Mesh and Graphics cards

  Sfen 14:03 17 Jul 2005

I recently bought a Mesh pc via Mesh's website and upgraded to an ATI Radeon X800XT graphics card. After a few weeks (when it wouldn't do as I expected),I discovered the graphics card was, in fact, manufactured by ASUS incorporating the ATI Radeon X800XT chip.
Mesh order confirmation, delivery note and website (together with advertisements in PC Advisor) had all indicated that I was getting an ATI manufactured card and at no point was ASUS or another alternative manufacturer mentioned.
I have had several correspondences with Mesh-they maintain that I purchased a chip and therefore supplied me as ordered and deny any breach in their own terms and conditions, Sale of Goods Act or Trade Description Act. I have asked to be supplied with the original ATI card ordered or (because Mesh have informed me that the ASUS Radeon X800XT is the only card of that type they sell) to be supplied with an alternative card of equal or better specification to that originally ordered. They have refused.
My only course of action now is through the Small Claims Court-unless PC Advisor or any readers can help.
I notice from the PC Advisor Top 10 lists that Mesh pc's have ATI (or NVIDIA) manufactured graphics cards whereas the opposition are sometimes using MSI, Sapphire or Gigabyte.
Did the pc's you tested actually have ATI cards fitted?
Have any readers purchased any of the Top 10 listed Mesh pc's after the reviews, only to find that subsequent to the review, the ATI cards have been replaced by other manufacturer's products?

  johnnyrocker 17:39 17 Jul 2005

check lazza's posting and my response


  Rayuk 18:56 17 Jul 2005

Have you looked at the specs for the ATI built cards and the MSI cards,I think you will find there is no difference apart from the cooling[possibly].

Looking at their website they state Nvidia or ATI graphics not "Built by",the same is true of their magazine adverts.

  simonp1 19:08 17 Jul 2005

ATI provide the chip, but they dont sell the cards. It may sound a little confusing but im sure you have the correct card. Manufactures like Asus, MSI etc sell the cards with an ATI chip

  bremner 19:25 17 Jul 2005

As simonp says

ATI do not manufacture graphics cards - they manufacture the graphics CPU which are then built into cards by other companies such as Asus, Sapphire etc.

A simple look on their website click here and click here makes this clear.

I would avoid talk of Sale of Goods Act, Trades Description Act and Small Claims court unless you have your facts straight.

  Rayuk 19:35 17 Jul 2005

Just a small point ATI do manufacture cards,but they are more likely to be found in the Canadian and USA

  bremner 19:39 17 Jul 2005

Thats right as is clear from my second link - I was merely talking UK.

  Stuartli 22:23 17 Jul 2005

Both nVidia and Radeon chipsets are used by a wide choice of graphics card manufacturers - it's the additional features, software, prices etc that's the difference between the cards.

You may have noticed that if you have a card with an nVidia chipset, the drivers are normally downloaded from the nVidia website and are fully backwards compatible.

It's something on the same lines as a TV set or monitor - you'll probably weigh up different brands' models without realising that all will probably use the same specialist manufacturer's tube or screen products.

  Stuartli 22:26 17 Jul 2005

ATI cards are readily available in the UK under its own name - I recently returned one as its Catalyst drivers were a complete pain and gratefully reverted back to an nVidia based GeForceFX.

  Ancient Learner 13:05 18 Jul 2005

My Mesh of just over 12 months, has a RADEON 9800 PRO• Video RAM: 128 MB, card.

There is no mention of a maker in the spec. and I have to ask myself, does it really matter. Mine works fine,and does all it is supposed to do very well. If I find at some future time that it is in fact made by Asus, as is my Motherboard, I will be well pleased, because they have an excellent reputation.

As I understand it, the chip is from ATI even though the card is usually made by another firm.

  Stuartli 13:26 18 Jul 2005

>> As I understand it, the chip is from ATI >>

This is what has been pointed out several times (or nVidia as the case may be)..:-)

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