Mesh, good as the reports say?

  Roy* 13:20 12 Nov 2004

I'm looking into buying a new PC and considering Mesh as all report and reviews speak highly of them. Anybody had any problems or have an alternative I should consider? They said there's about 3 to 4 week lead time on orders is that normal?

  anchor 13:30 12 Nov 2004

Mesh make excellent machines. Do a search on these forums, and you will find that the main criticism has been with their support.

You could also consider Evesham; excellent machines, and very good support.

I cannot comment on lead times.

  spuds 14:09 12 Nov 2004

I am considering another PC purchase in the very near future and Mesh,Evesham or local computer builder are in the frame for a possible high consideration and order.My particular selection seems to bear a very similar machine type price tag of the three possible suppliers.

One of the main disadvantages is the return to base [at owners expense] warranties, plus the high cost of delivery. Another factor that I have considered is the help/support lines and costs this may occure, should assistance be required.

Evesham seem to have the least grumbles on this forum, but Davey and Co of Mesh seem to respond fairly quickly to posted complaints.Sorry that I cannot answer your question of specific choice or lead times, but thought that I would share some of the considerations perhaps worth noting.In my case so far, the local builder is perhaps at the top of the list, with face to face support and no £40+ delivery charges.

  Vague Boy 15:06 12 Nov 2004

I had a three week lead time on my MESH, I think that's about average for a large company like MESH (could be wrong though!).

Lovely machine, thankfully no need of support yet (touch wood).

Evesham seem to have the better support reputation (they keep winning awards for it) although you will still find complaints about their support on these forums (seems to be par for the course with the big guys).

  Jdoki 15:56 12 Nov 2004

You might want to try Scan. You can spec your own or choose from pre-built, but the website is a little confusing. I have not used them, but people I know have had good experience.

They picked up a 'Retailer of the Year' award from Custom PC recently, as voted by the readers.

3 to 4 week lead times are common.

Personally I have had poor experiences with both MESH and Carrera in the last few months. I would certainly not use MESH again. This forum is full of reports of problems with that company, regardless of the fact that they have a representative who monitors these boards for customers with problems.

  Jdoki 15:57 12 Nov 2004

Link to Scan is click here if interested.

  Sans le Sou 10:37 13 Nov 2004

Hello - If you catch Mesh at the right time, i.e. when they have all the parts they say they have to build your rig and their resident saboteur does not build it, then you will have a very nice machine. However if you catch Mesh at the wrong time, then you will have an expensive doorstop.

  Forum Editor 11:35 13 Nov 2004

and you'll be fine.

Never mind about catching Mesh at the right time - that's not very helpful, and nobody should make judgments about any company on the basis of that kind of remark.

You'll see people referring to lots of reports of problems, but of course that's pretty meaningless as well. To be able to make an objective judgment you would need to know how many computers company A sold in comparison to company B.

Suppose company A sells 4000 computers a month, and we see 200 complaints about them in a month. Company B might only sell 1000 machines a month, and we may see 100 complaints about them.

If you use some people's logic you would never buy from Company A - they get twice as many complaints as company B. What you don't know of course, is the percentage of complaints compared to total sales, and that's the important figure. If you knew the total sales figures you would buy from company A because their complaints run at 5% of total sales, whereas company B has a 10% complaint figure - double that of company A.

For that reason I advise you to ignore posts that tell you the forum is "full of reports" about any particular company - the people who write those remarks aren't in possession of enough information to make anything more than a personal judgment, which at the ned of th day is precisely what you need to do.

Read the personal experience threads - those that are posted by people who have purchased a machine from Mesh - and read reviews, then make your choice. The statistics are heavily in your favour - the vast majority of computers work perfectly, straight out of the box, and continue to do so for a long time.

  Taran 11:45 13 Nov 2004

I very much doubt that any company in the business of building and supplying computers has a "resident saboteur". If they did the problem would be pretty obvious and easily sorted out.

All computer manufacturers track their system builds and some pay a bonus scheme based on failure rates at quality assurance and quality control testing points, as well as at point of delivery to the customer and by using post delivery failure statistics.

Providing support is costly to all IT businesses and, believe me or not as you choose, if support could be removed from the mix by eliminating product failures completely, system builders would be jumping through the proverbial hoops.

No manufacturer likes to see dissatisfied customers or pay support engineers and all systems are subject to component failures - we can just be thankful that the quality control built into component manufacturing helps to reduce failures to such a comparatively low percentage.

  moorwalker 15:59 13 Nov 2004

I cannot praise Mesh enough. My hard disk failed within the warranty period and they came out and fitted e new one within a few days. Apart from that the machine has been excellent

  flodbod 16:40 13 Nov 2004

being useless on a pc when my software became troublesome(my own doing)i emailed mesh and the support was great. the pc is a year old now and running like a dream please consider mesh

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