MESH Lack of Support

  forexes 21:44 13 May 2004

Has there ever been a worse company for support than MESH? I was convinced by an article in PCA April 2004 that the Matrix 3200+Max was the machine for me. The invoice even states PCA-April-Power.
The machine gave problems from the start, a loud fan being the starter for 10. A 10 minute wait on the tech support line and I was led into the BIOS to the AMD "quiet and cool" function, which I had to enable. Made no difference and then I as told that all new machines have loud fans as they need a lot of cooling. Fair enough, but still grated on. Then the computer would not switch on, then sometimes it went on OK. Eventually came up with some strange error message, called Mesh again and had to go to factory settings, losing everything I had done in the last 2 weeks. Later on that day, the machine went off itself and stayed off. Called Mesh who told me they would send a service engineer whi would bring a fan and a power supply.
After one week of waiting, called Mesh and was told I should call their contracted service company(at premium rate) and ask what was happening. Eventually did after telling the rep that I had a contract with Mesh, not their service company, and was given a story that they would call back, they never did, I had to call again. Eventually they came after 2 weeks, the fan would not fit in the case, the power supply was u/s. So after 4 weeks, my new computer had not worked for 2 weeks. I then asked for a refund and was sent around the block. Today I received a refund label which tells me to pack up everything(preferably in the original packing).I also have to agree to a whole set of conditions regarding returning equipment to Mesh. As only one label arrived, and I needed 4(1 per box) I called again. I was then told that Mesh wanted to check out the goods to see if they were faulty before they consider a refund. I would have thought it rather obvious after a service engineer was baffled. So now I have boxed up the tower in it's original box ready to go back tomorrow.
I have spoken to Trading Standards, seem Mesh are pretty well known for after sales problems.
One thing sticks out in all this sorry mess.
Mesh have never once contacted me, by phone or email, so I guess they just don't care. Judging bby web sites I have visited in the last few days, seems a common thing with them. Any call made to ttheir Customer or Technical departments means at leat a 10 minute wait.

  rickimalone 22:48 13 May 2004

Sorry to here of your problems mate try:[email protected] I know these guy's have an active presence on this forum and would be more than happy to help resolve your issue.

I know that this is not a good situation for a new PC however give these guy's a try send them copy of post with Mesh serial number and Hopefully they can sort out your situation.

  spuds 22:58 13 May 2004

Use rickimalone link for a speedier response. Do not forget to give your invoice details etc including your PCA username.Mesh will then monitor this post.

  HXP 01:11 14 May 2004


Stick with it they are good machines and I say this even after all that happened to me below !

I had a similar experience with my Mesh machine - I wont bore you with all the deatials i will just list a summary.

Mesh 64 3.2 DVD writer usual other bits + 5950 ultra Graphics.

1. DVD did not work - lots of calls to tech support 10 ruined DVD's @ £20 eventually faulty DVD

2. machine would boot up sometimes and not others - got worse resukting in total motherboard failure due to a 'known' fault with the MSI motherboard - turns out that was probably also cause of all my DVD worries.

3. Sent machine back

4. delay's in getting new one ( 10 days )

5. It turns up and it's someone else's (old ... very old ) machine, mine lost somewhere. Mesh ask me where it is !!

6. New machine built, other persons collected, replacement plugged in and ... it's been working fine for 2 months.

When they do things wrong they really make a dogs dinner of it - when they do it right they can be very professional.

Give then another go and hopefully like me you will end up with a working machine - Ask to speak to Davey Whyte he was really helpful on the tech support side.


  ste_bla 01:27 14 May 2004

Did they give you the money for the dvd's??

  claudine 06:05 14 May 2004

forexes do get in touch with Davey, he has been so helpful. I am almost ready to tick the resolved tick on my thread - just one more little issue to get right.

During my problems with this computer I must have spoken to almost all of their technical support people and mostly they were very helpful.

Once Davey got involved I was always called back exactly when promised, and he always replies to emails.

I hope you take rickimalone's advice before giving up on them.

  fishyfingers 09:05 14 May 2004

I've not really had any major problems with mine but every time I've called their support line I've never had to wait more than a minute or two, 5 minutes at the very most. I've been called back around the time promised (i'm not gonna expect a call exactly at 12 etc).

I've even had reason to call their out of hours support and they were great.

Given the other stories I've read on this site recently I think you have been very unlucky.

Send the email that rick and others suggest, give it a little time and I'm sure Mesh will come through for you.

  MESH Support 09:14 14 May 2004

I am sorry to hear about your recent experience.

Please send me an email to [email protected] remembering to include your serial/order number and screen-name(forexes).

On receipt of your PC I can ensure that there are no further delays.

In addition I would like to review the support we have given as your experiences reflect what once was, and not what should be now. Your feedback will enable us to highlight areas that require attention and for that we are grateful.


Mesh Support

  Stuartli 09:18 14 May 2004

I would think that your experience is an unfortunate one in the context of thousands of people who buy and use Mesh systems and enjoy excellent support and service every year without any problems.

  Nick9000 09:19 14 May 2004

Worrying thread. I am awaiting my replacement PC. This too is Pc Advisor 'April Power PC'. Mesh have suitably addressed my concerns about getting the 'brand new' machine that I have requested and been promised. Getting nervous again....

  £$£$£$ 13:00 14 May 2004

nad i was thinking of buying either the mesh or the carrera the two pcs that came 1st and 2nd in the "budget computer tests" the last pcadvisor issue
looks like its going to be the carrera

although what are carrera like?.

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