Mesh Laptop Problems

  Bob funkle 02:29 24 Feb 2006

Hi, Wondering if any one could help, i bought a Mesh Ultima 15.1" PowerView
About a year ago now, after 3 or 4 months a crack appeared near one of the hinges. So my Dad (The laptop was his before he gave it me) went though all the rigmarole of phoning the tech support and what not, after awhile they finally agreed to take it back for repairs, So it came back, and was working fine, until about 2 months ago.

This is when the trouble started, The problem is that it wont Boot on Power on, the lights go green, Keyboard lights come on, and hard drive spins, at least I believe its the HD since that’s where the whirling noise its loudest, Eventually the laptop will boot, and works really well. when it started it would boot after Powering off then back on, but its just been spiraling downwards over the months and now it just wont, well it will but ill have to power on and off for a good few hours. i tried Emailing Tech support and they just haven’t answered (3 weeks Ago), my dad phoned them last week which ended up no where and was mostly about the crack reappearing(exactly same place/size)....

Just some Random Facts about the laptop/Problem (Ive seen these asked),
The monitor does not come on,
I have not added any hardware,
Some times, when its Booted and on windows, the LED's will go Wierd and change, light up things like caps lock and num lock (With out pressing them, so there not actuly on).
It takes longer to boot with out being plugged into the mains.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanx

  MESH Support 09:56 24 Feb 2006

If you email our Technical Support email address you now get an auto-response advising you that the address is no longer in use, and that there are alternative methods you can use to obtain support. It might be worth checking any form of spam filter you or your ISP might use to see if the reply is there.

Anyway, going back to the problem, if you email me your order number and screen name (Bob funkle) to [email protected] I can put in action the support you should have received from the original email.


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