Mesh - is just an apology good enough?

  grumpy-git 20:25 21 Oct 2004

Perhaps I am expecting too much?

Since July 14th this year I have had a Mesh64 3000FX which I had upgraded to a 3200 processor at the time of ordering, along with a pair of 200gb discs. It has proved to be a very unreliable machine.

Before 2 months were past it had suffered a major crash. To cut a long story short, it went back to Mesh for repair, but within days of me getting it back it was crashing again. An engineer came to replace the memory, which apparently was the original fault diagnosed by Mesh when they had it in for repair. Before he left, I tested it again, but the problem was still there.

I have tried everything Mesh suggested, new drivers, re-setting to factory specifications etc. but still there is a problem. Even running with the minimum of software installed it will freeze. Not only that, when it was returned to me, the 2 x 200gb drives were combined as a single 400gb drive - not as a "c" & "d" drive as originally supplied.

Last week Mesh said they would replace it, collection was arranged for Tuesday but nobody turned up for it. Now collection will supposedly be Friday, so that is another day wasted, waiting for a knock on the door.

I wrote to the general manager at Mesh last week, explaining the problems I have had & how much time I have wasted trying to get it to work, and suggested some compensation. My letter was passed to the Technical & Customer Services manager, who says I am not entitled to any. In the time I have had the pc, productive use has been "zero", I have never got as far as using it for e-mail, the internet (other than activating Windows & downloading Norton updates) or even installing all the software I use on a daily basis. The basic cost of the pc was around a grand, and looking through current price lists that same money would probably buy a similar Mesh machine with 3400 processor and 1gb of memory. The compensation I suggested was faster processor or extra memory - not hundreds of pounds!!

Since originally posting my problems in this Forum, Davey Whyte from Mesh got involved and initiated the problem solving procedure after all my attempts at getting support through the "normal" Mesh channels had failed. While progress was supposedly being made, I kept a low profile so as not to cause any further aggravation, but I think I have kept quiet long enough. It would have scored Mesh a few plus points if I had been able to say my pc had been promptly repaired & was working properly, and that as compensation for my wasted time on a useless pc they had upgraded it, but that hasn't been the case.

So is an apology sufficient, do you think??

Needless to say I am still using my old pc on a daily basis, and if Davey Whyte wishes to comment on any of the above on behalf of Mesh, then feel free Davey. Oh, and I wrote another letter of complaint to the GM today, to let him know the pc had not been collected, but I doubt if he cares - why should he? I have already paid my money, what else is he interested in - certainly not the reputation of Mesh!

From a "Grumpy-Git" whose patience has just about run out.

  t.long 21:50 21 Oct 2004

In all fairness most warranty terms and conditions state that the supplier will not be liable for loss of productivity, earnings et al from a 'broken' machine.

I think personly an apology is not good enough, at least not at this stage. However legaly I am not sure Mesh are required to give you anything.

It might be worth speaking with your Credit Card company if that is how you brought the PC. They can put far more pressure on Mesh than you. Plus they should be able to give you some advice on what to do. You could also try the Forum Ed, he - or is it she? - has I believe helped people out in the past.

  harps1h 22:43 21 Oct 2004

is most definately a he!

  grumpy-git 23:23 21 Oct 2004


Loss of productivity etc. is not a financial matter in the normal sense, as I am no longer working, but there are so many chores around the house & garden that have not been done because of that useless machine. My wife has now forced me to get a decorator in, and he is charging more than what I paid for the pc.

Throughout my working life I always believed in quality and fairness, and expect the same in return - but it looks like I'm hoping for too much in this case.

Already communicated with the Forum Ed but will consider speaking with the credit card company.

Thanks, G-G

  spuds 23:49 21 Oct 2004

Your legal rights click here How to complain click here

  grumpy-git 08:44 22 Oct 2004

Thanks spuds, I have seen those postings of yours elsewhere, and have looked into them before. It all gets rather complicated once you get into the "legal" world & I can well do without the aggro. My health problems mean I have to try & take a laid back approach to life. I have had legal dealings in the past and always end up with empty pockets, the solicitors are always smiling though

Most companies that fail big-time take it on the chin & try to make amends, Mesh obviously isn't one of those companies.


  spuds 12:06 22 Oct 2004

I fully understand your concerns. As time proceeds you like me do not want all the problem hassles of life, especially if ill health is a perhaps daily issue.

