nightfire red 18:41 13 Jan 2003
  nightfire red 18:41 13 Jan 2003

finally after 11 months my mesh is having slight problem, every timne i start up it restest everything so need to turn on board sound off ad says i have installed new processor, only tried email service for tech supportand got response to change battery but that not worked so now gonna try phone serviceand hope they r not as bad as all threads i read on the services.
But in all i am happy wif the system i got and here's hoping it not gonna break and simple to repair this lil prob i got.

  AMD 4 ever 19:30 13 Jan 2003

No sure I understand your problem here, what is actually happenin?
You should be ok, Mesh have a representative in here so fingers crossed.

  spuds 23:19 13 Jan 2003

If you want to contact Mesh via PCA, try [email protected]

  Sloughgirl 23:49 13 Jan 2003

You can try that e-mail address but you might have to wait a while. I e-mailed them over three weeks ago and still haven't had a reply...

Same old Mesh, I fear...

  Kyomii 01:29 14 Jan 2003

It *sounds* like the CPU and/or clock ratio, voltage settings etc in BIOS are either corrupt or incorrect - hence the test on boot up and the "new" processor (speed) message.

This is why Mesh probably mentioned changing the CMOS (BIOS) battery in thinking it was failing.

Your BIOS settings should be reset to default, which is easy enough, although it sounds like the BIOS is corrupt in some way.

Wait and see what they say when you ring them as it is still under warranty.

  nightfire red 17:34 14 Jan 2003

well tried for 30 mins to get on phone and no luck they said they would send me a bios disc in emial i recieved
hope i can still claim under warranty then cos not wanting to fork out £80 on new mobo

  accord 06:49 15 Jan 2003

you should have 3 years warranty on that pc. may take you 3 years to claim though !!!!

  nightfire red 18:42 15 Jan 2003

ha ha very good well they gt back to me in 1day this time and tell me to send em what mobo i have and my phone number and address so they can send me bottable bios disk so here's hopign they do it asap

  Forum Editor 19:10 15 Jan 2003

should not need a new CMOS battery.

It does sound as if the BIOS has gone haywire somehow, and the solution of a BIOS flash disk is a sensible start.

When you get the disk, boot the machine with the floppy in the drive. Whatever you do, make sure that you do nothing to the machine whilst the BIOS is being flashed - don't touch anything, and ensure that under no circumstances is the power supply turned off, or you'll have a computer that won't start.

  Kyomii 20:58 15 Jan 2003

>>should not need a new CMOS battery<<<

Technically speaking no, but its not always necessarily the case, FE.

Although the majority of batteries last more than a couple of years, I have had, on occasion, a completely new motherboard, that I have ordered for a build, arrive with dead battery.

It has only happened twice though, but a CMOS battery can go at any time.

Echo sentiments re flashing the machine - be careful - it can be a little daunting, especially if you have not done it before.

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