Mesh Delivery Changes

  ZhGAndyN 18:56 12 Jun 2006

After looking around for a reasonably high spec machine to become my main games machine, I plumped for a Meshx-treme2 sli gtx with a few select upgrades.
Ordered on the 27th May 06 on the phone and was given an estimated date of despatch of 12th June 06.
So far so good, was happy with the delivery date no problem.

So cometh the hour cometh the phonecall from Mesh

"I'm sorry sir but your machine won't be despatched for at least another 5 working days!"

When I enquired I was informed that there was a problem with the case and power supply. I kinda got the impression from the way I was told that this was rubbish but hey-ho. When I pressed to try and find out what the problem was with the case and psu I was told it was due to Mesh introducing a new wave case and this was causing problems.

Slightly worrying as I have ordered quite a high-ish spec pc and now they are only just getting case and psu sorted out. Seems very odd to me and just a line because they can't deliver my pc. I wonder how many of their pcs delivered have had a wavey new case, surely mine can't be the first.

I am now sat here very disgruntled by this last minute call with, what seems to me, a very dubious excuse.

So what gives here ?

Do Mesh have case/ psu problems or have I just joined the list of delayed recipients of a Mesh pc.

Yours, considering cancelling the whole order.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:01 12 Jun 2006

'estimated date of dispatch of 12th'...the word 'estimated' is quite important here. You have waited since the 27th of May, so a few more days should be no hardship for a high spec computer. You patience will be rewarded with a very good spec computer. If you cancel you will have to order elsewhere with a delivery time that will probably exceed the one you now have. (remember it was only an estimate).


  ZhGAndyN 19:05 12 Jun 2006

Granted Gandalf but if I am fobbed off by what I consider at the moment to be a poor/ invalid excuse then what hope do I have of getting warranty service.

I would much rather that Mesh would have said that they had a full order book and delivery had slipped or been totally honest with me as to the delay.

I have no problem with the estimated delivery and later confirmation of an actual delivery but as a customer do I really want to deal with a company that can't tell me the truth when a delivery date slips.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:14 12 Jun 2006

How do you know that they are not telling the truth?


  ZhGAndyN 19:21 12 Jun 2006

Provocative question;-)

As I said in my original post from the way I was told, with no detail or information on any incompatibility or problem just that there was a "case/psu problem".

DO you know something I don't ? ;-)

  ZhGAndyN 19:35 12 Jun 2006

I guess as well that in advertising a pc with SLi graphics and a hungry chip that the case and psu would have been specified to suit.

To have the aforementioned problems when these systems have been advertised on Mesh website for a good number of weeks somehow doesn't add up for me !

So, is there a case + psu problem Mesh or is it a stalling tactic. I'd love to know.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:38 12 Jun 2006

I'm sure someone from Mesh will reply to this thread fairly rapidly.


  ZhGAndyN 19:41 12 Jun 2006

That would be good.

See I have myself worrying now as I ordered a Creative X-Fi FPS sound card which is no longer listed on their upgrade option list.

The cynic in me wonders if there is a problem there waiting to happen :/

  Totally-braindead 19:45 12 Jun 2006

So would I. I have to point out though that Gandalf has made a perfectly valid couple of points, it is an estimated delivery date and how do you know that the excuse they gave is not the correct one.
I appreciate what you have said about surely yours cannot be the first one but perhaps they have changed the make of power supply or something like that and that is the reason they are having the problem.
If they were having problems sourcing a particular item or awaiting stock it would be reasonable to say this to you rather than make something up. I can see no reason to lie which is what you seem to be assumming.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 12 Jun 2006

If it is any consolation, Davey from Mesh, usually replies here within 24hrs or usually a lot less.


  ZhGAndyN 19:55 12 Jun 2006

Thank you Gandalf.

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