Mesh - how are they doing?

  Southernboy 18:31 06 Jul 2004

I do not recall hearing too many tales of woe about Mesh recently? Have they finally conquered their problems and are operating well?

I have a 6 year-old Mesh that works perfectly and have never had a problem. I started thinking about a new PC some 12 months ago but, at the time, Mesh were coming in for some flak, so I put the purchase on hold.

They have some attractive models listed - has the time arrived to throw caution to the winds and make a purchase?

  georgemac 18:43 06 Jul 2004

go for it - I know a few mesh customers and none have had any problems whatsoever, in the majority of cases a quality piece of Kit, and for those unfortunate to have a problem a nice presence here on the forum.

  one23 19:48 06 Jul 2004

"Mesh - how are they doing?"

I can only talk from personal experience to say that I have had no serious problems with my Mesh and have only used the tech help on one occasion. The issue was resolved very quickly.

I would buy from them again.

  rickimalone 20:01 06 Jul 2004

I bought the matrix64 3000 fx 4 months ago and it's been fine, had to use tech support once and they resolved my issue within 24hours.

Have since recommended Mesh to friends and both are very happy with their machines, I would not think twicw about recommending them too you again and they have a great active presence on this forum and are always happy to help.

  Nayraa 20:09 06 Jul 2004

I bought a system from them about two months ago. System was delivered bang on time and worked straight out of the box. Since then i reccomended them to my brother. He had a minor issue with his system but was resolved within minutes of calling tech support.

I would reccomend them again and to you!

  Sir Radfordin 20:55 06 Jul 2004

If I were buying a computer tomorrow Mesh would be one of the companies I would be looking at. I've bought four PCs from them in the past and been very happy. They seem to have taken a pro-active view to support and I for one welcome that.

  O-NO 08:36 07 Jul 2004

Had a Mesh AMD 64 3400+ since March this year and it is an absolute joy to work with.......

Whenever I have had to contact Mesh support for advice, I have been greeted with nothing but a professional and friendly service.

  JAN-BOY 21:59 07 Jul 2004

I'm one of those happy Mesh customers and just coming up for my third trouble free year.

Yep! It will be a Mesh again next time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:38 07 Jul 2004

They have been going for years..that says it all.


  Southernboy 13:20 08 Jul 2004

Not one moan. That must say something.

Thank you all.

  piker1 21:38 11 Jul 2004

Had one since March 04, been back 3 times, should have gone to Dell, but there again hidsight is wonderfull!

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