Mesh Computers, what is the proceed

  BaalZ 15:24 08 Dec 2009

Mesh computers Troubles, what is the procedure for getting a full refund
On the 7th of November I ordered a Mesh Matrix 630 Bianco, online.
I work on my computer so was hoping against hope that the 2 week delivery statement might be true. After 2 weeks I mailed sales politely asking if all was ok.
I got a mail back next day saying that my computer would arrive “end of next week”,
and even though I could see the handiness for them of such an obscure reply, that was fair enough for me. I had no reason suspect anything. I waited another week, maybe a bit longer, and was getting a bit worried so I tried another mail. This time I got exactly the same mail back, word for word. Obviously I could see that this was just a standard copy paste reply. The previous reply was even bellow it so who ever replied, seemed to me, just didn’t care. I would have been happy with any old reply that seemed to be at least noticing that I was a paying customer. This reply was a sort of, please don’t be so childish and just wait as you are told. Or that’s how it comes across. If you are going to send standard replies then at least make then seem believable, as if someone actually cares a bit. Anyway, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and waited, like I read in a forum somewhere, no one actually does expect to get a computer in 2 weeks and a month is kind of standard.
Well it is now the 8 of December and, as predicted, a month later, I have just received the computer. I must admit I was feeling very nervous about trying it out, but went carefully through the procedure. First I notice that it is not the Gloss white Bianco case This case is a very standard grey color, worse looking than the PC I got from Mesh back in the late 1990’s, definitely not so sturdy looking. The CD door is terribly flimsy and drops down hitting your hand when you press the open button.
Next, the key board is black and USB, the mouse is Black and USB. The Matrix Bianco is supposed to come with a matching gloss white, Cordless mouse and keyboard, two USB ports taken before we even switch on.
The Reference guides have no pictures at all that match the look of the back of my computer, lucky I have done this before so I can guess where things go.
Strange as it might seem, these facts do not bother me as much as they maybe should.
I have waited so long now that all I really want is a computer that works. Well here’s the killer blow, I switch it all on boot it up and… nothing on the Monitor, well, there is a sign saying no signal at least. I try the monitor on my 5 year old Alienware PC and it works perfectly. I try the new PC with my old monitor and I again get nothing on the screen. I try various combinations of different leads in different ways, but with a terrible sinking feeling in my heart I know that it would have just come on first time if it was going to.
Well I am feeling very bad and have had my time wasted terribly. Of course, I am going to call Support, and I will have to go through all the setup again with them no doubt.
And I fear I may well end up having to send it back after all that waiting.
My Question is, How do I stand for getting a full refund, even if they get it to work, I feel very ripped off here. I have a computer that is externally nothing like the description of the one I originally ordered, for all they know I might have ordered it to go with the décor in my room. And of course it was faulty when it reached me. Do I have some sort of statutory right to claim back my money for having been sold the wrong item leave alone that it does not work. I am writing this now rather than after going through the support process because I do not wish to make the wrong move, ie send it back and loose my rights to a refund. Thanks for any help or comments on this.

  Pine Man 15:47 08 Dec 2009

Mesh have an open case policy so it is in order for you to open the back and make sure the graphics card is properly seated.

  BRYNIT 15:54 08 Dec 2009

This should give you the information you require.
Distance Selling (Mail Order, Telephone and Internet Shopping) Fact Sheet click here

  Woolwell 16:02 08 Dec 2009

Have a look at their terms and conditions at the bottom of their website click here and in particular section 8.

  spuds 17:09 08 Dec 2009

Regarding section 8 and particular 8.1, you are not obliged to semd a letter, but in practise it might be better to send one via recorded or obtain a certificate of posting. You can notify a company by email, and no explanation for a returns is required. You would be expected to pay for any return charges under the DSR.

With regards to returns, you are not obliged to use a courier appointed by the company, especially if they want £39.00 plus vat, when you can get it cheaper. But you would be responsible to package the item correctly (not necessarily the original packaging) and obtain safe security of delivery.

If the item is proven faulty on delivery and inspection, or within the first six months, then any collection and delivery charges should be void.

To get you consumer rights. Consumer Direct click here

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