Mesh computers-delayed dispatch

  greenday 22:10 22 Oct 2004

Ordered Mesh Media Tower in Sept. Despatch slated for 15 Oct for delivery 18 Oct. Not delivered. When contacted MEsh said would be dispatched that day(18th). Repeated this Tuesday and Wednesday. Thurs morning said definitely out that day and deliver Friday. Stuck in quality control but would not say why. Rung Fri aft - computer still at Mesh! but no reason again given for delay. Cancelled order as have lost confidence that will work properly. Anybody else had this problem?

  grumpy-git 09:57 23 Oct 2004


I won't repeat my problems with Mesh (as you can read them elsewhere on this Forum) and can only guess at how you are feeling, but if you have cancelled your order at least you have the money to choose another supplier, and it has only cost you a few lost weeks from time of ordering to cancelling.


  greenday 15:49 23 Oct 2004


Thanks for response. Today received new order and invoice from MEsh with new order number and dated 20th Oct with dispatch on 25th. This was the day they said computer had been signed off for delivery! Have emailed sales asking for clarification but not expecting much. Reading Advisor forums(inc your experience)very depressing - is there any reliable computer company out there?

  greenday 20:46 25 Oct 2004

Spoke to Mesh monday. They have cancelled and could give no reason for delay and showed no interest in saving the order. I am astounded by their cavalier attitude.

  grumpy-git 12:02 26 Oct 2004


Sorry to hear how your story ended. I am "reading between the lines" and keeping my thoughts to myself!

If you have better "luck" elsewhere, I for one would be pleased to hear about it.

All the best, G-G

  Sparrowhawk 15:26 26 Oct 2004

I had the same problem with MESH, but it was resolved and in a nice way.

When PC makers are late, it's often because of shortage of components.

In my case, 18 months ago, there was a shortage of AMD processors.

After 2 delays, they did offer me and did build my PC with a better Intel Pentium 4 Processor.


  greenday 16:08 26 Oct 2004

Sparrowhawk- I would have been ok with delay if only they had given a reason, but their constant evasion of our enquiries only made me suspicious.

Grumpy-git - have just been to John Lewis and bought HP media centre, collected it and have just finished installing it. So I guess I can now draw a line under this sorry episode as long as Mesh refund our money!!

  Sparrowhawk 16:23 26 Oct 2004

I have seen one of these HP Media centre desktops.
They look great. Which model did you choose?

You were RIGHT to complain and spend your cash somewhere else.

If British customers were more often demanding customers, we would not have this situation where manufacturers, resellers take the final customer for a ride and nobody cares.


  grumpy-git 18:52 26 Oct 2004


Your example showed that a company CAN resolve a problem, maybe extra expense for them, but no doubt you were happy with the final result. Also good publicity, as you would tell your friends and they may be encouraged to buy from such a helpful company. Unfortunately much can change in 18 months.


You've hit the nail on the head - communication, if there is a good reason for a delay, you can accept it.

Anyway, pleased to hear you have found yourself an alternative system elsewhere.


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