Mesh Elite Quad 6600 price

  MIKE. 12:16 14 Oct 2007

I have been looking at the Mesh Elite Quad 6600 CA om the mesh site £699.00. Now my question is not what Mesh are offering which looks a general good spec. The question is how can they offer their machines at such a low price when Dell & Evesham are more expensive.

  spuds 13:24 14 Oct 2007

The answer is possibly very simple. Different manufacturers build to component and supply logistics. Whatever it costs them, plus a mark-up for profit, and what they think the customer will pay.

Don't forget that while the computer might look the same, some slight differences at the end of sale might result in price change ie warranty, delivery, 'free' bundled software etc.

  MIKE. 13:42 14 Oct 2007

Thanks spuds does that mean their profit margins are lower also are the components of a lower qualaty.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:48 14 Oct 2007

click here has a similar system with 4Gb of RAM. The components will be of good quality but if you look really carefully you will find most ssytems are around the same price.I think that you will find the difference betwen quad and duo core somewhat subjective.

  MIKE. 13:55 14 Oct 2007

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> I will do some more research. I have in the past recomended Dell machines for friends etc, so to buy from other companies throws me.

  spuds 14:17 14 Oct 2007

It doesn't necessarily mean the components are lower quality, especially if they are known make components. But people like Dell have their own built to order specification components in some of their products, so upgrading (future and now) as to be taken into consideration. Dell also do not make printers and similar items, the printers are re-badged Dell from the likes of Lexmark.

Remember that what you are thinking of buying now, two months or more down the line, you may get better for cheaper ;o)

  MIKE. 14:19 14 Oct 2007

Thanks everyone for your help and advice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:20 14 Oct 2007

I have never had a problem upgrading or changing any item in a Dell.


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