Damesy 22:01 04 Feb 2005

Just purchased a Mesh Computer...

Initially had problems with delivery.... sent an e-mail to vent my frustration and I am still awaiting a response from Mesh, Davey at Mesh knows all about it.

Had a problem since the set up of the system ! It keeps freezing up ! At totally random times !

E-mailed Mesh technical support on Monday.... Still no response ! Telephoned them prior to e-mailing them, but after a 15 minute hold I gave up on the phone due to my mounting phone bill !

Within the terms of agreement Mesh have a duty to collect the system from me and sort out it's problem... I am a fair man though ! If they respond perhaps we can sort out the thing freezing up...

When I say freezing up I mean that keys, mouse, cntrl Alt Del all have no effect ! The only thing I can do is hold in the power button to kill it. I no doubt have rather alot of scattered data !!

A good system ? I truly believe it is... But I need some help... MESH ??

yours frustrated and relieved that it didn't freeze up writing this !

  Dave R 22:15 04 Feb 2005

Sorry to hear about your Problem with your Mesh Computer. I have been lucky and bought three Mesh systems and all three have performed without fault from new.
Davey should be able to sort out your problems for you. From previous postings it is apparant that he is doing his best but is possibly let down badly by the Mesh Management.
Keep us posted on your problem.

  Damesy 11:08 08 Feb 2005

I rang Mesh again yesterday... After finally getting a response from the help desk by e-mail five days after notifying them.

Changed a few settings but the system still froze up.

Their customer services told me that it was a technical issue and to call them.

I did and after a fifteen minute hold I got through, leaving a message with someone for them to call me back.

They did indeed call me as promised a couple of hours later.

The gent in technical services has confirmed that there is some kind of hardware fault, they have agreed that the system will be replaced with a new system.

I am now waiting to receive an address label for return.

Although we are told by many sources that relatively few systems do actually have faults, it is immensley frustrating when you actually buy one !!! And when you cannot seem to get through it adds to the issue !

I think the system Mesh have supplied is great value for money, I have no real issues with the way Mesh have dealt with my issues once I have actually spoken to someone. Providing the replacement system arrives promptly and is working I may even recommend Mesh to other people.

I am however still awaiting an initial delivery complaint, although this seems to be the couriers fault and not Mesh directly. Davey at Mesh or a colleague should be responding to this complaint.

yours hopeful !!

  puma22 21:41 10 Feb 2005

Dont belive it!! I got a PC delivered mid Nov. It has crashed or something ever since, like yours ramdomly. I have had a new graphics card X 2, a new motherboard and nothing has made a diferrence. 2 days off work and a £20+ phone bill to tier 'helpline'. I have given up and asked for my money back. They have now gone quite and I think that I will end up at the small claims court!
Wish you better luck!

  grumpy-git 11:08 12 Feb 2005

I try & avoid getting into discussions about Mesh, as I have been there, bought the t-shirt & had the refund (all well documented in this forum)
I was promised a replacement system, but the collection of the old sytem went belly up several times, so I suggested they collect the old sytem at the same time they deliver the replacement. Guess what? I was told they rebuild the old sytem, so the replacement isn't quite what you think it might be!
Anyway, since spending the refund on an Advent pc, the past is best forgotten.
It probably is true to say that the majority of pc's work perfectly first time, but it is no joke to the unfortunates who get the "duff" one.

Perhaps a magazine article on "customer service" would make interesting reading, certainly a change from reading reviews of new pc's, which have no doubt been "thoroughly tested" before being submitted.

Hope your problems are resolved in whatever way you want!!


  961 11:13 12 Feb 2005

Reject it. Send it back. Get a refund

  Damesy 20:27 18 Feb 2005

Well it seems an age since I first started this discussion.

Mesh arranged courier collection last Friday, yes a week today.

Guess what ?! I still have no computer... I was notified when receiving the returms label via a letter that 'a replacement system may take between 2-5 working days' to be delivered once they have received the old system.

It was confirmed, by myself ringing that they received the system on Monday... To me that means that I should have received a new system at the latest today !

I was told on Wednesday, again after me ringing to chase, that the computer could be dispatched that afternoon... Exactly the same process after ringing today Friday 18th February.

This system was ordered Mid January... I waited as notified 2 weeks and 3 days to receive the system.... quite a long wait in itself...

To have all these problems well....need I say more..

Typed this on a friends PC...

Out of principal I ordered a system in good faith as we all do... I insist that I receive a new system very soon...

I will NOT go away !

  ray27 14:50 19 Feb 2005

I have also been through the Mesh Mire (2 machines and unacountable visits and returns) the last engineer they sent said that he would stay with me until it was fixed , even he had to admit defeat and swallow his pride , but to give them credit I did get a full refund in the end( small claims threat and CAB helped ), you just have to keep at them.
The end of this story is I took my money and got another system , who from you ask? would you believe Carrera SSC, Some time you feel you just cant win

  Damesy 21:16 20 Feb 2005

Well, lets see what this week brings...

Hopefully a functioning PC...!!!!

I'll keep things updated..

  JNOLAND 11:38 21 Feb 2005

Please excuse me Dear Damesy,
You will probably get some kind of results on a working PC. What is becoming clear to me are ongoing repair and warrantee problems that so many are having. There are many on different chat and forums that express this. Yes, so do work without problems and costumers are happy. Those that are not so lucky, suffer greatly.
Davey and the Tech. Support work slowly with repairs. If you want to return it with money back, those at Mesh ignore and what response is given has unending letdowns.
What money they are able to keep in their accounts of customers that have bogus products remains my question.
Best wishes to you.

J. Noland

  MESH Support 12:33 21 Feb 2005

As I advised in an email earlier this morning, your system was shipped on Friday for delivery today.


Mesh Support

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