Mesh Elite prestige - a good deal?

  astral traveller 10:39 30 Mar 2007

Mesh are currently offering the Elite Prestige with a "free" upgrade to a 22" monitor for £799: click here
This basically looks like the PC that is rated 4th in the £750 bracket of PC Advisor May edition, with the addition of a bigger hard drive, 2GB Ram instead of just 1GB and the monitor upgrade - for an extra £50 this looks good value - is there anything better around at this price? Also does anyone know if the Mesh monitors are any good?
Since considering buying from Mesh I have noticed a lot of negative feedback on this forum - has anyone had any positive experiences? Thanks.

  lovingit 11:44 30 Mar 2007

It's my 3rd Mesh machine and I can only comment on my experiences and say I have never had any problems. Value for money is as good as it gets and the awards in all the PC mags can't be wrong! Monotor is more than adequate for me (although I admit to not be a serious gamer so not sure on that side) Sounds like a well spec'd PC for the money.

  spuds 12:38 30 Mar 2007

Like most volume manufacturer's, there are bound to be good and bad purchase experiences. Mesh went through a very bad period recently with complaints from this and other forums, but things seemed to have quietened down lately.

If you have any problems or concerns,before or after possible purchase, then contact [email protected] or the forum editor.

  astral traveller 13:08 30 Mar 2007

can anyone comment on this particular PC - is there anything better around for the money?

  Hackwatch 14:15 30 Mar 2007

I own a mesh pc and it took 8 months to get it to work properly.
I have heard every excuse in the book from mesh whilst we waited to get it repaired.
Since then it has worked well, but the experience of dealing with mesh customer service has put me off dealing with Mesh again!
Which is a pity because even now over 2 years on the pc works well & does the job i bought it for.

  donki 16:07 30 Mar 2007

What is the PC for? It looks a well speced machine capable of running all programs and applications. If your looking to do serious gaming u will have to upgrade the GFX card, but thats no big deal to sort once u have saved the cash.

I too have a MESH and luv it, never had any problems with it. I have the 21" widescreen version of it and again good solid monitor.

  n4165si 16:21 30 Mar 2007

iv'e had two high spec Mesh to date ,i am using one now ,i cannot fault their equipment, its their after sales service that needs looking at. also bear in mind that they will not look at any problems to do with software,if you can live with that.

  astral traveller 16:27 30 Mar 2007

Not gaming specifically although I do play the odd "older" game but nothing that needs the latest graphics card. Generally, will be using Adobe photoshop, internet, and probably video editing in the near future.

  zincy 19:13 30 Mar 2007

thats a very good deal...
i am very tempted into purchasing it

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