ to run at an FSB of 330Mhz when it's standard rating is 133Mhz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  rickimalone 22:31 13 May 2004

I went on what PC WIZARD 2004 was saying, it changes as the Athlon XP Mobile chip is under throttle so it speeds up the CPU and FSB as the system needs it...

Regarding the score it's only what the PC Wizard said so im not trying to lay cliam to being an overclocking wizard!!! ill check it againat work 2moz and post confirmation

  bremner 07:23 14 May 2004

I would therefore take what it says with a pinch of salt - there is no way that it could run at an FSB of 330Mhz.

Unclocked its maximum should be 133Mhz and even with a cooling system the size of a nuclear power station I don't think it could be clocked to 330Mhz. :))

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