Mesh Laptop Repair Nightmare

  thakkar 18:18 27 Sep 2006

I am in the midst of a rather nightmarish experience with Mesh customer service, & was heartened to find this forum.

My laptop was 3 weeks within warranty when I took it to Mesh House in person for repairs on Monday 11th September. (It was cheaper to take a train from Oxford than to send it by courier.) I'd been told that although it would be repaired by AJP, it needed to go to Mesh first for the paperwork to be sorted out.

On my arrival I was treated with an alarming lack of civility by an Asian man whose name I neglected to take. He took the laptop from me without a word & walked out of his office, so I followed him. He handed it to Yolanda, turned round, & stared at me. "What are you doing here?", he demanded. "I was just following you." "You're not allowed in here!" " I'm sorry, I didn't realize that - I'm not telepathic, you know." "I told you to go and sit down!" "Er, no you didn't." I returned to his office & sat down. "Don't sit on that chair, sit on this chair!" It was as if I'd stumbled into some kind of sit-com. Anyway, Yolanda took the piece of paper on which I'd written my details & said someone would be in touch within the next couple of weeks. (She didn't give me a receipt.)

A week later I phoned AJP to ask how the repair was going, & was told they still hadn’t received my laptop from Mesh. (Mesh House is under 5 minutes' walk from AJP's premises.) This was still the case when I phoned AJP again on Tuesday the 19th.

I phoned Mesh customer service that day & was told by Urvisha (whose name I'm afraid I can’t seem to get right) that the reason AJP hadn’t received my laptop was that the repair was being done in-house by Mesh. She said it needed a new motherboard, & they were waiting to receive the part(s).

Six days later (on the 25th) I phoned Mesh to see if there was any news. (Mesh hadn’t got in touch with me.) Ben said AJP were dealing with my laptop, & there was no question of it being done in-house. He also hinted cryptically that his notes mentioned "a problem with the delivery". (Leaves on the pavement?) The problem had been diagnosed as a memory fault - no longer a faulty motherboard! - and the plan was to replace the RAM for £150 plus £19 for delivery, excluding VAT. "Hang on", Ben said, "it looks like it's already been done." I gave him my credit card details & was promised delivery the next day.

The next day someone from Mesh customer service phoned to say there was a problem with my credit card (which is registered to a different address) so I gave my debit card details. I was a bit worried about this, in case anything went wrong, but I didn't seem to have much choice.

This morning, 27th September, my laptop arrived home. But guess what? It doesn't work. Every attempt to boot it ends in a Blue Screen of Death before XP has finished loading. The error message varies - Page Fault In Non-Paged Area, or IRQL Not Less Or Equal - but the end result is the same. It seems to me - this is mere speculation on my part - that my computer can't have been subjected to testing after the RAM was replaced (if indeed it was).

I phoned Mesh customer service and said I wanted a refund & a proper repair. This caused some confusion on the part of my interlocutor, who thought I wanted a free repair. I explained that I’d be delighted to pay up once my laptop had actually been repaired, & I was put on hold. After a couple of minutes I got an ominous long tone, then a series of crackly clicks. I listened to these for a while, thinking I might still be on hold, but then gave up & phoned back.

This time I asked to be put through to Urvisha. She said she'd speak to her laptop manager to ask about the refund & the repair, and would then call me back.

Well over 3 hours later, at 3.20pm, I gave up waiting for this call & phoned back again myself. Urvisha told me she was still waiting for her laptop manager - Ali Sherafati - to return to his desk. She said she’d phone me back when she'd found him.

It’s now 6pm, & I assume the customer service working day is over.

I’m in much the same position as I was 16 days ago - with a faulty laptop in need of repair - except that now (a) I'm 200 pounds the poorer, (b) my warranty expires in under a week, & (c) I've lost two weeks of badly-needed working time before an important deadline, all to no avail.

I’d very much appreciate a response from Mesh. Most of all, I’d love to have my laptop working again ASAP.

Mr Thakkar

  jimv7 18:28 27 Sep 2006

Why did you pay for the repair if the laptop was still in warranty?

  STREETWORK 18:52 27 Sep 2006

Can't understand paying for the laptop when its still under warranty? Even if the warrenty runs out the fault is a 'continueing one' and they still have to fix it. Hopefully Davey will see this thread and sort it out if not....

[email protected]

  Forum Editor 18:53 27 Sep 2006

as to why you parted with £200 if your machine was being repaired under warranty.

That aside, this story is disturbing for several reasons.

1. The treatment you received at the hands of the man you first saw was discourteous, to say the least.

2. You weren't given a receipt for your computer.

3. Mesh employees didn't seem to know who was actually repairing your machine, and gave you two quite contradictory versions of what was happening.

4. You were given two different versions of what was wrong - one person said it was a motherboard problem, another person said it was faulty RAM.

5. You seem to have been charged for the relacement of faulty hardware, when your machine was still under warranty.

I suggest you email [email protected] and tell him that you would apreciate some help. Give him your customer reference number, and include a link to this thread in your email.

  thakkar 00:54 28 Sep 2006

Hi guys,

Thanks for your responses. I should have said that my warranty is currently for labour only, so the 200 quid was for parts and delivery.

I'll email Davey as you suggest, & hope something good comes of it.


  MESH Support 11:15 28 Sep 2006

Hi thakkar,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the rather poor level of service you have experienced. The staff it seems you met at goods-in are not those normally experienced with greeting our customers and so this matter will be looked into to prevent such a re-occurance.

I haven't received any email from you as of yet but given the unique circumstances surrounding your notebook I think I have your details already. If you could drop me a line when able so i can confirm this it would be appreciated.

In order to address your current problem it is more than likely that we will need to have the notebook returned to us again. If you intend to drop this in again yourself I would appreciate it if you let me know when this is likely to be so I can ensure I am in the office and available to speak to you personally.


  MESH Support 11:17 28 Sep 2006

Hi thakkar,

Typically I have just returned to my inbox to see that your email arrived seconds after i clicked POST RESPONSE.

Allow me a short while to gather information and I shall respond with a plan of action.


  bjh 11:22 28 Sep 2006

I would have thought that if they are charging you for parts that they would have to give you a precise written account of what had been replaced. If they did do this, what have they said they replaced? £200 does sound expensive to me, even if both motherboard and memory were replaced. If the machine is still malfunctioning, it really doesn't sound as if it were tested before being despatched. That's pretty poor in itself!

Certainly, if the machine is still faulty, you should have your £200 refunded. If they've put the wrong parts in (and something else is faulty instead), that's not your fault.

I suspect that Davey of Mesh will attend to you. He seems generally pretty good at sorting things out. I, like many others, will watch this thread with expectation!

  bjh 11:24 28 Sep 2006

OOOh, Davey is on the scene already! My post was written before he'd submitted that! I suspect things will start to improve for you now, thakkar.

Best luck!

  bjh 12:05 28 Sep 2006

I've just popped back to this thread, and re-read the OP's post....

£200 for RAM? That is VERY expensive. I mean VERY VERY expensive.

  thakkar 12:15 28 Sep 2006

About the cost of the RAM: it was 176.25 inc. VAT for 2 x 512MB DDR. Roughly how much would you expect to pay for that, bjh?

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