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  cag3 16:00 21 May 2009

Are potential Mesh customers aware of the hidden and extremely onerous warranty conditions. I have had no end of problems with my Mesh computer and despite it being under warranty Mesh insist that I pay for carriage eitherway at £30.00 a go!

This is compounded by the fact that they have been unable to cure the problem. I have twin 9800GTX graphics cards running in SLI mode and every 3 months the power supply is failing, any thoughts because Mesh don't!

  MESH Support 16:18 21 May 2009

Hi cag3,

The warranty terms and conditions are available via our website prior to purchase as well as supplied to all of our customers upon confirmation of order. If needed we could even email or post out a copy on request.

Regarding the return of your PC for repair, with a return to base warranty after the first three months it is the customer's responsibility to return the PC to us. We recognise however that not all customers may find it easy to arrange this and so we will offer to take care of the return on their behalf. The charge you refer to is for this service that is not covered by your warranty.


  user8 16:47 21 May 2009

If you had, had an On-Site Warranty costing a bit more ££ this may not have required you to pay for RTB.
But it's all in the small print of your warranty that mesh send out with all pc's!

  birdface 16:50 21 May 2009

Looks like you will have to learn to read the small print.I am not sure how it goes under warranty but if they did not fix it properly on other occasions do you not have right to return the computer and ask for a new one in its place.
The FE would probably be the best one to ask although I am sure there are others.

How soon after you received the computer did you contact them for support.

  cag3 16:53 21 May 2009

Its interesting that Mesh make no reference to the fact that they have failed to cure the original fault, yet expect me to pay for the computer to again be returned for repair.

The level of customer service experienced with Mesh has been dreadful and I hope others take this as a warning prior to using the company!

  cag3 17:03 21 May 2009

Thanks for your thoughts, the point is that Mesh have changed the warranty conditions unfortunately they do not advertise this! How many people are aware of the small print hidden away on websites when ordering goods. This is then compounded a complete lack of customer service. I have had numerous problems with the supplied PC including, shipped with the wrong graphics cards, blown power supplies, returned following repair with the DVD drives not working (Mesh suggested both power cables had come off in transit when they clearly had never been connected).

I guess my point is should it be fair for companies to make the consumer pay for carriage (both ways) to return faulty goods when they are under warranty? I intend to pursue this point and hope others out there support the action.

  Pine Man 17:19 21 May 2009

I have had two computers over the last eight years from Mesh. My last was was two years ago and during the ordering process I made a conscious decision to go for the cheaper option of a RTB 3 year warranty rather than On Site.

It was my understanding that Return To Base meant exactly what it said in that if my pc went wrong it was my responsibility to Return it To Base for repair at their expense.

I was surprised when I found out that they would actually pay the carriage during the first 3 months but as it happened the first and only thing that failed was after 18 months and Mesh replaced a DVD drive and charged a very reasonable rate for the carriage which was much cheaper than buying a new DVD.

  MESH Support 17:53 21 May 2009

The terms which apply to your purchase are those in effect at the time of purchase and made available to you. These terms have not been changed since you purchased your PC. I am unsure as to why you feel we would advertise specific parts of our warranty when that is what the provision of the terms and conditions prior to purchase is for.

Your whole issue, your reason for posting here was the point of carriage hence why my focus is on that aspect of your post. As you are aware an engineer has called you directly to discuss the actual technical problem. I apologise if you feel I skirted your technical issue via this forum.

I would agree that it is apparent you are unhappy with regards to the matter, but feel it unfair that you label your failure to be aware of terms and conditions, a failure on our part to provide good service.


  Forum Editor 18:52 21 May 2009

and I certainly don't want to muddy the water further, but how soon after delivery did the fault manifest itself? If you buy a new computer (or anything else for that matter), and it is faulty when it arrives you are not legally obliged to return it to the seller at your own expense. You can ask to have it collected.

You say you have had 'no end of problems' with this machine, but can you be more specific - what exactly has gone wrong, and when? It's fairly important for us to have some idea of the time factor, as it has a bearing on your rights - as does the nature of the faults.

A 'Return to Base' warranty (that is in addition to your rights in law) is just that - you must return the machine to the seller at your own expense. That's made perfectly clear in the terms and conditions.

  cag3 19:31 21 May 2009

To clarify and perhaps I need to start a further thread as yes the Mesh service has been disgraceful:

The machine was shipped in August 2008 and sent with the wrong graphics cards, these were subsequently replaced.

In late January 2009 the system failed and an independant computer company confirmed that the main power supply (a 1000w upgrade) had 'blown'.

Following extensive communication and an attempt (which was refused) for a full refund the pc was returned to Mesh where a new power supply was fitted.

In March 2009 the unit was returned, neither dvd drive was working. On inspection (following reporting the fault to Mesh) neither drive was connected to the power supply. Mesh advised they had become disconnected during the return transit!

On 20th May the system again completely failed, an independant inspection has confirmed that again at the very least the power supply has yet again failed.

My worry is that the warranty runs out in August, is the supplied system of satisfactory quality i.e. why does it keep blowing power supplies and the response from certain Mesh employees has been poor to say the least.

It is impressive that Customer Services find the time to respond on this site, pity that my numerous requests for the Customer Service Manager to contact me have fallen on death ears!

With regards to the Technical Department contacting me, yes I have now received a call from an engineer who confirmed this problem clearly relates to the same issue as before and in his report he is to recommend the fitment if possible of a higher wattage power supply of a different make. He also agreed to escalate the call with Customer Services for the manager to ring me, I am still waiting.

I should also point out that I have been a Mesh customer for a number of years and my last system came with a 'at home' three year warranty. I had a number of problems which necessitated an engineer call out.

My father also owns a Mesh system, having also paid in excess of £1400.00 for the pleasure! He can also confirm the point in relation to the very poor level of customer service, this is also evidenced by a number of internet forums (one of which used to be supported by Mesh).

  spuds 22:24 21 May 2009

click here should provide some answers regarding your consumer rights, and possibly also same problem returns.

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