Mesh - Do i buy from them again?

  galeforce8 14:33 18 Jun 2008

I'm on my 2nd Mesh PC.
My last one took 6 months before it worked properly, but since then it's been a dream owning a Mesh PC.
But do i really want to risk the same thing again by having a problem pc from Mesh!

Have Mesh sorted out their problems with customer service & support.
Or is it still a lottery if you get a working pc.
Come on Mesh do i really buy a 3rd pc from you?

  Marko797 15:00 18 Jun 2008

for about 5 years, and as they say, "never missed a beat". I think I would buy from them again, although some on here have voiced concerns on support.

I think buying anything from anywhere is a lottery, particularly on PCs, and can't see much point getting in a lather about it. At the end of the day, do your research and maybe short list 3 possibles. I think you know who u maybe *shouldn't* consider, however?

Then move on to eliminating 2 of them; pros/cons, reputation, comments on PCA, etc. Sorry, not intended to be patronising :)

Price will undoubtedly come into it, but this shouldn't be the sole influencing factor.

Once ur happy, then go for it.

  gazzaho 16:09 18 Jun 2008

A friend bought one recently and couldn't connect to the Internet, apparently drivers were missing for the on board LAN, he decided to phone the support line and on doing so he was connected to a support center presumably in India as he said he couldn't understand the person he was speaking to. In the end he phoned Mesh themselves and they arranged for a engineer to pay a visit and after a week or so he got it sorted.

The thing is should he have gone through this in the first place? Surely if the machines were tested properly before leaving the factory this and other errors would be detected. I was going to buy a Mesh until I read the damning posts on this forum and others. As they say you pay your money and take your chance lol.

  ronalddonald 07:39 19 Jun 2008

Ive read to many roblems on the forums about mesh. The sound great machines but a little voice inside of me has always told me to saty clear of them call it instinct.

  FatboySlim71 08:54 19 Jun 2008

I bought from Mesh once but I experienced very poor customer service, I too had the little voice telling me to stay clear of them, which I did when I bought my last PC a few months ago, I went to Cougar Extreme and I cannot recommend them enough, excellent build quality, excellent customer service. There are loads of parts to choose from and the level of choice and customization was fantastic, what more could you ask for.

I have no doubt that a lot of people have bought from Mesh and have been very pleased with them, but I am not one of these.

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  day2strike 12:46 19 Jun 2008

I bought from Mesh 3 years ago and it took 4 months to get the pc to work properly & this only after the threat of legal action against Mesh.

Mesh were once a mighty force within the home pc market, But due to failing customer support & service i would now go elsewhere when buying a new pc.

However once the problems were soughted out the pc has worked fine, it's just we dont want a repeat of last time!

  sam-the-man 15:47 23 Jun 2008

I was thinking of starting a new thread but instead I'll reply to this one instead and get your input.

I have to say that I'm sorry I ever bought a PC from MESH. It has been a nightmare and I mean that. It is now in the process of being returned to be repaired less than two months after it was delivered. Our problems started when it was switched on and began its installation set up, it crashed and went pear shaped, TS were no help, in fact after I'd done what they suggested it wouldn't even boot up. I contacted them again and after 2 hours it did work however if you take 30 minutes for it to actually get to the Windows desktop working. It seems there is a problem in the hardware configuration, there are 2 graphics cards, an onboard which doesn't have any ability to be disabled in the BIOS and a PCI Express nVidia dedicated board. This piece of junk has cost nearly £600, it can't be used because its so slow and there is no way to return it to the factory settings because there is no way to get at the hidden partition on the hard drive.

Oh why didn't I lisen to my mate and buy a DELL ! ! ! !

  john bunyan 16:39 23 Jun 2008

I bought two successive PC's on grounds of good sevice - a Dan in 1994 - went well for 10 years- and an Evesham in 2006 - going well. However maybe because the companies were not "lean and mean" they went belly up. Maybe it is worth buying a Mesh - good specs at a good price - and putting the savings away to use at a local repair shop if things go wrong!

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