Mesh Issues - same ****, different day

  martin-753588 13:30 26 Feb 2009

I love Mesh Computers - really I do. They offer really good spec PC's, good prices, lots of options for customisation. But sadly it all just seems to fall over from there.

My first PC from Mesh in 2005 was a beaut - well actually it was ugly as sin, but a beast of a machine that's still running today super quick.~Some "issues" along the way with warranties, getting them to repair and the likes but as a machine was good. The next one - was a laptop that just didn't do what it said on the tin - and at just shy of £800, I sent it back.

Now I'm more than aware of Mesh's issues in the past but I kinda hoped they'd resolved them so I decided to spend £1300 on a gaming PC. The usual process of ordering was painless - just the wait of 10-14 working days.

Get to day 10 - thought I'd put in a progress call. Told the PC is in production, be with you by 14th day. 14th day - no email, so another progress call - this time no expected date for delivery - try next week. Next week - same progress call, still no closer- all parts are in stock - definate date of next thursday (today 26th). So today, progress call again - guess what - no expected delivery date - all parts in stock - no reason for delay is the answer given along with no expected date for completion.

So I've cancelled my order today. There's 1,000,001 forums out there with complaints about Mesh & I so wanted my case to be different but it just wasn't. When I look a bit further I can't help but point a finger at "the boys at the top" who mustn't give 2 hoots about customer service. Mesh' turnover has dropped by nearly 50% in the last 3 years and it's not hard to see why when you simple google mesh customer service.

So what's my point in all this? My point is PCA recommends Mesh (generally) in most of their pc charts but ignores customer service. Whilst c/s is largely subjective, basics like 0870 number for customer support or email only, expected delivery times and so on are easy to add to a review. Hell - maybe a page with the largest providers standard details and a forum on here where we the subscribers could vote ?

What say you?

  MAJ 15:06 26 Feb 2009

Lol, fat chance.

  HondaMan 15:33 26 Feb 2009

For some reason, Mesh nearly always score well in PCA tests, BUT PCA do not take into account customer service. There are firms ( Mesh and PC Option to name two such) out there, selling, what appear to be good machines, but they are sadly let down by poor customer relations.

I suppose these days, cash flow is the god and customer service, the devil as that doesn't produce any income.

  martin-753588 15:49 26 Feb 2009

"For some reason, Mesh nearly always score well in PCA tests"

lol - if I was being pedantic I would say Advertising column inches have no baring on PC reviews :)

"cash flow is the god and customer service, the devil"
Well - a drop in turnover of near 50% in 2 years should tell it's own story. As for cash flow that's real simple - they use my cash. They've had it since Feb 1st and will now take upto 30 days to refund so for 60 days they can use my cash as they wish - simple eh?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:22 26 Feb 2009

If you stopped and used your brains for a second you would realise that quantifying 'customer service' is virtually impossible. Any reviews are based on the quality of the item reviewed. If I was reviewing PC World I would give it 100% for customer service. If I was reviewing Tiscali Broadband, I would give it 100% for customer service. Reviews give an unbiased opinion of the item only which can easily be done and not of the customer service where you will only get the aggrieved replying and rarely those who have had good service.
A little self responsibility and Googling will benefit you greatly.



  Forum Editor 18:45 26 Feb 2009

by how little some people seem to know about how the commercial world works.

A good place to get a dose of reality would be GANDALF <|:-)>'s 17:22 post - read that and you're well on the way to an education on the subject.

We review products, not companies, and if we favoured a product because its manufacturer placed ads in our magazine we would pretty soon have no magazine. I've said it time and again, but still it seems to fall on deaf ears. Only a fool would run a favourable review of a duff computer because the maker was an advertiser. It takes no more than a couple of brain cells to realise that if we did that we would soon have companies falling over themselves to place ads, just so we would publish favourable reviews - it simply doesn't work that way.

I'm the first person to understand how infuriating it can be to be get the feeling that you are in limbo with customer service - I should know, because I've spent years reading thread after thread about it here. The fact is, no matter how much we sympathise there's no reliable way of rating suppliers' customer service operations objectively - people are far more likely to complain when there's a problem than they are to hand out praise when things go well.

