Mesh Computers - Now i am worried

  bowie13 05:58 22 Sep 2006

I have been having problems with my Mesh computer system ever since i ordered it(March 2006).
1.Before purchase i called mesh to ask if they could deliver my computer within 13 days as i was going away on holiday. They guaranteed that they could, only for me to receive a call 3 days prior to deliver to say that the TV cards had not turned up(remember this bit)so delivery would be delayed.
2.Finally received my PC a week later(and another day taken off work). Started my PC everything seemed to be working nicely until i started looking at Windows Media Centre and the TV card. The TV card advertised was not the one installed(remember this bit)and after checking the web i found that the one advertised was selling for around £80.00 and the one fitted was selling for around £30.00. When i called Mesh their comments astounded me." we do not specify which cards come with our computers. HELLO. Does that mean that their advertising says please buy our computer for £1100.00 and we will put anything we want inside it.I dont think so. They also said i should not use the software that came with the card as it was rubbish!!!!!But they refused to give me the card advertised and left me on the end of the phone not really knowing what to do.
3. Along with this i had started getting some low memory" error messages. These got more frequent as time went on until eventually i was getting Svchost.exe etc etc. I could not get anything to work by now so decided to do a complete reinstall using the Mesh Recovery disk. I went through the recovery process following the on screen prompts untill windows XP media centre was fully restored on my pc. I then went into device manager to find there were errors on the Graphics card ethernet card and 3 unknown devices. After investigating drivers etc i called Mesh and was told. "you dont get drivers as the software is supplied OEM" "Surely you get hardware drivers" "Well i can e-mail them to you" he said. Well after a further 4 phone calls and 5 hours later he e-mailed me links to sites where i could download drivers(God knows what he would have done if i hadnt had another computer).
So i downloaded the drivers which were for Ethernet card(which worked), sound(which i never asked for but didnt have before and all of a sudden all 5 of my speakers started working)and graphics card(which has not worked ever since).
I phoned back and was told "try the drivers for XP not XP media centre(Didnt work).I told the guy on the phone that everytime i restarted my computer it got to the welcome page and then screen went blank(no signal). So he said he couldnt do anymore and that an engineer would be in contact between 3 to 5 working days to arrange a visit. After 7 working days i had a call to say they would visit on the following Monday. 2.00pm. So i booked that time off work. On the day they stated that they could not visit until 4.30 which i could not do cos i had already booked time off work. So arranged for Thursday(Yesaterday and a full 15days since talking to the mesh guy over the phone). The guy turns up(half an hour late). Puts a new graphics card into my computer it boots up and looks perfect. I am so pleased that after 6 months of (the above!)I can finally get down to some serious computing.
Come home from work load up Civilisation 4. Screen crashes reboots computer and there are lines up and down my computer screen. Everytime i boot it gets worse and worse until now, it doesnt even boot. It gets to log in page and just goes blank.
So today, after 6 months of anguish i am going to request that the computer be picked up and ask for my money back. What do you think my chances are???????

  BJN 06:20 22 Sep 2006

I'd read this page from trading standards the link below alot of useful info you need to help you with your problem

click here

and a few sample leteers ther eif needed.

good luck


  MESH Support 09:51 22 Sep 2006

Hi bowie13,

Whilst I am sorry to hear of your ongoing problems it would seem there are a few points of confusion within your post.

Firstly where our advertising refers to the TV card it will either just say TV Card or it will specify the Black Gold range. If it's the latter but you haven't received one from that range then this is a mistake that will need to be rectified. If your order just refers to a TV Card then putting anything we like in the machine whilst being a rather flippant way of putting it, is absolutely correct. Whatever *is* put in will have to meet the requirements of Media Centre as this is what you are purchasing.

You are advised not to use the software that comes with the TV Card because it will conflict with Media Centre, not because of any inadaquacies on it's part. Did one of our engineers actually say it was rubbish or was this your interpretation of what they were saying?

With regards to drivers, when you first open the box to your New Mesh PC, the first thing you see is the Getting Started sheet. Whilst reading this I am sure you noticed the large red lettering stating that all of your drivers are stored in the folder C:\DRIVERS and that this should be backed up for future use.

