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  Fatbelly 15:56 12 Oct 2010

Hi, At the start of this year I bought a Desktop from MESH. Their Pre sales service was excellent, they answered the phone within 10 seconds and were truly first class right up to the part where I gave then my credit card number and paid them well over £500.

It was at this point that my problems started, on three separate occasions they told me that my PC would be delivered but each time they let me down on each of these occasions I had to take time off from work and lose some of my precious annual holiday entitlement. On none of the occasions did MESH contact me and when I rang them the attitude they gave was different to that displayed prior to me giving them my Credit card details. Eventually through this forum I got the name of someone called Dave who posts on here and works for MESH, Dave did what he said he would and got my PC delivered. I MESH asked for a refund of the Courier charges given that I had lost three days leave but got no joy.

For the first month all was well until the wireless mouse that I had bought from MESH at the time packed in and wouldn't work. I tried ringing MESH to get a replacement but gave in after wasting two time consuming calls listening to music but getting no where and bought a wired mouse from my local PC shop and put it ll down to experience.

Again all was well until last Friday when my PC which is still less than 9 months old packed in and would not work at all. The story gets more complicated because in two days time my partner and I go away for a 50th birthday celebration and ALL the booking and reservation details are held open my PC which was dead. On Monday morning I was left with a stark choice, contact MESH arrange for collection of my PC and wait however long for it to come back and lose out on our special birthday holiday or take my PC to a local repair and hope that MESH play fair.

I decided that there was no way that on Thursday morning when my partner and I were supposed to go on a holiday of a life time I would be saying to her sorry we are no longer going because the PC is broke and ALL details for the holiday are on the PC so we can't go. So I took my PC to a local repairer who told me it was the motherboard and he could get a new motherboard and my PC back to me within a day. I jumped at this and he did exactly as he said he would and my PC is now back with me working and I can get the details I need to go ahead with our holiday.

I have now rang MESH who refused to pay for the repair (£65) saying my deal was with a third party and nothing to do with them. I fully explained to a supervisor called Dave (the same one as before I think) and told him how I was left with a stark choice and couldn't risk ruining my partners 50th birthday and hoped that MESH would play fair. Dave point blank refused to help and said I was being unreasonable as a customer in asking for the refund of the repair costs.

So everybody what do you think given the problems I have had with MESH and the urgency to get my PC back on the road so I could get the reservation details off it, am I being unreasonable in asking MESH to pay £65 for a motherboard that is not yet 9 months old.

  Kevscar1 16:13 12 Oct 2010

Contact trading standards and see what they say but unfortunately I am sure you have broken Meshes T&C's

  961 16:13 12 Oct 2010

You won't get Mesh to pay the £65. They'll repair the machine within warranty but you'll go through the hassle of waiting for a repair label for it to be picked up, taken away, repaired, sent back. That is the problem of buying on line. If you choose to get it repaired locally that's down to you

Just be pleased you found a local guy who did the business for £65. He's a treasure, believe me

Forget it. Put it down to experience. Go away and ENJOY the holiday

Consider things have worked out well and, yes, next time you buy a computer, why not go to see the guy who has fixed things this time?

  spuds 18:28 12 Oct 2010

You have the computer and its working to your satisfaction. Going through farther hassle is going to cost you a lot more that the £65.00 that you have laid out.

There are ways of perhaps getting some re-address, and that doesn't include using a manufacturer's terms and conditions. Personally I wouldn't bother going any further, and would put the whole episode behind you, as a very bad experience and poor customer service.

One other point that as been stated. The repair person seems to have the right attitude in customer care and pricing. Around my neck of the woods, it would cost £60.00 in the first hour for the labour charge alone. Stick with your local repairer.

  Forum Editor 23:11 12 Oct 2010

that you stored all details relating to a special holiday on your computer, and hadn't backed anything up.

That's hardly Mesh's fault, and neither is it Mesh's fault that you didn't contact them when your wireless mouse failed.

You took the decision to get your machine repaired by a third party repairer without even contacting Mesh, and now you expect them to pay. I'm not surprised that they've refused - they are perfectly within their rights to do so.

  wee eddie 00:05 13 Oct 2010

However, as FE says, it was of your own making.

Very few of us have anything more than a desultory Backup set-up. My critical Back-up is on a 10 day cycle, and that would have left me in the same Position as you, except that I have MozyHome backing up Outlook, on a daily basis, running in the background.

But even that would not have helped without a PC.

  Ixora 18:56 15 Oct 2010

'ALL the booking and reservation details are held open my PC which was dead'.

I always print off a hard copy of any important information like this as then I have a copy if anything goes wrong. I never trust a computer to keep working all the time. They always seem to develop a fault at the most inconveinient time.

  sussia17 17:08 17 Oct 2010

You are lucky that you took your pc in to a local mender i dont think Mesh will pay for it but atleast you have a working pc now.
I did send my laptop in to get fixed by them and was told that it can take up to 21 days before it is returned. Last week the 21 days were up, i have not had any communication from them whatsoever, my laptop is still there and i can get any information or updates on whats up with it. i have been trying to phone there repair centre, the 1st time i was waiting for 1 1/2 hour on the line without getting anything else then "sorry to keep you waiting but we will be answering your call as soon as possible" since you pay 15p a minute i did not want to wait any longer.. i phoned there cusomer service and the guy that answered me then said that he would contact me before 1800 that day to give me an update on my laptop.. He never phoned back. next day i phoned the cusomer service back to see if i could get the update i had been promised the day before but the girl told me that she did not know anything about it and the only thing i could do was to phone the repair line again.. this time a let my hubby call the repair line he gave up after 2 hours.. he also phoned the customer service and the girl in the phoned told him that she would get someone to call him back... when he asked her for a name so he would have someone to refer to she could not give that out.. surprice surprice they never phoned back!!

  961 17:16 17 Oct 2010

not surprised

not good, is it?

Any sort of response from Mesh on here lately?

  KremmenUK 06:58 18 Oct 2010

15p a minute and they don't answer for over half an hour !!!!!

Look them up on 'SayNoTo0870' and just pay normal rates via their 0208 numbers

  Armchair 10:38 18 Oct 2010

Mesh communication problems. Nothing new, then.

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