Mesh computers in Administration, what are my rights as a customer??

  julius44 10:21 01 Jun 2011

Hello and good morning to you all. I just found out this morning, about an hour ago, that Mesh computers has gone into administration. I've recently purchased a desktop Pc from them, and it was on a finance agreement, as I paid the deposti of £70. I've had the desktop for about 3 weeks now, and it works the PC was purchased on a finace agreement, I have until April 25th of next year to pay off the balance of around £550 which is left to pay off, or I have tp pay about £25 per montn for the next 4 years to pay it all off. I just wanted to find out where I stand now please??

Do i just make sure that ive paid off the balance as agreed before April 25 of next year....or will MESH contact me shortly asking me to pay up now please?? The finace agreement is not through Mesh, its throgh another finance company. many thanks Jules

  Pine Man 10:26 01 Jun 2011

Your contract is with a finance company and not Mesh so clearly you are bound by the existing terms of that contract and, in my opinion, the demise of Mesh is irrelevant.

  HondaMan 10:55 01 Jun 2011

See this

  Flak999 11:31 01 Jun 2011

I knew it! Davy leaving was the last indication if any more were needed!

  spuds 15:24 01 Jun 2011


If you check the thread by Doom and Gloom, I posted a response to your 10.30am question at 11.33am, having not noticed this posting.

  julius44 15:31 01 Jun 2011

many thanks...everyone keeps mentioning someone called "Davy" leaving mesh computers. Please who is Davy??? He seems to be very important, lol!!!

  birdface 16:14 01 Jun 2011


Probably just another worker but one that gave that extra inch trying to get customer problems resolved with mesh.

When nobody else cared he did and did his best for the customers.

Unfortunately the writing was on the wall for the last few years with the amount of unhappy customers about.

Unfortunately it has led to this happening so a bad day for Mesh customers and it's employees.

  caps5 16:42 01 Jun 2011

dont feel to sorry for the staff of mesh computers!! they are still trading and employed. they are just run by a different company (PC Peripherals). go top their website, still able to buy, call their phone number, you can order a computer there too. the people who deserve your sympathy are the poor sods who have spent 1000s on a new computer in the last few months!

  961 17:34 01 Jun 2011

At this stage there seems nothing on the web site to indicate bwho you will be buying from and recent experience indicates many have mega delays and some have not received at all

The advice must be to wait

Whoever you buy from ALWAYS pay by credit card

  Forum Editor 19:14 01 Jun 2011

"Whoever you buy from ALWAYS pay by credit card"

You are also protected if you use a debit card.

  Grey Goo 19:40 01 Jun 2011

stIt's all my faultrong text

Over the years we have had computers from,Time,Panrix,Multivision and Mesh amongst others. All gone to the wall.

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