The thing that I cannot understand is the absence of a reply from Davey and company.I noticed in your previous post, you had one Mesh response. Usually there is a very prompt reply, but of late I have noticed the responses are rather slow. Perhaps holiday entitlements are to blame, or is it perhaps coming to the point that Mesh are getting a little to concerned with the feedbacks from the forums.Keep smiling ;o)

  grumpy-git 13:37 22 Oct 2004

Thanks Spuds,

The last e-mail I had from Davey was on 6th October. There is nothing further he can really say in the Forum on this issue, I have only stated the facts, but I am sure if there were any "untruths" they would have been pointed out.

He could apologise, but we have been there before, so no point. Of course he could say - "we have given your complaints further consideration and will be upgrading your machine to one of an equivalent value at todays prices to compensate for the lack of a fully working computer for the last 3 months".

Now that would make me less of a disgruntled customer, and might go some way to restoring the confidence of prospective buyers of a Mesh computer.

Other readers might think "it will never happen to me", before I bought a Mesh pc I was in that category, so think carefully.


  t.long 21:28 22 Oct 2004

I once ordered a PC that never arrived. I phoned and everytime was assured it was a minor issue, and that it would be despatched. It never was, I left phone messages and never got any reply, I was passed from person to person, none of whom answeared their phone. So I understand your frustration. In the end I went to my bank, and they refunded my CC whilst they investigated. I guess they got their money back because I never heard anything more about it.

Your situation is different, in that the computer did arrived. However from your description the PC is clearly not working, even Mesh have accepted this by agreeing to replace it. If Mesh had been prompt in replacing it, I think that the best thing you could do would be to try and move on.

But they have not, and having you sit around for two days waiting for them to collect it is unaceptable. I am sure you have better things to do than wait around all day for someone to come and get the PC.

Writing to Mesh does not seem to be helping. I understand that you want to avoid legal action - lawyers do seem to be the only ones who actaly win anything - but I think your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help. Also I would give the CC a ring, they will probably want you to put into writing the problem and include any correspondence between your self and Mesh. If they agree to deal with it, that is basicly the end for you.

I just hope Mesh sort this out. It one thing when somthing goes wrong. Personaly I prefer to judge a company not so much on what went wrong, but on how they deal with it. Mesh seems to - in this case - be an example of 'When it works great, but if it does not...' Best of luck with sorting this out.

  grumpy-git 00:04 23 Oct 2004

Hello again t.long,

It is some consolation to know other people have had problems, but obviously doesn't solve mine. I am still undecided what plan of action to take. Yesterday when I spoke to their customer services to arrange another attempt at collection, they quoted 8am to 6pm, whereas Tuesday had been 1200 to 6pm. I was angry and asked why not morning or afternoon, a whole day was too vague. I was then "promised" it would be collected in the morning, I asked if he was sure, and he said yes.

Before I was retired, part of my job was to deal with customers. Some had good reason to complain, others just seemed to like complaining and would shout and swear down the 'phone at me. Unfortunately I now seem to be lowering myself to their standards and find myself getting very angry with the Mesh employee at the end of the 'phone. I realise that person is not to blame, but you never get to speak to the people who earn the money & make the decisions - it is them that should be taking the flak. At least I apologise if I am nasty with anybody

This evening our friends have been admiring our new "coffee table" in the middle of the living room floor, well not really new, it has been there since Monday. It's not from MFI, it's from MESH and is cardboard box-shaped. Wonder how long it will be there?

Back to the plot, I think Mesh have now failed totally in their contract by missing 2 collection dates.

I see in another recent Forum message Mesh have failed to deliver a computer to a customer over the past week. Don't you reckon there's problems somewhere?

Here endeth the lecture - sorry I have dragged on.


  Migwell 00:27 23 Oct 2004


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