MESH customer gets fed up and lets off steam !

  ChippyChippyPomPom 00:38 19 Mar 2004

Rigga hi just thought I'd relay my own story about MESH which has been less good than your own. I bought a v. similar machine to your own - less memory and only one HD but still a 3200 A64. I have used the machine on three separate occassions since I received it in mid Feb - the rest of the time it has either been in transit to or returning from MESH repair - no that's not strictly true a lot of the time it was under the desk waiting for someone to answer the phone to log my complaint because the log in procedures do not work - neither the serial number and MS code method or the serial number and post code method - this is really annoying because anytime you send unsolicited email to MESH services witout this cover it gets lost in a big electronic hole - I was told I'd been manually placed in the system but I have yet to receive an email telling me what my log in is etc.- the guy who promised me an email with all the details (Ken) never delivered on his promise.
Davey has dealt with me a couple of times but he has now either deserted me in frustration or is so snowed under with customers that he has not responded - I gather he has been ill - but it does tell you something when the whole service complaints department is seeming to hang on just Davey.
My machine has not worked properly once in the three times I have had the privilege of using it - this is very annoying as I was looking forward to a good experience with MESH - I had heard good things about them and was feeling quite smug about knowing about a company who could give you valu for money and a quality product.
The machine has returned from repair with a report stating that everything is now well - but if they had taken the time to read the report that I left on the opening side of the tower they would have seen that as well as not detecting the hard drive the machine appeared to have a faulty DVD ROM drive which I feel they have used after repair to yet again load up the image files for XP and all the drivers for my machine's hardware - I specifically asked for this to be repaired as the drawer mechanism was obviously damaged in some way. So I now have a machine which when going through log in fails, has to reboot , finally loads XP and then has to send an error report to MS stating that a "serious error" has occured and that XP will now send an error report to MS - all very dispiriting and annoying.
I had hoped that MESH would keep their verbal promise and replace all the parts in the machine but just retain the chassis - I accept that if the machine appeared to work then fine let's keep the same parts but this has not been the case for me.No parts have been replaced - most notably the DVD ROM drive - which I feel shows an arrogant disregard for their customers.
I am now at the point of asking for a full refund and using my credit card company to fight my corner for me - I was hoping MESH would perhaps come up with a last minute reprieve ie. a full replacement - but this seems to be a forlorn hope - the response to phone calls - ie. a 25 minute wait, gives me an impression that when you want to order they are prompt - when they take the money out of your account they are prompt - but when it comes to living up to customer expectation they are somewhat tardy - on a positive not Davey did help me a couple of times - but he is either fed up of hearing my complaints or he is snowed under with complaints - I gather he has not been well this week so maybe that is why he has not been answering - still it tells me something when the only reliable point of contact is one person on a forum when it comes to customer complaint - MESH need to get their house in order.
I have decided that as my machine has never been in a state fit for it's intended purpose that a full refund should be forthcoming but I still cling to the hope that MESH will come through for me and offer me the replacement machine - I genuinely am glad your experience has been better than mine - please forgive the sarcastic subject header - but I feel aggrieved to have been so let down - if I do get a refund I'll be looking at some of MESH competitors such as Carrera in the hope they can provide better service and a more quality product than the one I have received - this is unfortunate because MESH was chosen because I felt those very qualities were the ones MESH could offer in bucketloads - hope you get your memory soon - keep us posted - Chippy

  Rigga 08:42 19 Mar 2004

Hi Chippy,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.. and I guess that either I've been lucky, or you've been very unlucky... I'd tend to believe that you've been very unlucky.. which is unfortunate..

I'm surprised Davey, hasn't helped you more as he has been very helpfull in this forum in the past, but as you said he has been ill...

He was probably THE main reason I chose a Mesh in the first place. As I always thought he would help me as a last resort kind of thing...

The guy I spoke to at Mesh support regarding my memory, Amit Patel, was both courteous, and polite... he immediately offered to replace the memory.. which I found encouraging...

If I were you I would give Davey one more try. Explain all of the problems that you have had, along with timescales, and give him a day or two to get back to you, with an offer.

If I had repeated problems like yourself, then I too would expect a replacement machine, and even some sort of compensation, (extra memory maybe) for the inconvenience and frustration.

I hope your problems are resolved by Mesh, or if not I hope you can get your refund quickly.


  MESH Support 09:28 19 Mar 2004

I'm sorry to see that you have further reason to be unhappy with our service.

Your issue regarding the access to our website is being addressed since you referred to it in a previous email. The problem you are having should be rectified this morning. I feel we are guilty of not keeping you informed in this case and for that I apologise.

Regarding the DVD-Rom drive I am unsure as to why this was not changed if found faulty. The paperwork I have indicates that it was tested prior to despatch. I arranged for an engineer to call you yesterday to arrange an onsite visit to address this. He has logged that he called a land line number where he left a message and a mobile number which he reported as not responding at the time he called. That engineer is due to try again this morning.


Mesh Support

  anchor 10:14 19 Mar 2004

Again Davey I am heartened by your prompt response. Would that other companies kept such a close watch on this forum.

Hopefully, ChippyChippyPomPom`s problem will be soon resolved.

  ChippyChippyPomPom 16:26 19 Mar 2004

Davey sent me another email today (Friday) offering me either a replacement machine or an engineer call out to repair the problems I have been experiencing - so MESH did come through for me - also I now have a log in and an apology about how my complaint had slipped the net - I am much happier and less frustrated - now does anyone think your mood can affect your new computer cos ironically it has been better today than before - only one restart - which leads me to suspect they are like cars going into MOT - they suddenly get well of their own accord...thanks again to Davey and Phil and Hassan - all of who helped me one way or another today - I'll let you know if I decide to go for a new machine or stick with "the devil I know..." - Cheers Chippy

  Forum Editor 17:36 19 Mar 2004

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