Mesh great parts,but why poor customer service?

  Zero G 15:24 07 Jan 2007

My Parents Mesh PC is well built & has great parts in it, but in the 2 years they have had it, it has had 3 motherboards, 3 HDD, 3 Different amounts of RAM & 2 Graphics cards.

They have dealt with Davey who they found to be a man of his word & that is refreshing when dealing with some of his others colleagues at Mesh. But customer service is appalling you never seem to get the same person twice.

Nowadays if a problem occurs I fix the fault for my parents as it's easy than having to go through Mesh. And that’s the sad part, if only the customer service was better I would jump at the chance to buy from Mesh again (3 pc's so far from them) but customer service is now a joke, it really does have to improve for Mesh to regain a place as one of the best makers in the market & for me to buy from them again, at the moment it's not worth the hassle, it's as simple as that!

  spuds 15:53 07 Jan 2007

Your views are similar to many, not only in this forum, but others as well. A good well known product, that is being defeated by poor customer service (excluding Davey and Nick, who seem to be a strong backbone for/to the company).

  Forum Editor 15:55 07 Jan 2007

this business of computers that have all these replacement parts. In all the years I've been involved with computers (and that's a lot of years) I have never had a machine that even needed one motherboard replacement, let alone three.

Likewise hard drives, I've only ever had one drive fail, and that was because someone in the office knocked the case off the desk onto the floor.

Never had a graphics card fail.

Component failures aren't the fault of the supplier of course, and I'm not for a moment suggesting that these faulty parts were anything to do with the way the machine was used, so it must just be one of those incredible (and irritating) coincidences.

  Flak999 16:27 07 Jan 2007

I think that the answer maybe that the faults are not correctly diagnosed. So that when the onsite technician comes to investigate the fault he just starts replacing parts until the fault disappears!

After all with solid state electronic components how does one find out where the fault lies? A component would have to be tested using specialised equipment, onsite techs do not have this sort of equipment with them nor do they have the time to test individual components even if they could.

It is probably a lot cheaper and more cost effective to just keep changing components until the problem is solved.

I know this to be so in my case, when one of my dual SLI graphics cards failed the onsite tech turned up with a box full of parts and said that he would replace everything until the fault was cleared. he could have totally rebuilt my machine with all the spares that he was carrying!

  Zero G 16:32 07 Jan 2007

Sadly i think Mesh have grown bigger and with that comes a bigger % of the market, but not upped their customer support service to match the demand. And Yes Davey & Nick do a great job, But Mesh need to invest in the support offered to the customer.

I really wonder at times if Mesh take any of what is written on this & other forums on board and apply it to offer the customer that extra special service, because they used to.

  [email protected] 17:47 07 Jan 2007

totally agree, if you've seen my previous remarks on pc world svcs on this forum you may have read that i have a colleague who has used his pc 1 month out of 4, has had his motherboard, psu, hard drive and ram replaced before having someone who knew what they were doing looked at it and found the graphics card hard been forced into its slot too hard causing damage (he paid for this!
as well as being damn frustrating for my friend this must cost companies a fortune, replacing perfectly good components!

  freaky 20:51 07 Jan 2007

It's more cost effective to equip a technician with a comprehensive range of replacement parts as the hourly rate for a technician would be high in comparison to their costs.

Once the repair is satisfactorily completed, then the removed items would be returned to the PC supplier for testing. Any items found to be faulty would be returned to the supplier for credit.

  [email protected] 21:46 07 Jan 2007

i can see that makes sense, but my friends pc came back from the shop 3 times with the same fault still not rectified!

  namtas 21:57 07 Jan 2007

Flak999, I believe that what you describe is how some staff are trained to tackle problems, I have seen it so many times im my professional life. And of course when it is warranty it really does not worry me. However I also have seen the same method used out of warranty and that really does cause me concern. The other rant that I have with repairs is the haste method to get something working rather than trying to find out the cause. ie twiddle and alter everything that is adjustable, and then wonder why nothing works in the end.

  €dstowe 06:32 08 Jan 2007

I'm quite bemused by the statement "My Parents Mesh PC is well built & has great parts in it, but in the 2 years they have had it, it has had 3 motherboards, 3 HDD, 3 Different amounts of RAM & 2 Graphics cards."

If the computer is "well built & has great parts in it", how does that fit with the next part of the same sentence where it describes eleven major components being replaced? Not what I would call great parts or well built. Even if they were mistakenly replaced by engineers with a lack of real knowledge, replacement of anything in a computer would stop me from giving any praise at all for it.

  Zero G 09:35 08 Jan 2007

Sorry, should have made it more clear, i think Mesh put in good parts ie a well known make into their systems. Sadly for my parents it seems the quality control failed.

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