MESH Computers - Appalling customer service

  dav55 22:48 15 Feb 2005

Mesh computers may have computers at a competitive price on offer, but my experience of their customer service is such that I think a private person should think twice before ordering from them.
As a customer who made a purchase for value of over a £1000, I feel that I have been treated by Mesh Computers with nothing else than contempt: I have paid for a computer that I never received and seven weeks later they still have my money.

They have never bothered to reply to any of the numerous fax, e-mail or letter I have sent.
I have called over ten times and spent hours on the phone being kept on hold on their constantly busy hot line. On two occasions I have been transferred to Sales then to customer services then to sales again before they hanged up on me when trying to transfer me again! They had asked for my phone number but never made any attempt to call me back or contact me!

I placed an order on the 2nd of January and paid for the totality of this order on-line. I never received any order confirmation, or information regarding the delivery date. Three weeks later the delivery company tried to deliver on two days when I had informed Mesh that I would not be there, (on the phone Mesh had agreed to inform the delivery company). After that I heard nothing for the next seven days and when I finally managed to talk to somebody they told me that the computer had been lost by the transporter and they had raised another order for me. You would think they would have informed me of the situation at the very least!!!

At that point I had decided to cancel the order and they agreed on the phone to send me the refund the following week. That was three weeks ago and I still have not received anything.

Now I am still waiting for my refund but I am worried about how long it will take. Any advice on what actions I could take would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

  petermontague 23:14 15 Feb 2005

If you paid by credit card get in touch with the card company.

  spuds 23:19 15 Feb 2005

If you paid by credit card, then contact the credit card company, and inform them that you have a dispute with Mesh.Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, they have Equal Liabilty to sort out the problem.

  MESH Support 09:27 16 Feb 2005

If you email me your order number and screen name (dav55) to [email protected] I will look into your refund details and get back to you.


Mesh Support

  dav55 17:56 22 Feb 2005

Unfortunately I paid by Debit Card not by credit card.

Davey's message gave me a hint of hope. I e-mailed him but since then he has not come back to me, and nobody else did at Mesh.. But they did try to deliver the PC yesterday! Of course I refused the delivery but that makes me very angry!!!

I have notified Mesh of the cancellation by Fax e-mail and letters over 4 weeks ago! I also talked to somebody on the phone who promised to send me the refund 3 weeks ago. Since then I have sent more letters e-mail and fax to ask for an update.

Now do they think that I am going to forget that have ignored all my communications, provided no service and accept their materials almost two month later without a word of apology !!!????

What kind of support could I expect from them if I took their PC! Anyway I ordered a PC because I needed one and since MESH's was not coming I bought another one !

In any case I certainly would not want their computer anymore and judging by the other messages published on this forum, I might have been lucky to have experienced this problems before I actually received the computer as it meant I could cancel the order!

Now it is revolting that Companies like MESH are allowed to operate with such a low standard of customer service and even get good recommendations by IT specialist like PC adviser.

I buy PC Adviser magazine because I am looking for an independent and objective advice. I know that the problems that I and other users are experiencing are not related to the actual performance of the computers addressed in their reviews, but they have to do with quality and service and these elements are equally important when making a decision to purchase on-line expensive IT materials. For consumers to be able to rely on their advice they need to incorporate this elements in their reviews. Judging by my experience, MESH provides Zero Customer Service and is responsible for a lot of unhappy customers. PC advisor have a duty to inform their readers of these issues as if they don't it affects their credibility as an independent advisor.

MESH if you are reading this, you are now in violation with your Service agreement by not refunding me within 30 days. Please send me the refund NOW!!!

  Blazon82 18:57 22 Feb 2005

I do not know how Mesh have the nerve to advertise in this forum, alongside all the complaints about them.

  Bleep 19:21 22 Feb 2005

Thats a bit strong, Davey and the rest at Mesh support have had a valid and appreciated presence in this forum for a few years and why would you knock someone who is trying to help out, and help out they have many people in this forum....

  afw786 23:05 22 Feb 2005

What a surprise to read of all the problems that Mesh have caused their customers! Three years ago I was treated to the same indifference and rudeness after a purchase with them. They are a disgrace to the retail society and should have been closed down many years ago. Their after sales service is a laugh and totally dishonest in its application. Do not buy from such a high pressure sales operation using the trade press as a back up to success.

  Forum Editor 00:20 23 Feb 2005

it certainly looks as though you have due cause to be disgruntled. As you rightly say, Mesh must refund your money in full within thirty days of the date when you notified them of the cancellation of your order.

I suggest that you write to them immediately, informing them that if you don't receive your refund within 7 days of the date of your email you will be consulting your local Trading Standards Office.

  MMH 00:58 23 Feb 2005

I have to say I am currently using an old Mesh 1.1 amd athlon specified computer purchased back in May2001. The only problem I have had s Windows Millenium Crashing to the point of having to use the recovery software supplied. However I have sent Mesh emails myself whether it can be upgraded but have never had a response..
As for your service with all the poor publicity on this site I doubt I would purchase a computer from Mesh in future. From other complaints on this Forum The company should be Honest with the customer if it cannot deliver on the goods or specific components.
Maybe ""PC Advisor"" should start including service before and after purchase when considering the grading of Super Budget, Budget and Power computers.

  Mango Grummit 01:24 23 Feb 2005

Mesh have got their costings wrong.

It is clear they have not costed in sufficient funding to adequately cover after-sales problems and now they are suffering for this.

I'm guessing obviously but I'd have a wager that their current philosophy is -- Sell'em cheap, get the volume up and we'll fine-tune to maximise the GP later.

I've known a few outfits to do this when they were struggling and they all went out of business eventually. Selling on price, and come to that buying on price, is a risky way to do business.

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