Mesh Crashing

  SURVEY 16:47 22 Nov 2004

I have posted a message on this forum a while ago about my crashing Mesh 3500 factory loaded XP2 computer. This was built to top spec with 1024MB RAM, 200GB HD, DVDRW and CDRW etc. It kept crashing at odd times, goes for days then bingo crashes with blue screen message IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL TO….. AND…… viamraid.sys. and/or overclocking failed; please enter setup and reconfigure your system. Mesh said at first it was a BIOS problem and reset that with me over the phone – all OK for a couple of days. Then when it crashed again they sent an Engineer who replaced both 512MB memory modules and the hard drive (just in case!). A few days later after all working fine, it crashed again and then again a couple of days later whilst actually speaking to Mesh on the phone. Crashes for no apparent reason and my not even touching the computer. Mesh said they would replace the computer with a new one (as they now suspect the motherboard) and will put my old (new) hard drive in as it has data on it I wish to retain and could not bear the thought of having to update Norton Security that needs hours on the download. I left a comprehensive note with my returned tower case but cannot find out if anyone has read it and will respond to me; the note reiterated the problems and was intended to help Mesh and to reassure me. How about Davey at Mesh picking up on this tale of woe and helping me out? From what I read on these postings, he is the saving grace for Mesh!

My question is – can I have faith in the replaced computer? With the symptoms given is the problem likely to be hardware or is there a chance that it could be software related (although I have nothing extraordinary on my hard drive – Office 2000, Norton Security, Pinnacle CD Burner (OEM). There have been no crashes consistent with the same software being used so as to pinpoint a software compatibility problem. Once I had the impression that when I moved the tower case slightly, XP then booted successfully – coincidence, loose component or what? As you will imagine I am nervous about getting the new computer and the same thing happening again. Anyone any thoughts? Does it sound like a motherboard problem? Can it be a software problem? To be fair to Mesh they have offered me a complete refund and if it was not for the thought of reloading software, then I would take it and run!

Also having read the postings about Mesh after-sales phone line I would agree it is dire. Today I spent 45 minutes trying to get though and when I did I was told somebody from Technical would contact me (they have not); I also left a message for Amit Patel on his Voicemail asking him to come back (no response). This afternoon spent 30 minutes before getting through. This service is not good enough (although the staff seem pleasant and polite enough) and unless improved would deter me from buying again from Mesh. And if I ever hear that constantly repeated message ‘Your callis important to us’ I will go bananas as if they are sincere then they would improve the wait time on the phone. I necer had thees problems with Dell, Hi-Grade or Gateway before.

  MESH Support 16:54 22 Nov 2004

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Mesh PC and I will gladly do what ever I can to help.

Please email me your serial/order number along with your screen name (SURVEY) to [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the information you request.


Mesh Support

  HXP 21:50 22 Nov 2004


Same problems I had with a similar spec machine - if the machine comes back fixed then fine if not I would look at persuing a refund.

My machine finally gave up the ghost taking a lot of data with it.

Yep you are right I am stupid I didn't back it up every time I used it - I did back it up a week before but that still meant I lost a lot of files .....

Give them one shot at a fix and then think long and hard if it goes wrong again.

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