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  ray27 19:12 23 May 2003

I had to reinstall windows xp home on my Mesh Elite 2800 after only 2 days after delivery. The Mesh support was a joke they said I had a virus funny I had not even signed up to an ISP are they air bourne now?.I am still having Problems even the restore systems will not restore (it is set as on)they have told me in no uncertain terms that it is not their fault and it is a windows problem and e-mailed me the instructions on how to do this. Surley it must be their responsability to supply me with a system that works How can they say it is nothing to do with them.As the thing did not work as expected from the moment of delivery and how could it be infected with a virus direct from the factory I explained that I am new to the game but that did not make any difference the person I spoke to was very rude and abrupt and he has made sure I will never deal with them again and I will do everything in my power to make others aware of their level of support and reliability of their systems, are you thinking about buying a mesh, then think again.

  Sir Radfordin™ 22:49 23 May 2003

My experience is that their level of support and reliability is fine and nothing anyone looking to buy a computer should be worried about.

It is difficult to comment on your situation as you have not given us details of the problem you have had.

Outline the details of the problem and I'm sure we'll either be able to assist in getting it resolved, or advise on the correct course of action to take.

Mesh, like everyone else, have their bad days.

  ray27 20:56 24 May 2003

The first thing is that after 2 days of recieving the pc from Mesh I tried to use the cd-rw for the first time to copy some files but found that it was not working I contacted the help desk and after some time and a few coasters they said I should reinstall nero I did this and it was still the same I contacted them again and after another bout of coasters they said I needed to download a patch from the nero site At this time I had not had the chance to connect to an ISP. I decided to check out some of the other Preloaded programs and found that a large number of them although they had desk top icons and were in the start menu,would not load even when I tried to access the help and support programe it came back at me as unable to find Help and Suport.exe
I Contacted Mesh support and they said that I had a virus, how did that happen when I had not had access to the web? Reinstall windows they said I was not pleased with this as I am getting on a bit and not to confident and I got the computer from what I thought was company that would supply me with a reliable machine After a lot of protest on my part a chap there called Ash agreed to talk me through the installation. After this was done I had to reload all the software to get things to work which I thought I had paid for in the first place.Now it seems I have to reinstall windows again as the windows cd-copying facility has gone awol and the system restore programe keeps saying it cannot restore to that point no matter what point I chose. the y refuse point blank to talk me through it this time and have sent me a load of instructions that to be honest I dont fully understand and dont feel cofident enough to carry out by myself,I paid for on site cover and feel that as the system has been giving me trouble from the begining I should recieve a bit more support.
The chap I spoke to last time was very rude you woul not think that I was customer I can assure you I was not rude to him as I have found through experience you can never win an argument on the telephone .He said my problem was nothing to do with them but was a windows problem but my point is I purchased the system with windows from them so it must be their responsabilty to supply me with goods of a rsonable quality.I wrote to Mesh after the first reinstall and said how pleased I was with Ash who
treated me with respect and talked me through the first reinstal and if you look in the forum I did respond to a chap who asked if anyone had experience of Mesh and I answered in a positive manner.This time I am very disapointed as the chap I spoke to dismised me off hand and did not even want to listen to me this was not what I call support. I paid £1450.00 for this system and did not think I would have to reinstal it twice in the first four months.I cannot understand the instructions they sent me and would like assistance in the reinstall thats all, am I asking to much?

  Granger 19:44 25 May 2003

The problem is, as I see it, that IT professionals are simply a more relaxed and casual lot, and they work mainly amongst other IT people. This means they don't get indoctrinated with the same way of working as other professionals.

These people are not really nasty or uncaring, they just have a different background to you, and you have to accept that you must try to persuade them to help.

  dfoley 05:53 26 May 2003

The Mesh afterservice support is nothing better than crap. Steer well clear

  961 09:13 26 May 2003

If the computer is still within the period available for rejection under distance selling regulations then give notice to return it

If not, then a trawl through this site for "Mesh" will find an e-mail address for one of the customer service managers and I suggest you try that

Re-installation of Nero software is not as straightforward as it is sometimes cracked up to be. Additionally, the introduction of new model cd writers often means that the software cd that comes with the computer does not contain the ability to recognise the hardware you have and you need to download a newer copy. If you are not at that stage connected to the web this is obviously a problem that any helpline should recognise

  -pops- 09:20 26 May 2003

Mesh read these columns but, to get you complaint to them quickly (and more publicly!) this is the PCA hotline to Mesh:

[email protected]

Almost always gets speedy results.


  weyland 07:40 27 May 2003

having been a mesh customer for a lmost 1 1/2 years i have to say that their £1 a minute helpline is a joke. cant be bother with them really. i just had to get "educated" about my athlon and pc and fic things myself. What did save me was windows ME restore. without it i would be lost!!still.. why is every pc company crap on the after care service??

  961 13:25 27 May 2003


...but apart from all that, you're pleased with it are you????????

  961 13:27 27 May 2003

To be serious, however, and accepting there are usually two sides to every story, it really is all a bit disappointing, isn't it

If there was on-site warranty on this, should the fan not be replaced on site?

  ray27 19:20 27 May 2003

I tried that site Pops and it redirects you to I have posted my complaints and am awaiting a reply.
A seekit I wonder how many other people have been sold that chestnut about "virus infection" It would be interesting to find out. As the post get pushed back with new additions it is easy for them to get missed so I will post another thread and see what this comes up with

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