Regarding the onsite visit I appeciate your pointing out to us that the engineer (who is a third party engineer by the way) gave you a specific time of visit. I will ensure that they do not do this in future, as to the best of our knowledge they have been doing, and only quote a date of visit, but not time. Unless you are their first visit of the day, there is no way anyone can absolutely guarentee a specific time and if customers are going be unhappy about the engineer being just 30 minutes late then it is best if we ensure that no other customers are exposed to such inconvinience.

The above all said and done, I see you have an oustanding issue with your system which I would be interested in helping with if I may. If you could email me your Mesh Order Number, along with your screen name(bowie13) to [email protected] I would be more than happy to look into the matter for you.


  bowie13 22:43 24 Sep 2006

Davey Thank you for your quick response. I have read plenty of threads on this site and can see that you offer your help on plenty of queries. But i have to say that the manner of the response is typical. Every single comment is attempting to blame the consumer, whilst not acknowledging any fault.
Point 1: I fully understand that you provide "anything you like in the machine" according to what stock is available. But surely if the advertising states "record and watch digital and analogue TV" then whatever you provide should do just that.MINE DOES NOT. Secondly, no where in all the literature that was sent with the new computer does it state "DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE THAT COMES WITH THE HARDWARE BECAUSE OF CONFLICT" I found this out after phoning your help line. So again hardly helpful.
Point 2:I am fully aware of the folder entitled Drivers and indeed backed it up TWICE. But no where in this folder were the drivers indicated in my previous post because if there was then the Hardware wizard would have found them SURELY!!!!! and the way you quote the line "I am sure you noticed the large red lettering" rather patronising.
Point 3:Your comment about"the engineer being just 30 minutes late" Again you have completely forgotten to comment that A)i was promised a call within 3 to 5 working days, and the call took 7. and B)the engineer had already cancelled one visit so in fact the engineer was not half an hour late but approximately 5 days.

I have never posted a thread like this on any site before and the only reason i did this one was to give mesh the chance of resolving my problem quickly and efficiently so that this site could then hold some positive feedback for Mesh.
Since the post i have been promised a sticker from your helpline to send the computer back to warehouse and your response.
I have also Emailed you my order number as requested.
All i can say is watch this space.

  Hawk-Eyed 15:22 25 Sep 2006

Firstly I would like to thank PC Advisor forum and many similar forum for the way we can share feedback on traders. Those of us who do some reading on the internet can now make informed choice on a product after reading existing buyers comments.

When I saw the tread “Mesh Computers - Now i am worried” I had to read it as it reminded me of the laptop I bought from them few years a go. Bowie13 – I am sorry to ready about the trouble you have had for 6 months and still ongoing specially when you have paid so much money thinking you are getting a good deal and good service. As a MESH customer I can understand what you mean by when MESH says “the blame lies with someone else”

I was looking for a top of the range laptop few years ago. I looked around and decided to go with mesh for various reasons. I though I would get a good computer and excellent service. When I ordered my MESH laptop on the internet it cost me £1200 and said 256MB ram with special free upgrade to 512MB. When I received it I was shocked to see only 256MB of RAM. I called the mesh after sale line but could not get through so I called their sales line. I got through instantly but they were only interested in new orders and advised me to call their after sales team. I e-mailed virtually all the e-mail addresses on their contact us page about my laptop not coming with the promised 512MB of RAM, I never heard from them. I gave up as the extra ram was meant to be a bonus but it was sold to me as 512MB so I do feel that MESH stole 256MB from me when I paid £1200. I was extremely unhappy with their support. Few months later I found that my laptop fan does not come on when it is woken up from standby. I noticed smell of plastic then realised the fan is not on. I called their support line and was told the laptop is fine and it must be the BIOS. I was told to upgrade the bios. I did not want to do this as it was complex and I have no experience of it. Basically I learnt to live with not putting it to stand by. Also when I was looking for the laptop manual and bios information on the web I discover that the laptop was a cheap Taiwanese make with MESH logo on it.

To conclude I though I did not get the deal from MESH that I paid for and have never bought anything from them. I do not recommend anyone to MESH. I am looking for a new desktop PC and have decide to to build one (done it in the past). I have lost faith in these online/mail order traders who sound so good on paper but turn out to be completely opposite. I recommend paying for goods by CREDID CARD as your card company has to get your money back if the good or service is not what was advertised under the consumer credit act.