Read ten bad reports about a company that sells a hundred machines a week, and then read a hundred bad reports about a business that sells a thousand a week - which of the two suppliers are you more likely to feel negative about? The fact that the percentage of complaints related to sales is the same in both cases is not what sticks in the memory, and that's one of the things stopping you if you try to make informed judgments. How can you really decide about a company's customer service until you've tried it for yourself?

It's one of the reasons I'm always so picky about those threads or posts that say 'Be warned, don't touch company X with a ten-foot pole, they sent me a computer with a red start button when the website clearly shows a green one'. It's not on to condemn a company out of hand, just because it let you down in some way. There may be a couple of thousand people who had a good experience with the same company, but we tend not to hear from them; they're just getting on with it.

  martin-753588 19:08 26 Feb 2009

Wow Gandalf - I'll try to use my brain in my reply but your superior intellect & knowledge may well supercede mine.

If you read my post you would see i acknowledge that customer service is largely subjective but things like dialing a premium rate number for customer service is standard, only email support is standard - there's numerous categories that are stock standard that could be easiliy diplayed. Your response rants about something, i'm just not sure what. Not sure how "Google & a little self responsibilty" would have helped either, but I'll think on these subjects.

Well thanks for a response I guess. In my 1 sentance reply I'm being largley pedantic and even state so re column inches but whether you like it or not - it will be some peoples opinions. I thought the purpose of this forum is about opinions surely & healthy discussion regarding this? Your entire response to the thread seems emotionally driven by a 1 line jovial reply. Neither you or Gandalf acknowledge the 50% drop in revenue @ Mesh as if they must be doing everything right.

This thread isn't about me getting peeved @ Mesh (well a little maybe), its about discussing the possibility of PCA helping it's readership in purchase decisions. You seem glad to help in several categories but reluctant to offer any change. I seem to have gotten a stock standard "don't cast aspersions at me" with a twinge of emotion in the response. If you won't help your subscribers in making these purchase decisions then how else can we decide other than to post in these forums - where we clearly get flamed for voicing an opinion.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 26 Feb 2009

You singularly seem to fail to understand that 'customer service' is largely subjective and unquantifiable. I thought that this had been made clear.


  Kaacee 20:04 26 Feb 2009

Wippa: I fully concur with your sentiments on this subject, not necessarily in relation to Mesh, because I have never dealt with them, but in general.

As for your comment "I thought the purpose of this forum is about opinions surely & healthy discussion regarding this?" only applies if the you toe the line and don't rock the boat.

Any criticism of PCA is not welcomed.

  martin-753588 20:16 26 Feb 2009


You appear to have missed the 2nd time I stated that "i acknowledge that customer service is largely subjective"

I don't want this thread to turn into a who can flame who the best thread.

I genuinely wanted/want a healthy discussion regarding customer service/support call it what you want - some are better than others.

What I don't understand (and maybe Gandalf can explain this to me) is why PCA is so reluctant so state in print what it's advertisers or non-advertisers offer in terms of support/cust service. Doesn't seem too complicated to me.

I've not read all the response to all the threads on the forum but the fact that someone has posted to say criticism of PCA is not welcomed, must mean someone belives it. You don't have to like it, but you do have to accept that it's an individuals opinion.

Sure flame them for saying so - you'll be adding weight to their argument with every key stroke.

Now - back to customer service - Anyone fancy being a mystery shopper? Surely that wouldn't be subjective?

Maybe PCA

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 26 Feb 2009

You are missing the point about customer is subjective, what I call good service you might call bad service. As I wrote before, if you ask me about the service of PCW and Tiscali, I would sing their praises from the rooftops but there are many that hate them. I have seen the morons who return a laptop to PCW, claiming that it 'stopped working' when they had clearly dropped a glass of Pepsi-max over it. They then proceed to shout the odds citing 'awful customer service'. Are you understanding the pattern of subjectiveness?

Reviewing a computer is largely objective as there are tests that can quantify the speed, power etc. there is a difference and trying to check the customer service of every review would be a logistical nightmare and event eh dullest of people could see that you would be onto a loser.

'Any criticism of PCA is not welcomed'..oh do behave and grow up a little. If you think that any of this is to do with not criticising PCA then I can only assume that your mother tongue is not English or your brain has lost some RAM.


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