noodle78 16:59 11 Jun 2007

My story is similar to many I feel.

My mesh pc arrived with a cable missing and a rattle from inside! It was a loose screw just rolling around in there. I told mesh and they said to just take it out.

They sent me a replacement cable. Turns out though that I was not needing the cable. They had let me buy it as an extra with my PC and my PC doesnt require it!

I have never been able to put my home videos onto disc. I specifically wanted this PC for that reason. Everytime I had spent hours editing, and then burning to disc i got an error message right at the end saying there was a problem.

Then the whole thing crashed and I couldnt get it working properly for months - even with Mesh's advice. I lost all my files but had luckily kept copies of most.

Eventually I ran a diognostic CD and it revealed a faulty hard drive.

Back to mesh for repair. Weeks passed. I gave the 20 working days and then called weekly. It was well over the estimated time when I got it back.

Its now playing me up again. AND i have still never been able to get a video onto disc!!!!
CDs are ok. Videos - forget it.

Any advice on what to do now? I really dont want to be back and forth to Mesh every few months.

  Probabilitydrive 17:21 11 Jun 2007

When it comes down to Mesh, there seems to be no easy answer.

I recommend spending some time looking through the threads relating to Mesh (type "Mesh" in the search window)

However, Davy [email protected] seem to be the person to get in touch in the first instance.

After Mesh having appeared on BBC's watchdog, I'm somewhat taken aback that you didn't get your problem looked at and resolved more quickly.

  MrNerdy 17:42 11 Jun 2007

As Probabilitydrive suggest's try to see if Davey can sort it out, or contact the Forum Editor who may be able to help you?

If you feel however that you really dont want to deal with Mesh they you could contact BBC Watchdog who may be interested in your view of the service you are getting from mesh at the moment click here Or you could try Trading Standards on-line click here

  MESH Support 10:50 12 Jun 2007

Hi noodle78,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your system again.

Given the turnaround time you quote was 20 days this puts your previous repair at around February/March (and not within the last month that Probabilitydrive assumes), and I would say unlikely related to the previous problem. I'd be interested to know why the video burning issue wasn't resolved though.

If you would like me to offer assistance I'd appreciate it if you would email me your Mesh Order Number and screen name (noodle78) to [email protected]


  noodle78 11:40 12 Jun 2007

Thank you Davey.

You are right it was March. I will email you with my details. I am happier doing this through yourself. I did speak to one of your call centre staff this week about another problem (freezing and had to take back to factory settings) and the man I spoke to clearly wasnt interested and so when I found that Video still wouldnt work I didnt want to call them again.

I will be in touch

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