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  cod123 23:34 04 Sep 2006


Just like to add my experience of Mesh Customer Support.In a word a NIGHTMARE.The system has been designed to be confusing with multiple choice tel no's.You are left hanging on for ages quite often you are cut off without even getting a response.

There is no single point of Customer Support so you have to negoiate the minefields of Mesh laid traps.

I am left feeling angry and upset with the service from Mesh Customer Support.


  silverous 23:41 04 Sep 2006

You've come to the right place. It doesn't sound like a good experience, do they not give an email address?

In any case, Davey or one of his colleagues from Mesh will no doubt be here in the morning to assist. They always do in my experience, forget the phones if they don't work - post here or email davey/mesh direct.

It is frustrating when you have PC problems, and I mean this with no disrespect..but it is rarely the end of the world, not meaning to be patronising but try and be patient til some time tomorrow when I'm sure Mesh will pick this up on here.

  Kingell 23:41 04 Sep 2006

That's the way they make the extra dosh. 0870 numbers? - keep you hanging on? - press 1 etc - wait again. Try putting your problems on this excellent forum. Start a new thread. Someone will probably be able to help you.

  silverous 23:43 04 Sep 2006

Good point, is it something we can help with cod123?

I assumed it was a new PC / hardware problem but may have been wrong.

  Totally-braindead 23:48 04 Sep 2006

Now I'm not sticking up for Mesh before anyone jumps down my throat but... one of the most expensive things for any PC company to provide is customer support. They all charge now as far as I know not just Mesh.
Having said that I have to say they certainly seem to be deplorably bad regarding their service and I'm not just talking about the after sales I'm talking about getting your PC when they say you will.
There is a lot to be said with going to the likes of PC World and just buying off the shelf and they do have some good deals.
Sadly I know this doesn't help you at all cod123. Perhaps as Kingell has suggested, starting a thread stating what your problem is in the helproom may provide a solution.

  cod123 00:24 05 Sep 2006

Hi All.

Many thanks for your support.I sent a laptop back for repair MESH if you read this Order no 5024900.

Yes i did have an email address !.
[email protected]

What can you do when you get no reply to your email and the 0870 no you ring leaves you listening to Musak then rings for ever with no reply !!!.

The laptop is used by my daughter who is at University and she needs it for her studies.

Very frustrating so Mesh please return the laptop !!!!!!!!!!.


  Forum Editor 00:48 05 Sep 2006

Such as why the laptop was returned to Mesh, and when it was returned?

  MESH Support 09:35 05 Sep 2006

Hi cod123,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a problem with your Mesh PC.

I'm curious as to what it was that was confusing regarding the phone system. With a notebook when you call the support line, you are offered option 5 as for notebooks, and then offered 3 more options depending on which type of notebook you have. Each takes you to specific support for that notebook.

A single point for support is all well and good but that one point would then need to be technically aware of every single variation of hardware we do or have done.

With all the other complaints that exist regarding our service your description of the above as a minefield is a tad unfair.

Please bear in mind that your serial number is your key to support, and more importantly to your personal details on our records. I'll put a note on your account that additional checks may be necessary if any of your personal details are requested but in the meantime it may be a good idea to ask if the FE could remove it.


  philly73 10:05 05 Sep 2006

'Please bear in mind that your serial number is your key to support, and more importantly to your personal details on our records'
Does this not prove just how desperate cod123 is to get this situation resolved,that he has had to resort to posting it on a forum.

  HondaMan 10:34 05 Sep 2006

having been a member of this forum for several years, I have to say that it was all the adverse comments about Mesh Support which made me buy another brand of computer only last month.

Until Mesh sort themselves out, and are seen to have done so ie much less criticism on this forum, I shall not be buying from them

  cod123 10:58 05 Sep 2006

Hi All

Many thanks for your posts.

MESH have pulled out all the stops !.

Made contact with us this morning i have been offered a new Laptop.The response since i posted has been amazing !!.


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