Mesh Computers - A saga begins?

  coberlp 10:47 02 Oct 2004


First, I can understand that people that have a bad experience with a company are going to be more vocal about it then those that had a good experience. That's fine, that's part of human nature. Second, I worked for PCServiceCall (Mastercare/Dixons) for about 3 months and have some degree of insight into PC-related customer services. Those times are now behind me. Suffice to say, I've been on both sides of the discussion.

Now, I'm on the recieving side, in the sense that I've orderd a PC from Mesh, scheduled for delivery today, Saturday 02/10. Naturally, I paid for Saturday delivery.

2 out of 3 boxes have arrived. The missing 3rd being the monitor. Quite a problem seeing as I can't operate the machine without some sort of visual interface.

Why Saturday delivery you ask? Because I can't take delivery on a weekday. Also, people look forward to the delivery of the whole package, or at the very least, the parts that will make it work to a minimum requirement (i.e. if the speakers arrive with some delay, that's not a deal breaker). And, quite frankly, I was going to spend part of my weekend enjoying the new machine.

I called Mesh yesterday (Friday, 01/10) to confirm that delivery was still scheduled for today and that everything would be ready. So, I didn't ask "will the monitor be deliverd tomorrow?". But when I say "system", I am quite certain that includes the monitor.

I now see the error of my ways. I shouldn't have signed for it at all. I should have signed for it only when all 3 boxes were delivered. Amtrack reckons it won't be till Monday. Mesh sales thinks I should call back on Monday. Monday doesn't work for me but rather I work for Monday.

I record this moment in history now, in anticipation of the continued problems related to the delivery of the monitor that I not only fear, but I practically expect. I may be jumping the gun. The monitor could be in a van on it's way here now. I'm not telepathic, but I doubt it this is the case.

When I read the Mesh-related comments on this board, they obviously inspire a degree of nervous exasperation in people that have already made a commitment to Mesh and score negative points in the psyche of potential customers. The existing comments on this board still left them with a few plus points in my mind as I recall the ratio of negative to positive experiences that must exist.

Ah, to have my fears confirmed. Mesh, it's time for damage control. Please engage.

Thanks for reading.


  spuds 11:32 02 Oct 2004

This seems to be a thing that is occuring in a more increasing way.Deliveries of three or more items, with at least one 'not on the van'.Is it the supplier or the courier service, I suspect that the majority of the time it is the courier's fault.Recently I had a similar experience with a delivery, four items ordered and three delivered with the 'lost' item in transit on the wrong van [night loaders mistake].

  coberlp 11:40 02 Oct 2004

I've spoken to Amtrak local depot, and they were very helpful. They said they'd find out what had happened, and gave me call back within 10 minutes to explain they had only recieved 2 parcels from the dispatcher. They said that as soon as they got the third, they would give me a call. I have confidence in Amtrak. On a Saturday, they are able to give me more information about what they DON'T have and what they can do about it, while Mesh can't give me information about what they DO have, and tell ME to call THEM on Monday.

Customer Service @ Mesh aren't available on a Saturday, but they're happy enough to keep sales open. Selling is as much about existing customers as it is about future ones.

Sorry, I'm sure this tinge of bitterness will ware off soon.

  Sir Radfordin 22:28 02 Oct 2004

Don't worry it isn't just Mesh, no-one could tell me where a £20,000+ server was on Friday. They had the rack mounting kit for it...! That's the kind of thing that doesn't inspire confidence. Tried to track the parcel earlier today only to find the couriers website wasn't working!

  charlton200 17:49 03 Oct 2004

I had a mesh system delivered about a week ago.
The only thing I was missing was worksuit 2004.
I rang up about this and was told they were out of stock.Well if they were out of stock, they should have been telling me either, by phone or a note or something.

  MESH Response 18:58 03 Oct 2004


Your posting has been noted and I am sorry to see that your anticipated full delivery not taken place.

I will look into it tomorrow and get in touch with you in the morning to get the completed delivery to you at a time convenient to you.

Can I ask you to please submit your order number (7 digits) and your Consumer Watch name (so we can link the two) to [email protected] and I will ensure a swift resolution – to your satisfaction?

MESH Response.

  Forum Editor 22:55 03 Oct 2004

It seems they have engaged coberlp, and on a Sunday evening too. I suppose that's what you call customer service.

I can remember a time in this forum when hardly a day went by without a complaint being posted about Mesh. That was a couple of years or so ago, and since then we've seen something of a transformation. I believe that in this forum we were instrumental in helping to bring about this change, and I'm really pleased to see how Mesh have risen to the challenge. They appear to have understood one of the fundamentals about good customer service, which is the importance of communicating with your customers - even if it's to tell them bad news. What frustrates people is a total silence, There's probably still some room for improvement - nobody gets it right all the time - but Mesh are certainly to be congratulated on their progress so far.

  coberlp 00:06 04 Oct 2004

Thanks for your response. I was in contact with your representatives a second time on Saturday and they have assured me that they would give me a call on Monday. I have sent the requested details.

  coberlp 13:29 04 Oct 2004

Nobody called me this morning. I called them this afternoon. Apparently, the monitor was lost by Amtrak. So I get to eat my words with regards to Amtrak I guess. I'll get it "Friday at the lastest". Whatever.

Forum Editor, your insight is spectacular:

"They appear to have understood one of the fundamentals about good customer service, which is the importance of communicating with your customers - even if it's to tell them bad news."

Perhaps you could join me in eating your words too.


  jack 13:52 04 Oct 2004

I guess we all expect miracles in this high speed digital age, but when ut comes down to it we all deal with human frialties.
coberlp's missing parcel.
there is no way the sender could know, that when the van turned up to deliver a parcel has gone missing.
There is no way that carrier could know, organizationally that is, that two parcels are no good without the third, moreover even if they did, it would not prevent a missort.
I guess we all expect just a little too much at times.

  coberlp 14:19 04 Oct 2004

I've gotten over the natural dissapointment of not recieving the monitor on Friday.

I was told to expect to be contacted this morning over the phone on Saturday, and on this message board:

"...get in touch with you in the morning to get the completed delivery to you at a time convenient to you."

Apparently, they understand the fundementals of communicating bad news.

I can take the bad news. I can understand parcels go missing (a 19" monitor!?). But I expect to much? Is it too much to expect what has been declared will happen?

I'm sorry Jack, next time I order a PC and something goes missing, and I don't know about it, I'll make sure I don't expect to be contacted.

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