Hope this helps someone.

  bowie13 08:07 03 Oct 2006

My Mesh computer has now been picked up(on 29/09/06) i have heard nothing yet from mesh and nothing yet from Davey (from my response on 24/09/06)

  MESH Support 09:52 03 Oct 2006

Hi bowie13,

I was informed of the collection arrangement last Thursday, and am currently awaiting the PC's booking in.

You are correct that whatever card is supplied should be capable of recording and allowing you to watch TV, and this is what we have supplied in good faith. If there is a problem with this, or it doesn't do this then this is a fault that we are obliged to address.

Re the software, I personally would prefer not to send it at all, but it seems whether we withold the discs not required, or supply all, we will never please all of the people all of the time.

Not all drivers come with the necessary .INF file that would allow Windows to automatically pick it up, and the folder would need to be in a path that Windows knows to search unless you set it to search C:\ and all subfolders.

Regarding the onsite visit, I am sorry that although you were advised the call takes 3-5 days it was 2 days later that it occured. Unfortunately sometimes these things are subject to delays for which we apologise. As you say though the engineer was willing to attend later the same day but as you were unavailable the visit had to be cancelled and reschedule to a day more convinient to you. The problem there would appear to be that the engineer discussed a specific time with you for the visit which he should not have done. There is no way that an engineer can be accurately tell how long all of his previous visits will take in order to give a specific time. It actually surprises me that he did so, as opposed to advising you that he "should" be available from a certain time, and would be with you at an "approxiamate" time.


  bowie13 18:45 03 Oct 2006

Thanks for your swift response davey. But it seems the points i raised have been somewhat glossed over.
The issue with the TV card was the fact that it was advertised to use with analogue and digital signals whereas the one supplied only deals with digital. The one advertised was worth about £80.00, the one supplied about £30.00.
I searched the internet for six weeks deciding on what system i wanted. Do you honestly think that i would pay £1100.00 for a system that doesnt do what i bought it for? and would anyone buy an £1100.00 system which is basically held together by a £30.00 TV Card.

The issue with the software is simple. If you supply the software you simply have to state somewhere in the package that the software is not compatable with some o/s systems and you recommend not to use it. But to just supply it and state nothing is bound to cause issues.

As far as the drivers are concerned, i did indeed point the hardware wizard in the direction of the drivers folder and the drivers were still not found. Indeed the drivers for the "unknown device" were only found when i inserted the software disc (which i have since been told is not compatable)!!!!!

Finally i understand the issues with delays on call outs. (i have to deal with it all the time dealing with insurance claims) My issue was that in your first response you attempted to make out that i was moaning about a half hour delay which was completely false.As stated the call out from start to finish actually took 15days and yes you are right that the engineer said that he could call later, You must appreciate that we are customers and it cost me money to book time off work to be here.(To resolve an issue that was no fault of my own). I cant just say to my company "I am having a further 3 hours off because your company is late.
This is the whole problem with the way companies deal with these kind of things. Its never their fault or blame this and that on the customer, instead of holding their hands up and saying "yes we were wrong, now lets do everything in our power to put it right.
Surely that is what customer service is all about.
May i also remind you that it has now been 6 months since i paid for this computer AND IT STILL IS NOT RIGHT. Surely you understand their is an issue with that and surely, as a company you should be doing everything in your power to put it right

  def90csw 19:38 03 Oct 2006

Are these just isolated problems we are seeing or are things not being caught by mesh earlier and therefore being posted here. Having to complain on a public forum is not good for either the customer or mesh computers.

  rodriguez 20:04 03 Oct 2006

I had a computer from Mesh once - never again. Repeated delays to delivery, when it eventually arrived it had a fault where the power would cut out after about 10 mins, sent it back, more delays over repairing and returning it, the returned machine had exactly the same problem as if it hadn't been touched, sent it back for a refund, even more delays over the refund. One threat with the word "Watchdog" and all of a sudden it was like a firework had been set off up their back passage. Refund came soon after that. Remember to mention the magic word - "Watchdog". It seems to make a difference :-D

  bowie13 22:27 03 Oct 2006

Like I said in a previous post, i stumbled over this site purely by accident and having seen other threads and responses to issues i decided to post my situation. Not as a complaint but to see if Mesh could deal with the issues concerned in the proper way. In effect their responses and actions are governing what goes on the thread and nothing else. Free advertising if the issues get solved quickly and efficiently!!!!

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